Posted by: graemebird | June 2, 2007

Serial Defamer Lurches Back To Malaria Holocaust-Denial

I just saw Quiggins blog again. And he’s right back into the DDT-Bureaucratisation-Holocaust-Denial.

You can see what liars the holocaust deniers are. Since on the one hand they reckon that restrictions to the use of DDT saved lives via less resistance in the skeeters. But on the other hand they reckon the discouragement of the use of DDT never happened.

Still they try to smooth this obvious bullshit over by claiming that the anti-DDT-use campaign ONLY RELATED TO AGRICULTURAL USE and not to the skeeters. Obvious bullshit and just a lie.

Really most of their case revolves around fucking with the language in terms of mucking about with the use of the word “Ban”.

But we know it wasn’t a comprehensive “BAN”.

We are talking about a much greater full-spectrum arm-twisting, fear-mongering and just more general “LAMBERTING” as I’ve coined it.

But this time around Quiggin admits to knowing that 1-3 million people a year were dying of malaria.

Its surprising that he even mentioned that.

Perhaps that many black children murdered is too many to hide beneath the floorboards even for his tell-tale heart.


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