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For The Permanent Record:Responses To Monetary Argument.

So far that son-of-a-jackal and servant of THE BEAST (!@#$%^&*) Humphreys (damn his black heart) is holding me up in a monetary debate.

This always happens. The fractional-reserve-at-any-cost-crowd will always find some way to wreck the debate.

So I thought I better log some version of a post I’m trying to get through. Just for posterity and in case he decides to wipe it.

What a shit-for-brains hey

But before my own post look at this brilliant description from TERGE (say “TERJE” for the love of Allah and all his virginal coterie) of exactly how a monetary system ought to be run.

Here it is. Monetary policy as the Christian God intended it. And that the money-changers practised this NOT!!!….. was good cause to turn the tables in the temple. Well might HE have said…. Verily it can be seen. That ye have turned STORAGE KING into a den of thieves.

Here is TergeS (say TERJE!) description:

“DavidL – if you left your gold with Storage King and they subsequently lent it out it would be fraud because the only service they offer today is storage.

Likewise if e-gold was to lend out the gold they retain it would be fraud specifically because they have promised not to.

Storage King is analogous to allocated storage in the bullion business. For instance you can store numbered gold bars with the Perth Gold Mint and when you want them back they give you the exact same bars that you submitted for storage.

Lending gold that is supposed to be in allocated storage would be fraud because under allocated storage they promise to secure the specific gold bars that were deposited.

The Perth Mint also have a service akin to unallocated storage where they promise to back all promises (under that product category) with gold (ie 100% reserve) but they don’t promise to return the exact set of bars you handed to them in the first place.

E-gold is like unallocated storage in that they are 100% backed but you don’t get the same bars back again.”

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April 10th, 2007 at 8:53 pm

Part 1

“DavidL – if you left your gold with Storage King and they subsequently lent it out it would be fraud ……….

……….E-gold is like unallocated storage in that they are 100% backed but you don’t get the same bars back again.”

This whole screed of Terges’ is just magnificent. I’m going to save it somewhere and back that up and then save it elsewhere again. Because it shows PRECISELY how the monetary system was meant to evolve in terms of what sound monetary policy without government intervention would have been like.

The way things work under fiat-fractional-reserve is so complicated that billions of dollars in salaries and bonuses are payed out every year.

We have hundreds of financial products. From interest rate swaps, currency-hedge products, futures, all sorts of different bank accounts.

And the financial firms pay many of their finance workers well. Untold 7 and 8 figure salaries scattered about promiscuously.

Government fretting over balance of payments figures and any amount of other activity.

So a great deal of resources go into the financial system and it doesn’t make anything tangible. And they aren’t even doing a very good job of what would normally be their role in the financial system.

In the 70’s it was said in South America that if you got a flat tire on your way to the bank you would go broke. So much was it the case that the real economy was having to support the financial economy and that people who were not part of the banking system were having to charge about on account of the financial systems dysfunction.

You would have basically three ways of dealing with unspent cash under 100% backed multi-metals. Your stash of coins and bars at home. Your bars and coins at the bank on-call….. with a debit-card attached.

And the third main category would be term loans.

Of course all the other shiite would exist as well. But there just wouldn’t be a whole lot of call for it. The banking industry wouldn’t employ so many people. And it surely wouldn’t pay these huge salaries for doing things (when viewed through the prism of 100% backing) that are pretty useless and wasteful activities.

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April 10th, 2007 at 8:54 pm


“RISK MANAGEMENT” is a fine-sounding phrase which borrows from the prestige of the entrepreneur. But in the context of banking its really just akin to the writing of a whole lot of dud cheques and then attempting to walk the tight-rope of this passing of dud cheques and not get busted.

Under 100% backing the key activity of the banking system would simply be to lend people money to buy things that make the borrower more productive and therefore easily capable of quickly paying back that loan.

If the bankers are charging about all worried about RISK MANAGEMENT they aren’t focusing on what ought to be their core business… IE recycling savings into their most productive use for the highest interest rate they can get.

“In the past some Banks have commited fraud. But this is mostly irrelevant. What Graemes account of history lacks is tangable examples.”

Here Terge is totally missing the point.

Fractional reserve ought to have been fraud then. And its not fraud now. It was fraud then or it ought to have been considered to be fraud then. But its the same activity. Creating Ponzi-bank-money.

The consequences of the fraud on the rest of the people and most particularly on the wealthy were so severe what would naturally have been fraud is now no longer fraud. Its been licensed, accomodated and protected.


So what ought to have been fraud is fraud no more.

Banking is now a cartelised industry organised on statist grounds much like our TV broadcasting industry is.

But we can make fractional reserve fraud again. Its not ACTUALLY fraud its NATURALLY fraud. And in making it fraud again we get ourselves clarity in property rights. A better, fairer society, protection from one form of raiding our wallets, and a free entreprise money and banking system that works well.

We can’t analyze this in a vaccumn. The free enterprise setup that I want WORKS. Works really well and gets rid of inflation AND recessions.

Whereas Terges setup doesn’t work and his transition-process would cause the worst depression the country has ever seen.

Terges system will work even less well then it did before, now that we are in the computer age.

“What Graemes account of history lacks is tangeble examples.”

This must be some sort of ‘free bills” mantra. What would be the point in me listing all the bank failures in history? You can fill pages with just summaries of 1 bank failure after another. The preceding boom and the following bust. From the Medicis on. And earlier if you can dredge up the Roman and then Venetian information.

The fact is that fractional leads to bank failures and depressions. Always… Except for since about 1982…. Where the balancing act of a few of the central banks is such that they’ve been able to avoid these recessions for quite a few years at a time.

Our guys here in Australia have managed to avoid a recession since “the recession we had to have”. Thats going 14 years or more. Thats a pretty good record to beat. With 100% backing we can beat it and get rid of the inflation.

But you free things up under gold fractional reserve the whole financial sector will crash like its never crashed before and it will take society with it.

It will crash like it COULD never crash before… Like it COULD never crash before the information age.

Not all versions of liberty are entirely identical.

And not all of them work.



  1. This is another one I am distributing to my family, Mr Bird. You are a superb teacher. There is so much at stake here you have to actually run for office.

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