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From catallaxy. This is largely a collage of facts cut and pasted from wikipedia. But I now realise I hadn’t put in the necessary quotation marks to always differentiate my commentary from the wiki quotes. So we might call this the corrected version. Also I hadn’t mentioned HOT ROCKS aka Geothermal. And I might correct this later also. Sometimes you will see that I’ve added my own emphasis to the wiki quotes. It ought to be pretty obvious where this is the case.


Item 1.

“Kerogen from the Green River Formation oil shale deposit of western USA has the chemical composition C215 H330 O12 N5 S.”


Item 2.

“World deposits of oil shale are estimated to equal 2.9–3.3 TRILLION!!!!! barrels of recoverable oil, 1.5–2.6 TRILLION!!!! barrels of which are in the United States.”

Item 3.

“As the oil shale industry has a number of environmental impacts, environmentalists have expressed concern over the extraction of shale oil, and protests appear to have contributed to the halting of the developing industry in Australia.”

(unbelievable the future pain and suffering these bastards are causing).


“….However, the world’s largest deposits occur in two countries: Canada and Venezuela, both of which have tar sands reserves approximately equal to the world’s total reserves of conventional crude oil.

As a result of the development of these reserves, most Canadian oil production in the 21st century is from tar sands or heavy oil deposits, and Canada is now the largest single supplier of oil and refined products to the United States……”

Item 5.

“Between them, the Canadian and Venezuelan deposits contain about 3.6 TRILLION!!!!!!! barrels of oil in place.

This is only the remnant of vast petroleum deposits which once totaled as much as 18 trillion barrels, most of which has escaped or been destroyed by bacteria over the eons.”



“Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)

In SAGD, two horizontal wells are drilled in the tar sands, one at the bottom of the formation and another about 5 metres above it.

These wells are typically drilled in groups off central pads and can extend for miles in all directions.

In each well pair, steam is injected into the upper well, the heat melts the bitumen, which allows it to flow into the lower well, where it is pumped to the surface.

SAGD has proved to be a major breakthrough in production technology since it is cheaper than CSS, allows very high oil production rates, and recovers up to 60% of the oil in place.

Because of its very favorable economics and applicability to a vast area of tar sands, this method alone quadrupled North American oil reserves and allowed Canada to move to second place in world oil reserves after Saudi Arabia……”

(Investors take note. When the deal goes down some of these stocks could land you a personal fortune)

“…..Examples include Japan Canada Oil Sands Ltd’s (JACOS) Hangingstone project, Suncor’s Firebag project,

Nexen’s Long Lake project, Petro-Canada’s MacKay River project, Husky Energy’s Tucker Lake and Sunrise projects, Shell Canada’s Peace River project, Encana’s Foster Creek development, ConocoPhillips Surmont project, and Devon Canada’s Jackfish project, and Derek Oil & Gas’s LAK Ranch project.

Alberta’s OSUM Corp has combined proven underground mining technology with SAGD to enable higher recovery rates by running wells from underground within the tar sands deposit, thus also reducing energy requirements compared to traditional SAGD.

This particular technology application is in its testing phase and has stranded oil and other carbonate applications as well……”

Item 7.

See the steam rising from this nuclear power station and contemplate the symbiotic relationship that nuclear power and the various hydrocarbon industries ought to potentially have.

Steam, ambient heat and off-peak electricity production ought to be hived off to these various forms of carbon deposits since any hydrocarbon can be turned into any other.

You’d almost want to purposely make the enitire reactor portable to go from one profitable carbon-bed to another.

Item 8.

Check out this graph.

Now notice how the installed capacity flattens out.

This has NOTHING to do with any natural decadal scarcity but is to do with political action taken by commies and environmentalists years prior to the eventual flattening.

No such decadal constraint is in sight and nor is it likely EVER!!!!! It is POSSIBLE that you might have a short period of relative scarcity. But very unlikely and ACTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE with monetization of Uranium, Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum.

“Uranium is a common element, approximately as common as tin or zinc, and it is a constituent of most rocks and of the sea.

The world’s present measured resources of uranium, economically recoverable at a price of 130 USD/kg, are enough to last for some 70 years at current consumption.”

You see its so common that this 70 year figure just isn’t relevant. Since the deeper you go the more likely you are to find the heavier stuff.

Monetizing uranium, gold, silver, liquified-coal et al….. ensures the mining industry generally is in good shape decade-in-decade-out since when looking for these needles in the haystack you are going to find everything else of value as well.

