Posted by: graemebird | May 8, 2007

Gavin Schmidt Of ( Caught Out Again.


Well actually this is not conclusive. But this crowd have earned the right to be considered guilty until proved innocent.

So with these sentiments in mind we crib some posts from Roger Peilkes site and I’ll let you decide.


Well looking at things from a human perspective… we have periods of time where the weather gets liveable, reasonably warm in many places and reasonably wet.

And then if anything goes wrong we seem to collapse into really nasty cold dry weather. This wasn’t always the case. But the situation seems to have gotten worse since North and South America fused.

So therefore I would say that this cooling bias is mainly the result of resistance to oceanic ciruculation. And we can get an approximate idea of this resistance by looking at how the continents are laid out.

For 55 million years we have been getting colder. And for many tens of millions of years prior to that we were warmer then we are now even though our sun was thought to be weaker the further back we go.

How do we square this circle?

This is how I reconcile cooler sun and warmer world:


RE: #89 – Mentioning Isthmus of Panama closure over at Real Climate is like churning the water. Such a result is telling. The red herring they threw back at me was “it was X million years from the time of that orogeny to the start of the Pleistocene there is no way the orogeny changed the climate to such an extent as to bring us into ice age mode” That actually helps to make the point – the time frames involved in terms of the current / climate system response is certainly at least on the order of hundreds of thousands of years.


I see that it was Gavin that was trying to hose you down. It was as if someone had said “Medeival Warm Period” and a panic had been started.

These subdivisions are to do with flora and fauna found in the fossil record. Its as though Gavin was expecting evolution to be instantaneous with the climate change.

And he’s given you a VERY long-ago date for the closing of North and South American.

He must have been in a bit of a panic. Before any of these guys changes the wiki to cover their tracks lets check it out with regards to some quicker proxy for global cooling.

Looking under the wiki entry for “Isthmus Of Panama” This is what we read:

“The Isthmus of Panama is the narrow strip of land that lies between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, linking Central and South America. IT WAS FORMED SOME 3 MILLION YEARS AGO DURING THE PLIOCENE EPOCH.”

Gavin said 4.6 million. The wiki says 3 million. But we must let Gavin off the hook. Because somebody said “Isthmus of Panama” and thats bound to start a panic in the alarmist camp.

Next we go to PLIOCENE in the wiki. And what do we find?:

“The formation of an Arctic ice cap around 3 mya is signalled by an abrupt shift in oxygen isotope ratios and ice-rafted cobbles in the North Atlantic and North Pacific ocean beds (Van Andel 1994 p 226). Mid-latitude glaciation was probably underway before the end of the epoch.”

So we have two facts according to the wiki:

FACT 1: The Isthmus of Panama was formed 3 million years ago.

FACT 2: The Arctic Ice Cap formed around 3 million years ago.

Well as Hannibal used to say on the A-Team: “I just love it when a plan comes together.”

But the main thing Steve is that Gavin likely won your encounter. He grabbed any old nonsense that was to hand and his quick moves likely proved enough to distract everyone from the information you were bringing to them.

This is why ALARMISTS are almost always wrong. They don’t give a damn about the reality of it. They just grab anything thats to hand to support the HOAX.


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