Posted by: graemebird | April 25, 2007

Non-Lethal Weaponry/Improving Our Policing And Defense Capacity/And The Development Of Natural Law.

From Catallaxy:

We can save a lot of money and enhance our defense capacity too yobbo.

With non-lethal weaponry a soldier can take over the muscle end of Police work. You just swap their weapons around for domestic activity.

And the other thing is that with non-lethal weaponry we can have a competing private cop overlay to the Police Force. Take them out of the tax system entirely.

Because if you had competing forces with firearms it would tend into a shit-fight, then a blood-feud then war-lordism.

But with non-lethal weapons there is no real likelihood of any of that happening.

This is actually a good way of developing natural law.

They could have a non-lethal war between the two parties. But the rules of the game would be that if anyone was permanently injured or killed they would have great fines to pay to the government.

And a non-lethal “war”, as might break out from time to time is costly. So they would have to sort out very detailed anarcho-capitalist type rules of dealing with eachother and resolving disputes between their various clients.



  1. So you think the cops whould just mow down the undesirables Duncan. Who are these undesirables anyway?

  2. Well for one I would say that you are one of those undesirables. As much as I support the freedoms of speech and political belief it seems to me that there are limitations and that dangerous chaaracters such as yourself are beyond the limitations. If the police were to shoot you I would not object. Other undesirables include the unproductive people and the careerist malcontents who whish to spend their lives protesting the ‘injustices’ of capitalism reather than simply getting a job, shutting up and doing what they’re told.

  3. Whoa!!!

    Are you serious? I disagree with some of the things Graeme says but his advocay of non-lethal approaches to law enforcement are progressive. You seem to be some kind of authoratarian psycho. What? You wanna go back to the days of the comp’ny store? Do as your told or get shot? Jaysus!!

  4. I am not a ‘psycho’ as you put it. Certainly Graeme’s suggestions are enlightened but I quetion that such an expense is worthwhile considering that so many ‘victims’ of police killing are simply worthless persons who shall not be missed. Much like yourself. You see Adrien in this world there people who are productive and people who are not. You are of the latter disposition obviously: a useless type who probably spends most of his time time whinging and developing schemes to cheat Centrelink out of even more of my money. Do I think we should waste money buying kind weoponary so that you won’t die if caught robbing a convenience store? No. I think you get what you deserve – that is several bullets in the body. A service to society in general.

  5. There is a place for nutballs like Adrien.

    Just as there is a place for freaks at the circus.

    We can haul in the small children. And under proper supervision from the learned and righteous, we can point to these freaks as examples of how not to think.

    Like lets say you might point to the mistakes of Communism.

    Nutballs like Adrien are LIVING EXHIBITS of how not to think. Facisimiles of slave-philosophers and house-nigger-wannabes.

    And as such they have a place in moving to a better world.

  6. Who are you GMBclone?

  7. Now Adrien
    whats it to you fella?

    We KNOW that curiosity killed the cat …. or in this case the PUSSY

    But we were after evidence from you. Not questions. Not distractions. You got any evidence, Adrien?

    Third parties – this is how it always begins with these dumb-leftists. Moronic questions and acts.

    But where is the evidence?

    SHOW ME THE MONEY !!!!!!!!!

  8. I suspect my friend was not being fair dinkum with me when he claimed not to be Duncan.

    Duncans collected positions do not make sense when taken in their entirerity.

    They don’t add up to a real person. They are more like a leftist characiture.

  9. Fella
    These commie double-agent-agitators are everywhere, trying to make us look bad. Cut off one head and 10 grow in its place. You have to be careful.

    I suggest you block this commie-saboteur Duncan from posting anymore.

  10. and keep an eye on Adrien.

    He’s a clever one, pretending to be so stupid.

    No one can be that much of a dope and still know how to draw oxygen from the air.

  11. I am most unappreciative of being labelled a leftist charicature and I assure you I am a real person. My name is Duncan Heywood. I am a Duntroon alumnus, an ex-officer in Her Majesty’s Australian Air Force and an executive with an international concern that shall remain unnamed. Anytime any of you wish to contest my identity face to face you’ll be welcome to have reality demonstrated to you in undeniable terms.

    Mr. Bird I am most disappointed in you. I have no idea why you would say that my ‘collected positions do not make sense’. They make perfest sense sir. I take it you are one of these armchair warriors. I’d suggest you engage in some real combat before advocating non-lethal force. I suggest also that you refrain from labelling me so ignomiously in the future.

  12. Fella
    You don’t fool me.

    Commie-saboteur is as commie-saboteur does.

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