Posted by: graemebird | August 4, 2007

The Theory Of Velocity Absolutism….Part II

From Tigerdroppings:

The theory of relativity is untenable. It is a theory of velocity absolutism. Not only in its basic nature. But now its become an absolutist theory in the way its defended.

We can see that it cannot work by the way gravity propagates. Gravity propagates much faster then the speed of light although it is not supposed to.

“We know, for example, that the Earth accelerates toward a point 20 arc-seconds in front of the visible Sun — that is, toward the true, instantaneous direction of the Sun.

Its light comes to us from one direction, its “pull” from a slightly different direction.

This implies different propagation speeds for light and gravity.”

Now its important that you all shake down your Professors on this matter and force them to face the truth.

Everybody loves Albert. And making arbitrary assumptions is fine when you are making a model of best fit. But unfortunately the physics academy has proved inadequate for the task of going back and finding alternate models which make predictions as sound but without the arbitrary assumptions.

Lorentz-relativity has been updated and can now serve as a predictive model to replace the Einstein model for the time being or be given equal billing with it. But neither ought Lorentz relativity be considered revealed truth.

But its important because Lorentz-relativity contains no light-speed limit nor does it assume that mass goes asymptotically to infinity as velocity approaches the speed of light.

Both assumptions which must now be considered to be untenable.

Now we find that most of modern cosmology and physics as well as the belief in the Big Bang one way or another has been built on relativity.

What this means is its back to the drawing board and these very ridiculous models…….. but also very brilliant PREDICTIVE models must now be reworked. Because the fact that a model makes great predictions doesn’t mean that it is true.

These last 50 years or so modern physics and cosmology have become bogged-down, stuck, and have become in nature as to a medieval priesthood.

The fault comes from it being an Occams Lockout. They’ve locked out Occam. They locked Occam out.

They will no longer apply Occams Razor or laser if it is to be done in such a way as to undermine the priesthood. They keep building on arbitrary assumptions and they no longer know what a reduction to absurdity is.

In fact all physicists know that light-speed has been beaten. They all know this. These are very well-known experiments.

But they lie about this. And they seem to have set up a caste system where you can mention this if you are in doing so attempting to shore up the priesthood.

But if you are not expect the lying…. the putdowns and the general unreason to start.

There is no doubt that relativity is comprehensively disproven.

So watch as the stupid arguments unroll.

They will start pretending that it wasn’t about speed but information conveyance. Thats a gyp. Then next thing is that they may use the Tachyon diversion…. thats a gyp also.

If they’ve fillibustered long enough they will start saying that the speed of light has been TRIVIALLY exceeded. This is a gyp because if its been exceeded its been beaten and most of modern physics has to be systematically reworked.

Now some things come up in this modern idiocy. And one of them is these guys believe that Hubbles constant means that the Universe is expanding…. accelerating in its expansion… and that far-flung galaxies are racing away from us faster then the speed of light.

Now when you point out this obvious contradiction they will claim that these things aren’t moving away faster then the speed of light. Rather that the space in between is being created.

This is just idiocy.

Imagine trying that idiocy in court.

“Yes your Worship. You see I’ve been accused of snatching her bag and running away. But that didn’t happen. You see what really happened is she was showing me her new bag….. I took it in my hand… And the space between us started being created”

Well its bullshit.

And its a scary thing.

It has to be the most threatening advent imagineable in the culture. That many of the kids have been educated to go on pretending they are right when their case has been comprehensively and totally defeated.


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