Posted by: graemebird | March 18, 2007

STOAT IS A LEFTIST IDIOT: Alarmist Baby-Talk “Refutations”.

Check this out. Here is stoat… after going frame by frame he reckons he’s refuted the brilliant trashing of the alarmist position that is “The Great Global Warming Swindle”

Whack that up in another browser.


This is like when you have to wait for the crippled boy when he finally finishes the swimming race and everyone claps.

So lets give a round of applause to Stoat the mental-cripple for his devastating refutation.

Now lets bear in mind that Stoat himself has no POSITIVE EVIDENCE for the likelihood of catastrophic warming.

None of them do. They just keep this hoax alive with all these baby-talk “refutations”.

And I don’t care which one of these lunatics it is you will not find any positive evidence of their own.

Coochy-Coo Stoat…. Thats a clever-little-alarmist baby…… Yes you are… YES you are..

(Somebody bring me a pillow for this idiot baby-alarmist and lets put it down to SIDS)

If you haven’t seen the devastating refutation yet bring up the picture.

You’ll fair laugh out loud.

To see how this irrelevant the Stoat refutation is and how devastating this graph is to the cause of the HOAX you need to go to the masterpiece and follow it from minute 10 to minute 13.

Or if you are being real lazy from 11.20 to 12.00.

Its a total killer.

Whereas the Stoat refutation that Annan fell back on is totally irrelevant.



  1. I saw that documentary on the TV and I must say it made compelling viewing! makes you wonder why all the fuss.

  2. Its a branch of the broader socialist church.

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