Posted by: graemebird | April 20, 2007

Potential Industrial-CO2 Vector, For The Retardation Of The White Wall Of Death.

Reworked from Catallaxy:

You completely gullible twit HEATH.

This is just the comeback the energy-deprivation-crusade has to the fact that INDUSTRIAL-CO2 IS HEAPING MASSIVE BENEFITS ON BOTH THE HUMAN AND NATURAL WORLDS.

You see the tress in the high lattitudes are growing faster then we humans can chop and burn them down in the tropics.

And the energy-deprivation-crusade is so dishonest they don’t want to admit it.

Heath. What is wrong with you?

You continue to carry around wrong assumptions. And this thread-starter of yours is packed with them.

The extra tree growth is coming nearly everywhere that trees are not actively being cleared. But most particularly in places like Northern Canada and the North of the former Soviet Union.

And you are begruding those fucking freezing Norse-folk this alleged reduction in Albedo. Thats an anti-nature and anti-human attitude.

Lets look at all your wrong assumptions.

1. That industrial-CO2 warms the planet. No-one has any evidence for this. So we ought not assume it except speculatively. And we know that the effect must be slow or slight if it exists at all.

2. That warming the earth is a bad thing.

Thats where you are being a total idiot. Nothing could be more moronic then that assumption. Most particularly since this alleged reduction in Albedo is alleged to be happening in the coldest places.

3. That the earth is in fact warming.

Its not. Its cooling. And its likely to cool a lot more after a final warming at and just after the next solar cycle peak. Still she oscillates up and down all the time. But in the time period most relevant to humans alive today we ought to take it as given that the planet is now cooling.

But your thread-starter does show a potential vector for industrial-CO2 to forestall a new glacial period. Not because of any noticeable effect of all the extra tree growth on world temperatures. But simply because of the location of this growth in the far far North.

And obviously. Unless you are a complete idiot. You’ve got to see that this extra robustness is a good thing for many reasons. And if it can retard the white wall of death then it could scarcely be a better eventuality.



  1. Why do we have to heat up all the ice up to 0 before any of it melts?

    When I watch ice melt in the sun, the top melts first, and the rest of it is still sub-zero.

    I thought the same would happen to antarctic ice.

  2. You mean down in Antarctica? It doesn’t get the chance to melt kerblammo. When I put my new fridge on -25 power-freez I get the ice and need two warm beers with the same ice before I can notice significant melting.

    Antarctic ice in the inland continent is mostly about -60 degrees Celsius. There is no chance of any of it melting for a very long time. However the continent underneath the ice is moving and the ice wants to stay behind a bit. So it may create the illusion of melting a little bit. The peninsula is a very different deal. And it was warming up until recently.

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