Posted by: graemebird | May 25, 2007

Wrong Phase Of The Moon For Fair Vote.


…..Bird offended me in relation to my housemate’s dead cat. Not much hurts my feelings on blogs, but that was….awful. If I could’ve voted more than once against him, I would’ve.  



….. Thats just so COLD????

Third parties. We have to be aware of this sort of thing.

It ought to have been a positive vote. But grey and empty suits may be picking up votes simply on the basis of this sort of COLDNESS and negativity.

Surely its the wrong time for Darlene.

Old jokes come back like grievances and the world is seen through another lens entire.

I crafted an entire story just for Darlene, to help her out in her grieving….

….and the story involved the psychic transformation wherein she became the cat and the cat become her. The minds were swapped while the bodies stayed intact.

And in the story I knew it was happening since in the story I had briefly the power of leftist second-sight.

Anyway the upshot was that when I arrived at the door, after high-tailing it to where Darlene was…. what would I see?

Would I see “Darlene” with a cats tail poking out her mouth and a stupid expression on her face?

Now Darlene………AT THE TIME………….. said that my story made her laugh and that everything was ok…

… But now..

….Now comes the mood change and the muckraking.

If the contention had of been played out in a week or two, when the moon was doing something-other then-it-is-now……….Darlene might well have looked back FONDLY at my attempts to try and make her laugh in-amidst her grieving……

…….. and I would have one more vote and blood-sucker-centrals loyal opposition one less.

It is up to the rest of you to be aware of various slants to the proceedings and to make up for it if you can.

Now if deserving has anything to do with it then Prodos would be coming first and Jennifer second.

Prodos for his relentless long-standing and passionate efforts for-the-cause and Jennifer for keeping the fight up in the midst of abuse that no woman should have to put up with.

But the fact is I’ve got the jump.

And you have to make sure I win because thats a vote for liberty-and-justice for its own sake…..and not for some weak utilitarian weighing of the pros and the cons


  1. Brilliant. You compound the offence by implying that Darlene was influenced by that natural cycle in women’s bodies.

    You’re a natural diplomat, Bird.

  2. Why would I need to be diplomatic?

    She’s already voted. In any case you may be reading too much into it. Your comments may be interpreted as sexist and therefore being a feminist I might have to wipe them.


    Question: How many feminists does it take to change a light-bulb?

    Answer: THATS NOT FUNNY!!!!!

  3. No, Bird.

    The answer is, “Twelve. One to change the lightbulb. Eleven to make the documentary.”

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