Posted by: graemebird | August 16, 2007

The Disgraceful Financial Review.

Publishing drivel from an idiot like John Quiggin.

Note that this article is an evidence-free-zone like pretty much everything Quiggin writes on global warming.

Its just cowardly and pathetic that the business communities leading rag publishes the ignorant nonsense of people so inimical to that same business community.

The financial reviews outlook on economics is moronic. They could hire the brilliant Gerry Jackson. But they instead get one dropkick after another to comment for them. And almost every article that talks about the economy contains a sort of endless drumbeat of know-nothing Keynesianism.

What is the ownership doing? Why don’t they change their economics editorial staff? They are promoting ignorance and misinformation and this can not be a good thing for Australian business.

Heads must roll.

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