Posted by: graemebird | July 20, 2007

Yobbo-Wronged…Parkinsons-Law…. And The Public-Service Wonderland.

Lately I’ve been fleshing out, over at Catallaxy the further horrid effects of taxing profits… that might not come to mind in economic models. I’ve spied a hole in the thinking of the Austrian Economists…. in that they haven’t applied certain principles of agency and principles of institutional dysfunction that distorts actual organisational behaviour.

But its not that their model is wrong. Its just that by not incorporating these managerial models into their thinking they fail to explain to skeptics who find their own life-experience somewhat in variance of the Austrian model.

Paradoxically what I’ve been trying to say is that THE AUSTRIANS ARE MORE RIGHT THEN THEY THINK.

Anyhow some of these topics are fleshed out at Catallaxy. But I think this post is a good place to start.


“I did the public service entrance test when I was about 19 and couldn’t find a job. I got the 4th highest score in the nation that year and didn’t get a single job offer.”
Well thats what its come to fella.

This is not quite the case in private business but the tendencies are still there. Its not an OUTRIGHT thing its more a slant.

Parkinsons law and the Peter Principle still rears its ugly head.

And since the inter-company-competition is mostly at “Professional” rather then “crusader-genius”-level…. then the very eccentricities that come with the sort of blokes who could really change things just cannot be tolerated….

…although many fine people seem to actually make it to the top or at least high up via beating the corporate-politicians at their own game.

Really the competition and incentives should be so fierce that you could be a genius but a somewhat-shy shrinking-violet…… and these bigshots actively put you ABOVE themselves.


Actually what I wanted to say is that even reading your quote makes me feel a latent anger brewing that I’m trying to block out with zen thought-control-techniques.

Because its just so WRONG!!! not to put talent first.

Its bad for all of us.

Even its bad for the guys who didn’t step aside for you or at least the ones that didn’t offer you the starting-job.

Just look at what the Singaporeans managed to achieve in the early Lee Kwan Yu years.

This was in no way a libertarian setup. But Lee rewarded talent and got the best people into running things. He got the very best people into government…….

…….(((((((And since no-ones applied clarity-in-property-rights TO INFRASTRUCTURE yet…….. there was some justification for the way he did things in-context.

I would say that his model was actually superior then the Hong Kong model.

And since this is a horrifying conclusion we libertarians have to do better and prove that we can have property-titles of a sort that lead to infrastructure that would shame the Dutch and Singaporeans and with almost no government ownership at all.)))))))

You even just look at SINGAPORE from the air or show up at the airport and you realise these guys are running a well-oiled machine.

This sort of paternalism might work in a city-state for some short period of time when a genius like Lee manages to seize power.

But Yobbo. Lets face it. You were better off being turned down really. We don’t want a good man wasted inside that wall of mollasses.

It would be better if they only had people who kept on bumping into the doors. Too stupid to sit down to take a crap. Dudes who got lost in the broom cupboard and always drooled and often not getting rid of that big green bogie like their mother showed them.

Hopefully they got the fourth LOWEST score-getter in the country that year and spent an hour trying to communicate to him that yes he had gotten the job……

… Hopefully they got some authentically retarded fuck-up and gave him the job that you would have gotten but for the Alice-In-Wonderland nature of it all.

Since its bad enough that blood-sucker-central is wasting our money but it would be worse to the extent that genuine talent was being wasted by them as well.


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