Posted by: graemebird | May 30, 2007

Treason In The House Of Economic Science: The Seventy-Six Suck

These utter incompetents…. these self-selected lunatics think that they can get a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions for the cost of 1 years economic growth.

That even one dollar be charged to hurt man and nature in this way is a fucking moral crime.

But that they would be willing to brazenly….

……. these parasites would brazenly hold their hands out to charge us the cumulative amount of dollars that 1 years growth would amount to.

We are a trillion dollar economy. So for starters if we assume 3% growth thats THIRTY BILLION DOLLARS JUST FOR STARTERS.

So they want to harm nature FOR NO FUCKING REASON AT ALL and thats 30 billion dollars these bastards want to steal off us as the first calculation……….

And its ANOTHER 30.9 BILLION the very next year.

So even by their own testimony the costs stack up into astronomical sums for a set of activities that cannot be justified at even one dollar.


Its not going to fucking cost us one years economic growth.


Where is the energy coming from?

There are no ready non-carbon energy sources that can fuel the growth of industry in this country…..

…. None.

Don’t get me wrong. We can gather as much energy as we want.

But we need the capital to gather the energy…………

… And we need the energy to produce the capital….


These guys are fucking morons.

Whose going to invest in liquified coal when in order to do so people will be serving writs on you and protesting you and we don’t even have the fucking legal framework for infrastructural development?


We don’t do free market infrastructure in this country. And as things stand energy is largely still infrastructural in nature.

This is the most fucking embarrassing medieval fraud that has ever been my misfortune to be witness to.

The entire case of the energy-deprivation crusade is wrong and self-evidently stupid in every constituent part of its reasoning.

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW ROME FELL when the Empire, on paper, could clearly have taken all comers?

Wonder no more.

These assholes are hell-bent on turning the former Anglo-Saxon warrior nations into pathetic neighbourhood weaklings.

This is a mass-murderers petition.

A self-selection in total idiocy.

The seventy-six SUCK!!!!!


  1. I find your unorthodox approaches to science interesting and thought maybe you might find this useful-

    Responding to Criticism
    All great minds will be criticized by peon scientists who have grown fat and bloated with public grant funds. They’ve been feeding at the public coffers for so long, they wouldn’t know an original idea if it fell out of the ether and struck them on their thick skulls. Here are some simple responses to common criticisms:

    Accusation: “You haven’t published in a real peer-reviewed journal”
    Response: Either say “Peer review is just an old-boys network for peon scientists to pat each other on the back”,

    Accusation: “You don’t have solid proof”
    Response: Either restate what you said already, restate it slightly differently, call your accuser a name, or suggest they are part of the conspiracy to hide the truth.

    Accusation: “Because of X, Y, and Z, your theory is false and you’re an idiot”
    Response: Yell “That’s Ad Hominem – I win the argument” (and that they’ve persecuted you).

    Accusation: “Because of X, Y and Z, you are wrong”
    Response: If they fail to call you an idiot, there are a few ways to respond to this. Either nitpick an aspect of their argument so that you can ignore the rest while diverting the discussion into a meaningless tangent. Or cut and paste large sections of print or references to papers that may or may not agree with you (the exhaustion strategy). Finally, it’s always a good idea to just ignore them and restate your original argument. Alternatively demand they provide you with *scientific* evidence that their theory is the correct one. If they do, ignore it and restate your original argument.

    Accusation: “No credible scientists or scientific agencies believe this theory”
    Response: “That’s because they’re part of a conspiracy to hide the truth!” In addition assert motives for the conspiracy like maintaining control over the populace, spreading materialistic atheist dogma, acquiring grant money, etc. Don’t forget to challenge orthodoxy and compare yourself to Galileo! He was persecuted by the orthodoxy too! Remember, whenever a majority of scientists believe anything, that means it’s wrong. Cite Kuhn, compare yourself to Galileo again.

    If they show up at your blog and leave comments, remember to delete anything critical at all, dissent must not be tolerated on your home turf. Anything critical might damage the proof of your unassailable intellect, and the absence of critique will make it appear as if your critics are afraid to engage you on your own turf.

    You see? It’s easy! All you have to do is ignore anything that contradicts your theory, nitpick others’ arguments, force them to explain themselves, accuse them of lying, accuse them of conspiring against the truth, exhaust them with dumps of links or citations, repeat yourself, and compare yourself to Galileo, because he had problems convincing the orthodoxy too. Also, don’t forget to call yourself a skeptic, or dissident, or iconoclast.

  2. Great comment Gillian.

    I don’t know whether you are dissing me or my opponents.

    But it doesn’t matter.

    Hang out.

  3. Graeme
    off topic but did you set this up?

  4. Yeah I think that these guys were featured on “Thoughts On Freedom”

    I made a comment but can’t confirm whether its gotten through.

    It might be that Humphreys-the-commie and global-warming-Manchurian-Candidate is blocking my stuff in such a way as to make it look like I’m still posting.

    These leftist-homosexuals are CRAFTY I tell you.

  5. nope I don’t see your comments.

  6. And Graeme, give Humphreys a break. There’d be no LDP without him. And he’s into sheilas, he’s no homosexual.

  7. Dude.

    You are asking me to give him a break after you found out he’s deep-sixing my comments without notifying me.

    His slightly more moderate take on global warming has appeased me some. But this new computer-trickery is a serious provocation.

    Particularly as he likely put it together with the help of mad leftists.

  8. Hey Graeme, did this guy steal this quote from you?

    “If I have seen farther than others, it’s because I’m knee-deep in dwarves.”

  9. Haha, that’s a good quote, I might steal it myself!

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