We could be having a return to at least as steep a gradient as in the linked diagram.

But note that just as the obstruction took some decades to manifest itself….. so too an end to this evil silly-buggery will take some time to show up in a substantial way world-wide.

However one country ought to be able to get its own output growing steeply very quickly by streamlining the legislation and letting it be known far and wide that such energy-producing companies will be taken out of the tax system.

China for example, the only responsible nation with regards to energy production, has 600-or-so nuclear power projects on the books I think.

(I’ve said a lot of nasty things about the Chinese regime in the past. And they still are doing frightful things. But this is one area where they are outstanding and one must give credit where credit is due. They also deserve immense credit for their continued manufacture of DDT).

“During the 1970s and 1980s rising economic costs (related to vastly extended construction times largely due to regulatory changes and pressure-group litigation)

and falling fossil fuel prices made nuclear power plants then under construction less attractive.”

Evil evil bastards.

Monetizing won’t substantially hurt electricity output even in the medium-term. And will improve it over time since it would get the uranium mining up and running.

“The fuel’s contribution to the overall cost of the electricity produced is relatively small, so even a large fuel price escalation will have relatively little effect on final price.

For instance, typically a doubling of the uranium market price would increase the fuel cost for a light water reactor by 26% AND THE ELECTRICITY COST ABOUT 7%”


So monetization is highly desirable for Australia and will help get us a better price for our gear. Plus it would make us the worlds financial centre and allow us to raise capital, denominated in other currencies, far more cheaply.

“Current light water reactors make relatively inefficient use of nuclear fuel, leading to energy waste.

But nuclear reprocessing makes this waste reusable……


…… and more efficient reactor designs would allow better use of the available resources (and reduce the amount of waste material).[20]”

Can you believe how wicked and stupid the environmental movement is????

They cut off re-processing of nuclear fuel. Then they use the subsequent build-up of nuclear material….. RIDICULOUSLY CALLED “WASTE” to use as a propaganda vehicle to damn nuclear power. JUST UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE.

Even the shenanigans of Hoover and Roosevelt during the depression pale in comparison to this idiocy and vandalism.

Puny-humans are after all just another Chimp-species and we get railroaded into the most punishingly stupid behaviours.

“..As opposed to current light water reactors which use uranium-235 (0.7% of all natural uranium), fast breeder reactors use uranium-238 (99.3% of all natural uranium).



Now do you see the criminal unsustainability of and waste of the environmental movement???????!!!!!!!!

To fail to have the symbiotic relationship of nuclear leading the hydrocarbons industry is just criminal in its wastefullness.

In fact hydrocarbons ought to be seen as a sort of ongoing BATTERY STORAGE UNIT for all the energy we ought to be producing from nuclear.

Here they are charging that it is the rest of us that are raping the earth and depleting it of resources and its actually them.

Keep your steelcaps on at all times so if you run into one of these bastards you can kick them in the shins for damaging our carbon paternity.

Our failure to put in nature corridors between private properties aside….. the natural way of capitalism is to IMPROVE THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT.

Defeating the environmentalist movement is thus as critical to the environment as defeating the socialist movement is critical for the poor.



  1. Far too long – I had to have a shit before I got to the end.

    Anyway just tell us where you live you fucker and we’ll give you a visit. Probably King Cross by the sound of it. Are you really a chick with a dick? A little dick.

    What I want is a post on why Australia needs nuclear weapons.

  2. Well Luke it goes like this.

    Australia needs nuclear weapons because we have no comeback to depredations from China.

    We don’t need high-yield nukes since we only need to target regime-leadership. So we only need them powerful enough for bunker-busting.

    But mostly its just for our submarine network.

    Our submarines need to operate far afield in order to be able to retaliate. So they need to be nuclear-powered.

    They also need to put up an effective net to stop anyone getting close to the Continent if they have to.

    Water is a great shock absorber. Hence we don’t want to put up our lads against other folks who have any sort of advantage over them.

    It is therefore hateful and disloyal to our servicemen and woman not to kit out our submarines with both nuclear power and low-yield nuclear weapons.

    I want to stress that this is not about intimidating whole cities of civilians.

    Thats unethical and quite unnecessary.

  3. So we are in agreement you CO2 loving fuck muncher that we do need our own nukes.

    Maybe we do agree on something. Maybe you’re not a traitor and are a patriot after all.

