Posted by: graemebird | March 19, 2007

For The Permanent Record: Is The Siteowner A RIGHTEOUS rich-white-leftwinger??????

We shall see. We shall see if he wipes my post off or not.

Its critical that the rest of you absolutely bombard any leftist site talking about these subjects with the same questions I ask here. With the same presumption of having won the argument. And with dark threats of left-wingers being shamed and severed from the public tit.

Not with violence though. Because no matter how richly deserved the odd kick-in-the-shins is, we worry about our own side staying civilised in the face of all this wrongdoing.

Leave the kicks in the shins to me and cover my back.

Ultimately these people are sissies. And if enough talk about discrediting, shaming and saving the taxpayer money is put about then they will return to doing the best work they can within their specialties.

Here’s is the link:

And here is the comment by which we judge the siteowner (WE JUDGE HIM HARSHLY AND FOR FIRING IF HE WIPES THE COMMENT):
Don’t think that because I was edited and warned by the siteowner that any of you have an excuse for what you’ve been up to.

Does anyone have evidence for the likelihood of catastrophic warming?


Does anyone have evidence for the idea that a little bit of human-induced-warming is a bad thing in a brutal and pulverising ice age?


The reason none of you has the evidence is that this movement………… IS A HOAX!!!!!!!!!

And its utterly critical that we must shame this movements leaders and/or formaly-forgive those….

(ala truth and reconcilliation hearings)

…. who give-this-hoax-up……..quickly-and-emphatically….. and then go on and fight for justice.

Here’s an article to give you an idea of what the hoaxers are getting in the way of.

So you could all start now by apologising to David.

The apology might go a bit like this:

“Sorry David. We just realised that we had no evidence whatsoever and now we will fight for free-enterprise energy provision and to bring the hoax down… ”

I’m sure David would understand.


Help me.

Help me bring this thing down and work to repair our shredded energy industries.

If you cannot do it for yourselves, do it for the Africans.
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