Posted by: graemebird | April 28, 2007

Leasing Out “Small Container Ships” To The Little Guy.

Mass production leads to cost reduction. And with our “Ebay Approach To Weapons Purchases” we ought to be able to buy every LCS boat at a discount.

When the discount isn’t available we don’t buy. We buy another Raptor perhaps. We buy only one unit at a time and only when we can get it cheap.

We can buy a bunch of these over time and lease three quarters of them out to small-businessmen even as our Ports are multiplied and updated.

They get good training and a cheap lease but in return they are now a volunteer. And will be number 2 or number 3 to the guy who spends all his time in training should a war break out. Since training can be carried out round the clock with far less ships then the men needed to man them under pressure.

These vessels ought to be a good and handy way to deliver containers to small, coastal towns, all over the world, much more efficiently then a the truck driver could. Thats supposing we can get an increasingly sweeter deal on each unit as the mass production brings down the costs.

But once hunting season is open we can use these to help us pin the other countries up against the wall. All these small business operators, having made their Faustian deal, now drafted into action.

We must keep the enemy from getting anywhere near the Continent.

We keep the fighting right away from our Continent.

Great Little Video


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