Posted by: graemebird | April 28, 2007

Something Wild.

This might not seem to be part of the project to sort out how to get to robust infrastructure development but it is.

Its a response on Dr Marohasy’s blog.

But this idea of sorting out perogatives for the development of private infrastructure that will make the wonderful work of the Singaporeans and the Dutch appear to be the cold drab and feeble-gray efforts of socialism more generally………this idea of sorting out perogatives for the development of private infrastructure IS A TOUGH SUBJECT.

And so I think we start by dipping our toes in the water a little bit here and there before getting into the dry technical meat of it.

From Dr Marohasy’s blog:


There is a certain SCIENCE to this matter.

And property rights work best, and eliminate conflict, if they are clear, give unity of control, and have a bit of a buffer around them.

For example if we were repopulating the New World again, with todays technology, we probably wouldn’t want to survey one mans land, such that it came slap-plam against the property of anothers. We wouldn’t want these shared fences. We wouldn’t want it that the rest of us were fenced in.

Rather we’d let individuals homestead the land to make it their own. But there would be a buffer zone between the private properties and therefore both a nature corridor and the means for future transport infrastructure development, without government seizure of private property.

And there would also be no fencing off of the hunter-gatherers or yet even the rest of us.

Reading the first few pages of Moby Dick reminds me that we’ve all allowed ourselves to be fenced in.

And THIS is the basic problem that has killed the critters and hurt and demoralised the former hunter-gatherers.

We need maybe a two hundred year plan to get to a point wherein you can ride your horse, or trail-bike, from the middle of the largest high-rise-cities, through land-good-land, along a curved path, to pretty-much anywhere at all.

And not be fenced in like animals.

And for the wilder animals not to be fenced in either.



  1. Graeme
    Your thoughts on hunter-gatherers on the Evolutionary Fitness thread on Catallaxy would no doubt be fascinating.

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