    Battlefield level will do – no city obliteration shit required.

  4. Right. Almost.

    Its only the regime leadership we have trouble with so lowest practical yield is just fine.

  5. You are absolutely right about the oil shale and tar sand reserves. However, here in the United States our government does everything possible to restrict their development at a result of the half truths of the environmental special interests.

    New developments in Utah related to overthrusting has resulted in many considering both Utah and Nevada to have enormous oil potential as recently found by Wolverine OIl. Perhaps more oil than Saudia Arabia!

    America now importsessentially common materials such as sand and gravel because of environmental extremisim and this trend will continue until we just become a spot in history of a has-been nation.

  6. For sure. Your guys energy reserves in places like Utah and Montana piss all over the Middle East. And we in Australia have even more.

    But we really need saturation nuclear to make the whole deal famously economically viable. Because with our hydrocarbon reserves they are fundamentally carbon-rich and hydrogen-poor.

    In fact our reserves are so carbon rich and hydrogen-poor that most of them come in solid form. If off-peak nuclear energy is being siphoned-off via hydrolysis that will enable us to correct this with gassification-then-liquification. All of a sudden, overnight almost, when we reach that situation…… we will be back in an era of cheap, almost free, energy.

    Our two countries can and should become the new energy Czars. But we ought to have powerful nuclear as a backdrop to all the other stuff. Nuclear and hydrocarbons ought not be considered competitors so much as the most beautiful complements imagineable.

    This ought to be a two-country coup. Your next President and our next Prime-Minister could get together and make it happen over the heads of all the idiot taxeaters that appear to be running things.

    We both have the ability to be massive exporters of energy the likes of which haven’t been seen before. And that would flush Arabia clean out of the financial air.

  7. I remember as an 8 year old, you delighted in fooling a dunce, but as you’ve gone world now, well I salute you! You are joking…aren’t you?

  8. Look, why must irratate Birdy, Ray?

    His challenging ideas are very inspirational. A latter-day philospher, he cultivates & discusses ideas! He’s offers a range of topics, often outside the conventionally dull, drab & ordinary for collective discussion. Yet you only choose to recipocate with spite! Leave us & let the deciples worship in peace.

  9. I’m going to dump the occasional post from elsewhere here that is likely to be wiped:

    ((((((((Have we resolved this yet? Because we know that the CO2-bedwetters are arguing from a point of bad faith.

    Here is Jason Soons guide to neoclassical ecnonomics:

    “This is what those of who actually get paid squillions to be intellectual hired guns (i.e. consultants) do all the time – have in preparation an argument that concedes the main assumption of the other side but still manages to lead to the conclusions we want.”

    Not analysis but a betrayal of analysis. Anything but coming to the best conclusion.

    It is pretty clear that this is the template to how John and the other CO2-bedwetters have behaved the whole time. That is to say they aren’t even willing to do their best to analyse the situation at all. The entire goal of it ISN’T to come up with good policy.

    John’s ignoring the science because their isn’t a shred of scientific evidence for this global-governance ruse (which is what this global warming racket is all about) but instead he’s done the neoclassical thing and is leading us to the CO2-bedwetting conclusions that he wanted in the first place.

    As if these leftists are going to take what John has said and wind up cutting the taxes on gasoline. That is so wicked and meanspirited a gyp on Johns part that it makes me sick.

    We have to decide where we are going in this party. Are we going to be a bunch of leftist triangulators or are we here to look after the sovereignty of the individual, and the sovereignty of Australia?

    Even going silent when the argument is won by me, and won clearly, is a continuance of the bad faith that has dominated this debate from the start for two years, and ongoing.)))))))

  10. Good for you Birdy you deal to those ‘bedwetters’. I believe I can relate exactlly to the derision you feel. Therefore, I would feel honoured in expressing this disgustl: The fact is these intellectual rodents are unable to intelligently discuss the various topics chosen. Instead they resort to an ab-hominan response as a limp smokescreen. The fools! It’s almost as if by constantly chipping at the colossos of Bird, they eventually expect you to topple. And even though, such an irratating reaction is the regular attrition for Blogs. But the fact you ignore the jibes must chronically infuriate them. I would also venture that these cyber bed wetters are fat, bald, deeplly unhappy & rely on virtual satisfaction. The fact that they even choose to visit a site they disagree with speaks #%^ volumes! Sad really.

