Posted by: graemebird | April 25, 2007

The Mystery Of Infrastructural Development: Part 1

This will not be a real organized thread. Its a big topic and I just want to get it started. This is basically two posts reworked together from Catallaxy. And ought to be considered a first draft since I’ll keep working on this one thread.

Infrastructure is really about property that overlaps other property. We might call it TRANS-SPATIAL-PROPERTY. We might hope for a situation where what we call “INFRASTRUCTURE” is really the sum total of all the individual trans-spatial property titles.

Viewed from this perspective, over the long haul, infrastructure will become disproportionately more important. Since to produce more and more we need more and more various services coming into any one location.

The free enterprise movements failure to take this issue seriously and develop a good theory of infrastructure is therefore a serious problem to our designs on getting to a greater level of liberty. Because we will have this essentially socialist and chrony-capitalist sector looming larger and larger in our life. And thats if we are doing things right under current arrangements.

Because without clear property rights the State has to step in with its big fist and the already-rich end of town, and do things not on a capitalist basis. But at best on a chrony-capitalist basis.

The state gets rich characters to back up the truck. They then shovel money into that truck and in effect say to rich consortia “Don’t embarrass us there is an election coming up”.

So things are done on a quid-quo-pro basis and not on an “all men are equal and free” basis.

This is a running sore on the free enterprise system and makes Singapore more plausible then pre-communist Hong Kong as a development model.
I would say that this is how things stand unfortunately. For most cultures Singapore IS-IN-FACT the most plausible model. And thats a great shame because we need to do better then that.

I don’t know whats been written about this before. I’ve heard some of the Austrian Economists talking about the right to dig under property to build roads and things.
But these individual reccomendations of how we might possibly get the job done without government action is not going to get the job done.

The libertarian agenda is essentially a passive and pious agenda and I want to change that. I think we work real hard to get to liberty and there is much to be done and no time to lose.

Where as the average libertarian thinks things are done via them saying to marauding thieves with the entire armed forces apparatus behind them…. “stop that…. thats not right…. thats not good” and even attempts to clarify property rights would be looked on askance as it would be seen as just more regulations.

If anyone knows that anyone else has done some serious theoretical work on the theory of infrastructure and how it might readily be privatised….If this is all old hat and you can point me to it…. do let me know.

No need to duplicate other peoples stuff if all the answers are already out there.

Essentially what I’ll be doing in this project is extending the work of Hernando De Soto.

And also other thinkers like Locke, Hoppe, Rothbard and others who have put a lot of thought into this home-steading of property business.

Also the idea of home-steading underground property-titles is critical to survivability and intense robustness in an extended nuclear-enhanced war.

And thats not a small problem. Its one of the biggest and most vital problems to contend with that there is.

This next post started off as a reply to someone contending that Africa might be doing economically poorly, in comparison to Asia, because of a lower average IQ. But what ought to be far more important is the Ayn Rand principle of getting the smartest people into the highest levels of economic decision-making. I cannot see that any average IQ deal is going to inhibit African development UNLESS it somehow indirectly means that they can’t have good policy and smart guys moving upwards in the corporate sector. We ourselves could likely do a lot better on that score.

Neither we nor the Africans are short on smart people. What we need is to actively push them to a place where their smarts can shower benefits on the rest of us.

Anyway as it turned out the post sort of became a bit of an introduction to the theory of private infrastructure development. Which I’ve been thinking about for a long time but never got around to starting a thread about.

Sometimes with a big new subject its better just to jump right into the middle of it to give people a stark introduction into what I’m on about.

This is THE big topic. We have to get money right and economics more generally. But it is this topic that could launch this country ahead of all others in economic development and survivability….. if our findings were applied with extreme predjudice:

“You don’t need a particularly high IQ to start the process of buying and paying for capital goods.

What you need is clarity in property rights and blood-sucker-central not to do too much more then clarify and defend these property titles.

When Botswana started out just after independence it had the highest growth rate in the world.

Women do a lot of the trading in the markets in much of Africa. So they have all the skills they need to grow.

And in fact last I heard they WERE growing. The continent, according to some African official was recently, as a whole, growing at 6% per year or so.

They must have been held back horribly and in the most gruesome of ways by the DDT-Bureaucratisation-Holocaust. Human eradication organised carried on, covered up and supported by leftist white guys.

But clearly they’ve also been held back by government kleptocracies.
Generally speaking however, third world countries are retarded in their development by lack of clarity in property rights.

We are being held back by THIS SAME lack of clarity but not in all areas. We don’t have property titles clarity when it comes to tunnelling under the roads and setting up private infrastructure for example.

Which is why we have to rely on socialist-produced infrastructure.

We could never have an anarcho-capitalist system that functioned real well until such time as we had general agreement on all manner of property rights and particularly for these infrastructural properties that overlap eachother spacially.

So we, in this respect, are like a third-world-country when it comes to property-rights for infrastructural properties.

But third world countries, that aren’t growing, are like this for all manner of private property whereas the perogatives here for standard private properties are pretty clear (although horribly over-regulated and plundered).

If we want to grow like no other country ever has before it is these trans-spatial-property-titles that we need to get general agreements on principle over…. and just as importantly specific clear local rules for.

Clear local rules but not many of them.

As well as every local council, in great detail, having their titles office take down and describe every underground property of any sort. Every pipe, wire and so forth… Who owns it. Its location and as clear a description as possible.

We need clear rules for digging under things and establishing property rights via homesteading.

The basic rule for homesteading property is that IF YOU WORK ON IT INTENSELY AND THEN YOU STAKE A CLAIM ON IT ITS YOURS.

We are a third world country in respect to out lack of clear rules and understandings about trans-spatial property titles. And the best thing to do for ourselves and for ACTUAL third world countries is to get our property rights rules JUST SO.

I ought to be able to get myself a dingo-digger and some bricks or something. A few design specifications… And I ought to be able to start home-steading property under the roads under well-known and easy to understand home-steading rules.

We are talking about a bloke and his digger staking out hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of real estate for himself. And creating new property-titles that can be readily traded and borrowed against.


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