Posted by: graemebird | June 27, 2007

Roosevelt And McCarthy… The Need For TRUTH-AND-RECONCILLATION in America.

This is two posts patched together from Catallaxy. It was on a thread which quoted John Updike waxing lyrical about Roosevelt as if Roosevelt were Allahs gift to the working man:


Sad really.

That a skillful writer can get that old and still be that ignorant. But its a failing commentary on his source-work. Since it appears he’s gone for the last half-century and only mixed with dumb-white-leftists.

Thats no way to create characters.

Roosevelts smug smile and those long-cigarette-filters ought not have fooled anyone.
Roosevelt was the ultimate enemy of the working man. And under the influence of all the commies and New Dealer-leftists that surrounded him he wound up, in his last few years, being one of the three great enemies of mankind just before his death.

Blame it on new media.

In the same way as the master-of-radio…. Hitler…. managed to get the whole German linguistic group under his sway… So his American Cousins radio-dominance has had an effect that has blinded the Americans to Roosevelts incredibly patchy (I’m mustering all the praise I possibly can) policy performance.

This I think has its parallel today. Just when there were good signs of progress in the humanities up comes the internet.

Great boon though it is we seem to be having a lot of teething problems and blowback….

Surely few people could have predicted the sheer level of craziness going on today. And no doubt it is the net thats helped spread it.

The big wave of crazines seemed to start at the Seattle protests and it spiralled upward and outward from there. It swelled again after 9/11 into tsunami proportions….swallowing the whole culture and even hammering a section of the hard rock of physical sciences into jelly.

Early on in my adventures in ozblogistan Steve Edwards expressed his disgust at Operation Keelhaul.

And its a good job he did or I would have suspected I was conversing with fucking aliens…
The rest of you seem just incapable of internalizing this mystery/monstrosity.


The demonisation of McCarthy cannot really be understood without the backdrops of:

1. The betrayal of Eastern Europe.

2. The handing of the atomic bomb to Stalin.

3. Operation Keelhaul.

These are the scandals that showed up the institutional dysfunction that is always a part of a whistleblower case.

But in this instance the dysfunctional “INSTITUTION” was the Western World itself.

We have to get real with TRUTH AND RECONCILLIATION about this sort of stuff.

And the process aint over until those statues OF… and monuments TO…. Roosevelt ….ARE TRASHED!!!!!!!!!!!!….

….And a magnificent statue of McCarthy stands in their place.


  1. I still don’t get the big deal over Operation Keelhaul. So they sent a lot of nasty fascists (like Jew killing Cossacks and Nazi leaning Ustashis ) over to the commies. Big deal. A bit of rough justice – fascists killing other fascists.

  2. I don’t get that you don’t get it?

    They weren’t facists. They were not defined by their facism. They were defined only by Stalin being veangeful towards them. This ought to have been something of a badge of honour.

    I’ll have to wipe your chilling post to protect your reputation after 24 hours.

    Supposing there is the greatest mass-enslaver and mass-murderer in the history of the world?

    Is it really a crime to be an ENEMY of that man?

    You must have lost your mind.

  3. Alright – here is Wikipedia. Some of them may have just been anti-communists at worst, and there were women and children. Women and children shouldn’t have been involved. But you’re making it out as if they were all innocent – and that isn’t the case.

    You do know what Ustashi are right? and you do know Cossacks were used by the Tsar in Pogroms?

    The refugee columns fleeing the Soviet-occupied eastern Europe numbered tens of thousands of people. They included assorted fascists, Nazi collaborationists, anti-communists and civilians, both from the Soviet Union and from Yugoslavia. The group included around 70,000 Cossacks from the Soviet Union and Ustaše from Yugoslavia, including about 11,000 women and children.

  4. For the love of Allah.

    The Wikipedia is the very LAST source to quote on this issue.

    What the fuck do you have against Cossacks?

    And when you are fighting Stalin and the Nazis are fighting Stalin that BY DEFINITION makes you are Nazi collaborator. And OUR SIDE were Stalinist collaborators by your self-same reasoning.

    You seldom have a clearer example of flat-out, unnecessary, gutless, mindless murder.

    They were at war with Stalin. Thats an heroic activity to be engaging in. You have no cause to be throwing these wild accusations around for.

    You know Hitler only started his mass-murdering after the Soviet invasion.

    The rightful enemies-of-communism that he took in his wake would not have known a damn thing about it.

    Just get with reality Jason.

    You are being a leftist.

    Are left-wingers the leading authority on all things non-economic in your book?

    It certainly seems so?

    You’re making me want to be sick man.

    Is there no REASONING with you at all?

  5. Get ye to a church.

    Man you’ve lost it this time around.

    Thats like wanting to kill black people for being DDT-collaborators at war with the mosquitoes.

  6. Google Ustashi, Graeme. Are you saying there were no nazi collaboarators caught up in Operation Keelhaul?

  7. I don’t know where it is that we starting murdering 10 000 folks to take revenge on one guilty man.

    Lets go over it again: By definition they were Nazi Collaborators since the Germans were fighting Stalin?


    What that makes them guilty of is guilty of fighting Stalin. And fighting communism is a good and honourable thing.

    Now of course a communist history is going to demonise anyone who fights communism.

    Now could you try and be a little bit less of a gullible dope. The communists and leftists will try to get away with this…… always bad to fight communists attitude.

    But it is up to you to see through their prevarications. They demonised McCarthy for the sake of Allah. If they can do that they can demonise all the innocent victims of Keelhaul.

    It was simply Roosevelt offering people for murder at Stalins request. And you just give them a brand name and suddenly they’ve lost their personhood.

    No wonder you are on the wrong side of the DDT debate.

  8. You have basically swallowed whole an excuse for another communist mass-murder. And thats all you’ve done. Communists murder people and when they are caught they make pathetic excuses. Its your job not to be taken in. Which commie pundit is buggering your earhole this time?

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