  11. Thanks for your support Grant. Rays a good bloke that I’ve known a long time. But he’s always trying to put the elbow in, and because of that he can sound a bit like these leftist CO2-bedwetters that dog our every step. I don’t think he’s so much like that though.

  12. It’s important not to forget that Nuclear fuel is a good by-product of the essential use of nuclear technology – to make weapons. We need to make more weapons. If you guys in Australia got of your ass and actually developed a nuclear arsenal we would be in business to take the Chinese and subjugate SE Asia by 2050. Make no mistake it’s the Chinese or its us.

    Now you Aussies get of your ass. Get rid of that fucking commie Rudd elect a guy with balls and build say a hundred nukes. Line ’em and we can turn Beijing and Shanghai into a toxic pancake. Then we go into Malaysia, Singapore, Korea and Japan.

    Hard working slave population and the new American century is under way.

    All this global warming crapola is just commies panicking because they know good and goddam well that they won’t be coming with us when we blast off to a new planet.

  13. We do need nukes for our submarine fleet since water is such a good shock absorber.

    We would also need a few of the smallest practical yield to fit out some raptors with for some sort of minimal deterrence.

    We have no capacity to subjugate Asia nor any interest in doing so.

    We could certainly outproduce most nations in a bomb-building competition. So we could destroy things. But you need people on the ground putting bayonets up against peoples stomachs in order to subjugate them.

    I wouldn’t be in for any massive missile-building arms race. But do need some sort of hitback. Else we are totally defenseless.

    Not many Australians realise just how defenseless we are after all these years. Our city layout makes us particularly vulnerable.

    Things change.

    No doubt your were told 20 years ago that Indonesia had no capacity to do us any harm. But ten years on the matter will be entirely different.

  14. Well man, thank God a straight shooting Notradumus guy like you can honestly see the future. Alot of Folk prance around being politically correct & practically invite these varmints in. I seriously suggest that given your popular appeal, you should politically inform the apathetic John citizen, of what actually awaits!

  15. You guys should relax. You sound like a latter day McCarthy! And we know what an unintentional joke he was. Face it, you’re no better than the naked Fat kid angrily forced to mastabate in the corner, when the others ban him the orgy! So what if China & India are kicking ass economically, but the fact is eventually our quality will overwhelm their cheap crudiness. Yeah, it may take a couple of years & then we’ll be in control again.

  16. Look Bert you twinkle toed slimy communist cocksucker McCarthy was a great man and a patriot. If you pay anything less than TOTAL RESPECT to the man in a dream you wake up and ask someone to kick your ass as penance. You hear me you faggot.

    I think you are obviously one of those neophyte liberal unbelieving scumbags that would sell his grandmother to a pack of Rooskie hacks if there was a can of Spam and some drugs in it for you. Why don’t you go over to Parris Island and ask some real men to kick your fucking head in for you. Do it NOW.

    Now Bird I reckon you’re a true patriot but you’ve got to realise we have to subjugate Asia sooner or later. It’s them or us buddy. Them or us. And it ain’t going to be us I can goddam tell you that right this fucking minute.

  17. Gee, that was quite the incendary outburst Bucky. You should really relax.. You’ll do yourself an injury. That’s the trouble with your type; all that jolly anger bottled up. Now that Parris Island you refer to, is that where your boyfriend hangs out? I presume that’s what you mean by ‘real men’. I worry that he mightn’t be so understanding though, I know promoscuity is popular because you seem to have wasted no time, in agreeing with Bird. Yeah, it’s them – HETROSEXUALS – or us – HOMOSEXUALS.

    The next logical step will be your admiration for Herbert Hoover’s closet dress sense!

  18. I don’t think I have ever heard such a short sighted view. Sure there is a lot of potential for the short term economic gain but you fail to see the big picture. Our current economic civilization is not sustainable, consumerism is not sustainable. The only way our species can remain on this planet in the long term is use a source of energy free to everyone, thus eliminating all political wars and strife across the planet. With a source of free energy humans will be forced to work with each other instead of compete against each other. But I am sure your short sightedness and closed mind will never be able to understand this.

  19. Our current system is unsustainable because of bad policy. The most unsustainable part of it comes from the environmentalists scaring everyone about CO2 and nuclear power.

    When you find that free energy source do let us know.

