Posted by: graemebird | March 28, 2007

A Moderate Reasonable Face Of Anarcho-Capitalism.

I just want to link this wonderful lecture by Michael Rozeff at the Mises Institute.

I might re-write this introduction to the lecture later on.

But for now I’ll just reccomend this very interesting chat.



  1. I haven’t read the article yet but I’m a bit worried about the anarcho bit.

  2. Not with this fellow.

    He’s just interested in pushing all aspects in that direction.

    With the anarcho guys it becomes unreasonable when they are like Timothy Can. Its pretty clear for example that if we don’t establish caveated micro-titles for infrastructural goods they won’t get established on their own and so a free-enterprise setup would likely have ‘private wealth and public squalor”

    A Timothy Can type fellow just says “Caveated property rights… sounds socialist to me” and when it comes to the Raptor he just idiotically thinks we can have a free-for all with rifles and let them start training nukes on us… forget about the fuck-off-factor. He calls our submarine barrier a socialist white elephant.

    Now thats just fucking stupid.

    But this other fellow is talking about organisational theory and applying it to the government. He thinks that we just haven’t come close to sorting out how we’d get by without government and he reckons we ought to be working on it.

    And when someone questioned hims about this or that…. he wasn’t dogmatic about it. He just reckoned we ought to get as far in that direction as we can rightly do so.

    I reckon thats right. If there is any sector that you can privatise or semi-privatise then I think you are obliged to do it.

  3. Duncan its a tape and a video.

    This fellow is the first anarcho-capitalist that I haven’t been at all cagey about.

    So don’t let the others anarchists put you off this excellent talk on financial theory.

    I picked this fellow BECAUSE he wasn’t the least bit nutty. And this is probably the first anarcho-capitalist I could say that about.

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