Posted by: graemebird | May 27, 2007

Whats Wasteful And What Isn’t


We’ve really got to get to grips with whats wasteful and whats not.

With what is sustainable and with what is unsustainable.

Andrew Elder having fun with a jetpack is not wasteful.

 Buy a circus net too Andrew. Because its not wasteful but it could be dangerous.

Gunning along at 3AM on a weekday morning in your 4WD modified combat vehicle through all those Sydney tunnels is not wasteful if its within your budget.

Taxing interest earnings is wasteful.

Higher monetary growth than is necessary to stop nominal GDR from falling is wasteful.

Not having massive nuclear-powered electricity on hand when you are turning coal into a variety of hydro-carbon fuels is wasteful since you are going to have to use at least half of those blessed hydrocarbons up in conversion.

But with plentiful nuclear-powered electricity you will be actually ADDING hydrogen too them and getting more out than what you put in.

With your liquified coal at $3-per-gallon-equivalent fueling you Humvie….. as you pump up the music and the airconditioning…. This is not wasteful.

Whats wasteful is that we have massive amounts of real estate given over to roads and we are not making the road-users pay on the basis of an algorithm which accounts for the amount of congestion they would be using in peak-time… and the averaged-out damage to the roads based on the vehicle itself…………

….. And all of this charging sufficient to lead to a profit that would cover the annualised interest-cost of the implied real estate value and the maintenance cost and some profit for the road entrepreneur.

The caveated property rights would leave whole lanes of poorer motorcyles and bike riders getting of scott free, probably even at peak-time… And we would have an infrastructural system that SANG.

But on its own gunning around in a tank at $3 to the gallon isn’t a waste and is not unsustainable.

Rather if all our pricing was right and we saw a massive luxury 4WD in our motorcyle rear-view mirror the appropriate response might be to pull up and just clap with real gratitude as the rich man goes past…….

…. Since HE WOULD BE THE MAN that allowed you not to be taxed, and to be yet able to ride you 500cc in safety, and gun it like a truly free man (FREE AT LAST! FREE-AT-LAST!!!!!!!) through all those brilliant Sydney 3-dimensional driving curves……

……. and if necessary until the wheels fells off……….

Ultimately it is bad pricing, business obstruction, and disincentives to voluntary-savings that are wasteful and unsustainable…….

… For the human-race, the natural world, and for our buried resources.

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