    Solar energy isn’t free. In fact its very expensive. However lately one company has succeeded in making solar roofing tiles. This is the way to go. Not these ugly solar panels. If we can integrate these things with the built environment we can have solar picking up a small but significant proportion of what we need.

  20. Graeme, on, there are recent reports that nanotechnology allows solar cells to triple their efficiency. I think that is exciting news.

  21. Yeah its alright news one supposes. But one suspects they are bullshitting. And it makes no difference to policy anyhow. What we really want is solar tiling and paving so incredibly robust that you can use it on the roads and footpaths.

    You want to have a system where the private road administrator can build massive pyramidal buildings that straddle his roads and most of the non-window surface of these buildings catching all the suns rays.

    Don’t be taken in by these people. Solar cannot grab more than about 15%.

    In reality it isn’t grabbing even 5% in our lifetime.

  22. This one brought to the front to show what an evil lying wop cunt Joseph Cambria is. What an analysis of the energy market showed in 2007 was that a carbon tax had the potential to put us under dire energy stress.

    We could see that from the limited peak oil model, combined with the understanding that a carbon tax would have buggered the exploitation of resources that were most close to hand. This was before it became apparent that a methane revolution was under way. So we had a situation where we were hydrogen-poor and carbon rich as far as our hydrocarbon resources were concerned. We were pretty fucked up because when you have carbon solids, like shale and tar sands, you need to turn them into liquids to have a synthetic oil. So you basically needed to whack carbon atoms off of these long-chained hydro-carbon molecules, and then you needed to replace enough of them with hydrogen molecules, in order to turn the solid resource into a liquid resource pretty much resembling oil.

    So I was just besides myself with fury at the quisling Catallaxians, and also at Humphreys and another fellow who in some ways is quite a superior fellow and a good guy, but unfortunately a bit-soft-headed in the compromise department. I speak of course of the brilliant but flawed Terje (Taya) Peterson.

    I was angry at these guys because they were willing to have a carbon tax, based on lies, as a sort of compromise, when it was the worst thing imaginable given our hydrogen-poor, carbon-rich mix of resources at the time.

    Now the worst thing was trying to explain the peak-oil model to Catallaxians, because the logic muscle just wasn’t present. At one moment they would be mixing up peak oil with oil substitutes like tar sands, methane, coals to liquid, and the then pretty much non-existent shale oil industry …… You’d explain how important these substitutes were because of peak oil …. then they’d say that peak oil was rubbish because it didn’t take into account substitutes … then you’d explain how important it was not to have a carbon tax, because we FUCKING NEEDED THE FUCKING SUBSTITUTES YOU CUNTS ….. and the carbon tax would fuck the substitutes …… then they’d say peak oil is rubbish because it doesn’t take into account substitutes…….

    ….. and it just became apparent that we needed to kill or castrate these people to stop the possibility of the stupid gene being passed on.

    Now what happened then, they no-one in this endless circle-loop argument anticipated, was a massive breakthrough in methane recovery. Not only is methane CH4 …… not only did this CH4 represent a massive rebalancing of the hydrogen-carbon mix as fare as our energy resources were concerned …….

    …. But a glut of methane was like a gift from a better, kinder, and gentler God. Because what that meant, is that suddenly we had a shale-to-liquids industry, where it was just not economic in the past. Suddenly the tar sands industry could be vastly expanded, whereas it had reached a sort of impending plateau, thanks to the stress that was being put on methane resources to hand that were needed in tar sands liquification.

    You see you have these vast carbon solids resources. But you need to get out in woop wopp with all these sixteen-wheeler tankers full of methane. That way you can produce superheated steam on the spot, then you have this horizontal drilling, the superheated steam knocks off enough carbon atoms, and replaces them with hydrogen atoms, and this turns the solid shale or tar sands into a liquid facsimile of oil.

    Now all this I tried to explain prior to the scoop hitting the world that we now had access to a lot more methane. But it fell on deaf ears. And all of these morons, and Terje Peterson as well, kept on backing a carbon tax, to their shame.

    Now I”ve brought this thread forward because the stupid wop primitive is trying to lie about history. Trying to pretend that I”m not a competent energy industry analyst. But this dumb wop is just full of shit.

  23. There is no potential problem, that we ought be too scared to investigate, to see if there is a problem:

  24. “Graeme Bird :

    27 Oct 2011 6:02:30pm
    We’ve got a serious financial imbalance here and we ought to deal with it. No not through tariffs. But if we rule out tariffs we still have to deal with the financial imbalance.

