Posted by: graemebird | March 18, 2007

Arguing With Morons: Predictions Of 2-4.5 Degrees Celsius Increase By Turn Of The Century.

The turn of the century is a long way away. So people feel like they can make these nonsensical predictions.

I’ve been trying to get people to admit that they have no evidence for the likelihood of catastrophic warming.

Finally one of these lunatics came up with the following:
701. JohnZ | March 18th, 2007 at 2:45 pm

Nope, because I think the temperature will probably rise by 2 – 4.5 degrees over the next century…. Unpleasant, but not a catastrophe.

Now bear in mind that its taken weeks of effort on my part before this lunatic would come out and even half-pie admit he didn’t have the evidence for catastrophic warming. And he only did it because of something that idiot Gavin Schmidt said in a live debate with skeptics.

But anyway here is a post I made showing just what an outrageously overblown prediction this is. Of course I cannot get him to put up any evidence even for this prediction.

But just follow the reasoning here. You will see that its outrageously on the high side. And a more realistic prediction might be -1.5 degrees Celsius to +1.2 degrees Celsius……… Or something of that magnitude.

Anyway here is one of many posts. But the one I best think shows how foolishly optomistic these people are being. Although laughably they appear to think they are being pessimistic. Which just shows the compressed layers of bullshit that are the ground on which this hoax rests.

So you now admit that there is no chance of catastrophic warming right?

But you’ve come out with this absolute bullshit Jive of a 2-4.5 degrees Celsius warming.

Implying that there is no likelihood of cooling. Which is very strange by the way but nevermind.

Well where is the cogent argument for such an increase during this century?

I mean it will be all we can do to recover and get back to where we are now surely.
If solar cycle 25 is going to be that small.

If the guys who seem to know these things seem to think that Forbush events are about to become infrequent….

….. then if CO2 has some sort of mild effect then its all we can hope for to recover from what’s coming upon us right now or in a decade or two…..

….. Its all we could then hope for….. to climb our way back up to a world as warm as it is NOW!!!!!

You think instead we will soar ahead and wind up with 3-8 times as fast a temperature growth as we had in the 20th century….


And that there is no evidence for it.

And that we would likely need an whole other century to get to where you say we’ll get to…

…. And thats even if there is some weak effect that shows up from the CO2 and if the sun is particularly willing.


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