Posted by: graemebird | June 2, 2007

Luke Is Still A Complete Idiot.

Here’s Luke at Dr Morohasy’s blog.

Fascinating this idea that “equal time” is required from contrarians.

So if Al Gore has got some crappy bits such as sea level rise (OK – for purists implied crappy bits coz he never said when) all will be made equal by exhibiting the worst bit of dross ever to masquerade as science journalism – TGGWS. I mean doctoring multiple graphs – Wunsch having the biggest dummy spit – come on how dumb are you guys !

So the notion here is that utter crap neutralises some crap to produce no crap.

What crap!

We could bin both and start again and try for no crap.”

The problem with all this is not just a massive exaggeration of the tiny mistakes made by the documentary makers……. The problem is that nowhere has this fucking socialist moron Luke got any evidence for catastrophic warming….. any evidence for the idea that a little human-induced warming is BAD AND NOT GOOD in a brutal and pulverising ice age…… And nowhere has he even shown that CO2 in practice can warm the climate globally by a non-negligible amount.

What a complete fuckwit hey?

We must defeat this new attempt to destroy civilisation and hand us into a dark ages. The result of the energy-deprivation-crusade in practice means stalled living standards. Places like NewZealand haven’t seen a new hydro-electric power station or a new coal generated power station in years and its simply not possible to have a high-paid work-force at the low end if you don’t go on expanding energy production.

They have this allegedly privatised energy sector but its not privatised if you cannot produce more and more energy all the time.

Supposing I had 100 million bucks. Could I buy a paddock close to a river, an electricity station and a train-line and set up my own trainline and coal-electricity station and sell my output to competititve buyers?

No way. Or at least the main hurdle from that point onward would be the need for constant wheeling and dealing with all sorts of local authorities… national authorities and the courts. And so the electricity charges keep going up or so I’m told.

Its not a free market and we have to defeat the absolute bastards and anti-human creeps and morons like Luke and try and get to a free-enterprise system.

The problem with the way these things were privatised is that we didn’t have the legal framework for infrastructural goods when we did it.

So when we were going to sell these things off we ought to have seperated the roads-from-the-trucking-companies as-it-were. And had the competitive “trucking companies” while we sorted out our legal frameworks for the building of competitive roads…….. Bear in mind that the above is an extended analogy and I haven’t suddenly jumped to the subject of transport.

We really fucked up our privatisation. Of course we needed to privatise. But we’ve wound up in many cases with a sort of crony-capitalism quid-pro-quo system. Surely thats better-than the former socialist setup. But its still a really fucked-up system and unworthy of the Australian heritage.


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