    What I object to with neoclassicals like Chris, and so many others, is that they hold onto the idea that our current banking-and-exchange system represents free enterprise, and will automatically produce a self-correcting balancing. Well it doesn’t and it won’t.

    And yet Chris and the others, and some of them mean well, hold onto this ridiculous unreality, like it was a silver ounce coin, gripped tightly between their butt-cheeks.

    No we should not go for tariff protection against China. But we’ve got to get real about our financial imbalance just the same. Or else we lose everything. We will retain nothing.

    Supposing we sell all our mines, all our shares, all our farms, we get into debt, and we lose our manufacturing……..

    From this point on what basis do we create ongoing wealth? Chris and others are pointing to a neo-NAURU “solution.” In Nauru they were rich, now they are poor, and Chris, if he had a time machine, would not advise that they take a different course.

    Reply Alert moderator

  25. Real bad shit going on here.

  26. Very nasty stuff. Bean-bag bullets to the head.

    • Hey Birdie…

      You bought that silver with Aussie Dollars, right? There was an implied currency conversion, yes?

      • That’s right. Of course. How do you expect me to answer? That there was NO currency conversion? How would that work?

        Third parties. Normally I invite any questions, no matter how stupid. But here Cambria is pushing it somewhat. However its an actual question. Which is something that Catallaxy types appear unable to ask. They instead make lying accusations and pretend they are asking a question. Or they ask a question which is really an implied illogical argument. So Cambria, having excelled himself and asked a real question, gets to not have his post wiped.

        But remember how stupid this fellow is. Don’t be thinking your banking overlords are smart people. They are all stupid like this fellow.

      • Bird if you bought it with Aussie dollars then the silver price is against Aussie and not US Dollar, so its wrong of you to be looking at the US dollar/Silver price. You need to look at it in Aussie.


        There is an implied currency conversion because silver is always traded on the US dollar price. The seller may give you a price to Aussie and you may not even know that there is an implied currency conversion. However you need to always look at it.


      • in terms of the US Dollar and then figure the Aussie US.

      • Thanks for your astounding advice. That was most helpful (great Ceasar’s ghost this fellow is a dumb shit.).

  27. Graeme

    Don’t answer any of JC’s questions or give him any information about your personal above all financial affairs. He’s one nasty sick fuck and he’d do you and yours harm if he could figure out a way.

  28. Hahahahahahahaha. Larry Summers. Sinclair Davidson claimed that Obama had picked a great economic team, and I said they were duds. But Larry Summers is such an almighty dud he’s turning into the Sinclair Davidson of the American scene.

    “According to Bill Bonner, Larry Summers apparently said this:

    “It is a central irony of financial crisis that while it is caused by too much confidence, too much borrowing and lending, and too much spending, it can only be resolved with more confidence, more borrowing and lending, and more spending.”

    I tell you people that these ass-clowns are all ignorant of economics. I know you don’t believe me, but its true its true its all true.

  29. Too much. For Sinclair’s next trick he reckons the American financial sector HASN’T been shown to be chock-full of incompetents. Hilarious. He’s back to blaming the poor people. That is to say he’s thinks he’s discovered that the regulations which attempted to arm-twist loans to poor dark-skinned types were the cause of all the problems since the GFC.

    Tell it to the Greeks then? Poor people regulation in Greece, as opposed to incompetence in the banking population, lead to the Greek problem as well?

    The reality is of course that Sinclair is totally clueless and full of shit. The bankers have sought and received more funds then ALL outstanding mortgages in 2008. And not the tiny minority of funds that went to poor people. They could easily have gotten around the regulations by simply reducing their retail lending, and did what they FUCKING OUGHT TO HAVE BEEN DOING IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE and lent to small business. Expanded their commercial financing program. But oh no, Sinclair thinks that in the middle of a gigantic housing bubble, cutting a few poor people in, as the last bunnies to offload the hot potatoes onto ……… thats what caused the problem.

    It wouldn’t be so bad to just have no fucking clue about it. But somehow the hopeless Professor imagines that he’s cleared the dimwitted dead shits in American banking of being incompetent!!! Obviously we are talking about the most useless parasitical incompetents in the world. All of them would have bankrupted their respective organisations but for the most massive government crony assisstance, in all history, by three orders of magnitude at least.

