Posted by: graemebird | September 4, 2007

Monetisation Of Liquid Hydrocarbons To Deal With Peak Oil…..And Praise-Be to CHEVRON.



Monetisation of hydrocarbon liquids is a crucial part of the policy-mix to dealing with the impending peak oil crisis.

We ought to get started with this right away as well as with monetizing gold, silver, platinum and refined-Uranium or at least Urainium processed to a level that can still be stored easily.

1. This monetisation is really important.

2. As is having a bias towards tighter money NOW so we don’t need it to be excessively tight when everyone is going belly-up.

And companies and people WILL-BE going broke all over-the-place for-sure.

The easy way out would be to inflate to stem the bankruptcies………

…………..((((((((This would be a major, if understandable, policy error. Because it will make the peak oil problem still-worse and that will rebound again on the financial magnification. But we are going to talk about this magnification-phenomenon…….we are going to talk about how the stress from the energy-deprivation will wind up being magnified in the financial markets…to create a really outsized disaster…. We are GOING-to talk about that side of it.
But-we-gonna talk-’bout-thatLAYDER)))))))))…….

3. As is getting rid of all this dead wood in the public service and cutting spending

4. As is taking all energy-production and distribution entirely out of the tax system……..royalties-alone excepted.

5. As is taking taxes off interest earnings and trying to get people to save and hold higher cash balances before things start getting really nasty.

6. As is attempts to eliminate the company-tax and get income tax thresholds up sky-high.


All of these things will help reduce the severity and duration of the period of extreme stress….. when this stress comes upon-us-all……. like a solid-lead version……. of Quasimodos’ HUNCH!!!
The other mitigation-measures are

7. rational pricing for any non-privatised infrastructure….. including and most importantly congestion charging for peaktime traffic.

This will get rid of all this idling and burning-up-fuel in stalled or slow traffic.

Rational-pricing of road-space will make it possible to increase peak-time rail prices ………and perhaps to drop off-peak prices……. and so we are getting whole cities run on a more fuel efficient basis just on better ROSTERING.


….As will become obvious to all but the gums-bleeding-hyenas, the neoclassical know-nothings, all bully-boy-advocates of the status quo, most taxeaters and nearly all Social Democrats.

But THAT-discussion lies sometime down the thread.

The first thing to do….. is to share some GOOD NEWS with any decent human beings that are reading this-here-POST of mine.

Not JUST!!!!! good-news……. But rather LIFE-saving good-news.


But this-here-actual prayer is for-to-save the soul…. of-any wicked-environmental-NUTTER… and moral-retard……. who might wish to repent and wash away some-of-his grave and vicious sins.

“Oh Wondrous CHEVRON……. for your beloved deep-water drilling-gear, and for your WONDROUS….. steam-based….. oil-recovery methodology…… we do mightily praise thee.

And we thank thee for thine usage of thine own new high-technology…… and yet even for the hiring of all those extra employees each year.

And we shall renew our efforts to take those taxes… accursed and most heinous chastisements that they are… off thine mighty shoulders.

We shall strive to stem the tresspasses of our mutual oppressors against thee….. such that thou staff and all thine shareholders become richer-then-Croesus or in-any-case covered in Gold-and LIQUID….COAL…..CASH!!”


After that go forth and sin no more ex-enviro-nutter!!!!


The article about Chevron was in yesterdays “Australian” (newspaper).

A very well-written article that could serve as a bit of a case-study to the peak oil scandal…..

………(((((( SCANDAL-I-SEZ!!!!!!! A vicious act of societal and economic vandalism that has been foisted on us by social-democrats and DDT-Holocaust-deniers)))))))



CHEVRON has all this new drilling-and-extraction technology…. that will-be most-helpful in reducing the time-period of high-stress energy-deprivation that is bearing down on us.

The technology sounds just magnificent.



It must be remembered that like most paradigms… peak-oil cannot-be-pushed too-far.

The peak oil model cannot really relate to Canadian tar-sands oil…. which if you were an industry analyst you would probably disaggregate from the existing oil-wells in order to make sound predictions.

