Posted by: graemebird | May 3, 2007

Computer Models: You Have Never Seen “DUMB” until…….

From Roger Peilke Seniors blog:

“In :Satanic Gases” Michaels rejects aerosols as an exclamation for the models overstating the drgree of warming, but most of you seem to accept them as a significant cooling factor. Was Michaels wrong?”

Well I think they are a significant cooling factor. But how is it that they’d be an explanation for the models overstating the degree of warming?

The models, in the past, have overstated the degree of warming because of the assumptions pumped into them by leftists who aren’t interested in evidence. And are going with institutional imperatives or are part of an ecologists energy-deprivation-crusade.

They overstate warming because you can’t just plug a computer in and tell it to go work stuff out for itself. The computer reflects the person who has set up the model.

The idea of computer models as being evidence for anything is just bizzare. And particularly since, without using fuzzy logic, computer models with more then a few variables are inherently unstable.

They all careen off into freezing or burning-up in no time at all. At least the early models did and this is inherent in their nature.

Thats how these lunatics got to be telling us that the computer model, for the first time in history, constituted evidence.

Because it suited their JIVE to watch these things careening out of control and then to suggest the planet might do so also.

Well this planet DOES careen out of control. But only in the direction of catastrophic cooling. It has a one-way bias and has had this bias for many millions of years and this is not changing soon.

Imagine that hey? That they would take a 100 computer models (lets say). And it used to be the case that ALL OF THESE MODELS WOULD HAVE TEMPERATURE CAREENING OUT OF CONTROL and then they would take this result and say……

…..”Whoa look at that? The planets going to careen out of control. Computer models are evidence. Lets make computer models evidence.”

You have never seen dumb until you’ve seen dumb science workers.

Comment by Graeme Bird — May 3, 2007 @ 4:11 am


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