  30. What is it about Jewish economists? The greatest living economist by a massive margin is a secular Jew. George Reisman is a sensation. Really you’d have to say he completed economics. I know that everyone likes Murray Rothbard, and I like him too. A totally unique mind. But just on a technical economics perspective, Reisman even eclipsed him. Reisman’s innovations are astounding and they appear to have been achieved almost singlehandedly. He’s going to be gypped because in retrospect his perspective appears to be obvious, but before you understand his thinking it appears kind of weird.

    The greatest economist in the last hundred years was Mises, also a secular Jew. Rothbard ….. a secular Jew.

    But these guys were fringe players. Why do we appear to be awash in Jewish economists that are such incredible dropkicks? If you are mainstream, do you go to a mainstream job interview, and when things look like they are turning against you, you just drop the line that you are a Jew?


    No Mr Summers, I don’t think you are right for the job. You see we wanted an economist, and not just a statistical researcher.

    Larry Summers: (in a quiet voice) I’m a Jew.

    Interviewer: Pardon me? What did you just say?

    Larry Summers: (clears throat …. then assertively and a little too loud) I may have forgotten to mention it. You see I am in fact a Jew. I can provide the documentation to prove that I am a Jew.

    Interviewer: (embarrassed, somewhat panicky) I’m sorry I made a mistake. Welcome aboard Mr Summers.

    Well of course it surely cannot work this way but its notable that we are awash in cretinous Jew economists in the mainstream, that everyone takes seriously, and yet we have a few absolutely superb ground-breaking guys, on the fringes, that get no respect NOT EVEN FROM MANY JEWS, in their own lifetime. I’ll show the brilliant guys all the respect in the world. But it seems that I”m expected to give great props for all these dropkicks that are thick on the ground. I’m supposed to say:

    ” Yeah yeah. Isn’t that great. Well things should be alright. Adolph Hussein Osama put together a highly eminent economics team. We have nothing to worry about.”


    Another Jew who is not a great economist, but who is awash in commonsense and writes excellent columns for the Australian had a pretty odd sense of timing today. He went pretty close to lauding the Europeans for comparative fiscal rectitude, on the same day they announced a trillion dollars in new spending for the benefit of really stupid Cambria banking types.

    Oh well. I suppose that its too much to ask that Henry writes maybe 20 or 30 excellent columns in a row without making some sort of odd point or near slipup.

  31. If you doubt that the Catallaxians are low-life scumbags, go check them out now. They are not laughing like holocaust deniers about the victims of mass-murder. They are actually laughing like HOLOCAUST-ENABLERS. Too a man almost they just love to spit on the graves of the innocent victims of operation keelhaul. Now I was on the generous side of the idea of letting in a lot of migrants. But look what we have done. We haven’t just welcomed the hungry and the yearning into our society. We’ve got these low-lifes in and made them the intellectual class. These are proud Nazis. They are absolutely proud of themselves AS NAZIS. As people who want to murder children. Not for a strategic goal. But for no reason at all.

    How did we do this? We were supposed to bring people here with skills to build industry and to fill up our entrepreneurial and skills base. How could it be that we wound up bringing these barbarian jackals in to fill the ranks of the public service, and to bring the ethics of the public service down to prancing baboon level?

  32. Graeme Bird :
    28 Oct 2011 6:01:30pm
    Julian brings people together. Ten years ago I would listen to John Pilger and shake my head and think he was a nutter. Last year, or perhaps this year I heard Pilger talking about Julian and I was shaking my fist and wanting to jump up and down almost, right in front of my computer.

    See that fellow over there? That fellow Pilger? I am with that man. I am with that man when it comes to defending the liberty of an Aussie who wants to take on the ugly ugly big shots of this world.

    Reply Alert moderator

    Graeme Bird :
    28 Oct 2011 5:57:14pm
    “Julian Assange: Napoleon of the net, custodian of the truth”

    I’d certainly like to believe this and yes I am a supporter, but I have my doubts. Is it not more likely that he is being manipulated as a shadow government asset? Its probable that he is being used to let out information that suits the tier-one power elite, even it it occasionally hurts and embarrasses the tier three types.

    But having said that, I want to say “GO JULIAN” and I’m so disappointed in our government for not taking a “zero tolerance” approach to this international flotsam and jetsam taking running raids on the liberty of a known Australian citizen. Had I been running things, Julian’s liberty would never have been under threat. We need all the information we can get on these international criminal big shots.

    Reply Alert moderator

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