You would disaggregate these things I’m sure. But the-point-is that-the peak-oil-paradigm is-a brilliant-model…….

….(((IF you’ve sorted out what it is NOT!!!…… and then sorted out what-it-IS!!!!!))))……..
………..because of its awesome predictive powers.

So Canadian tar sands really ought to be split away from the data-set and analysed somewhat differently.

Likewise its hard to know how super-deep-drilling will go. Hard to know how it would be best to analyse the effects-of-it on the oil-market-entire…… and the wider energy-market…. Its hard to know how to analyse that yet.

Hard to know whether the deep-sea-extraction………… amounts to a whole new Hubberts-curve superimposed alongside the historical supply-curve.

Or might this deep-sea-source not be something you couple with the tar sands…. for purposes of analysis?

This I do not know. But the thing is you have to say to yourself……..

……”For-WHAT????….. is the Peak-oil-paradigm………. a MAGNIFICENT-Predictor?……..
…. And at what point are we beginning to push the paradigm too far?”


Nearly all models are like this.

This is nothing new-or-peculiar to the peak-oil-model.

Simple-minds imagine that once you have a paradigm its just holy writ regardless of context.

Those simple minds tend to either accept…… or reject….. any paradigm OURIGHT!!!

We call this bad mental habit…


You have to have at least 3…. and more likely 6-or-so paradigms on the go for any ONE-problem.

Anyway there is an inner core of predictive power for which the model is going to work superbly well. This would be existing wells using traditional extraction methods.

Then likely there is another concentric circle of cases around THAT….CORE…..
…… where the peak oil model is a useful predictive aid, but other factors might lead to a sort of region-of-prediction… yet without the same exactitude as in the inner core of traditional-wells/traditional methods…..cases.

Then after that you might have an outer circle of these wild-card sources-of-oil (and other energy) that the model might inFORM!!!!!…. but that the actual outcome….. in these cases….. will be massively dependent on

1. POLICY and

2. Human WILL!!!!

That is to say human WILL…. outside of the normal scope of people just earning their living.


Here is the article about the magnificent things that Chevron is doing.

A very worthwhile read. But certainly no cause for complacency or for wimping out to the leftists’ anti-nuclear-and-CO2 INSANITY.,25197,22350540-5005200,00.html



  1. Here’s a tip – try to define your concept and write clearly. Stop rabbitting on and on. Who was it that said “if I had more time I’d have written a lot less”.

    And time to get rid of the excess of punctuation.

    Now listen cunt – sharpen up or else.

    Back to it – you should be more worried about Peak Platinum – sus it out and report back.

  2. You idiot Luke.

    There is no decadal peak imminent in anything but oil. Peak oil is already upon us.

    And in any case, falling supplies of platinum would hardly be a greatly stressful deal.

  3. What do you think fuel cells use you dumb cunt – as I said check it out and report back.

  4. Fuel cells are good but Hydrogen is a loser.

    Some company has finally come out with a diesel fuel-cell hybrid.

    Thats a winner from my point of view. Thats the future of the next few decades I should suspect.

    I’m going to have to edit out your redundant nastiness sometime. But I’ll let people see it the first time around.

    Why not stick with the reasoning? You are asking sensible questions for the very first time which is why I’m disinclined to wipe your posts.

  5. Platinum critical element in fuel cells and catalytic converters. May not be enough to around to give every Chinese and Indian aspiring engine owner a share.

    Mainly comes out of one hole in the ground in South Africa.

  6. “Why not stick with the reasoning?”

    Pot, meet kettle.

  7. No actually thats just you lying and being an idiot Soon.

    Why not actually attempt not to lie all the time.

    Thats when you start learning new stuff.

  8. That platinum is fairly scarce at the moment is even more cause for its monetisation. This would eventually lead to a greater supply. Fuel cells may be a helpful part of the coming energy shortage. They’ve just got a new lot of diesel-hybrid vehicles out there. So they are useful but they are only a small part of dealing with the position the energy-deprivation-crusaders have left us in.

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