Posted by: graemebird | September 9, 2007

Why Did Everything Have To Get So Complicated.

Old Post Brought To The Front:

“Well Padre I don’t want to keep you up all night. So I’ll just tell you the latest batch. You see these here hands. They’ve got blood on them”

“You are speaking figuratively”

“When I need to find something out. I just go out. Look for someone that knows more then me. Then I ask them.


When the 9/11 contract was pulled off the assumption had to be that regimes were involved.

But since there are bad regimes who sponsor terrorism…. or harbour terrorists…. or spread the hate incitement that leads to people volunteering for terrorism…. or that leads to any of these actions on any level of the spectrum from forgiveable to torturable….

Then there are a lot of people to TALK TO in the way that MARV would like to talk to them.

Marv is from the movie SIN CITY and prior to that from the graphic (ie comic-book) novels of Frank Miller. None of which I’ve read.

But Jason Soon says I sometimes remind him of Marv.

The thing is I only saw Sin City for the first time a few months ago.

When we want to put out a fire we need to consider three things. Heat, oxygen and fuel. Now if we took any one of those things out in their entirety the fire would stop. But on the other hand its hard to do anything perfectly. And so we would want to take out all three of these things.

With terrorism its hate incitement, regime sponsorship, and the terrorists themselves.

Now these things are subtle things. The assistance a regime can do to help jihadists can be subtle.

They can sell weapons onto the black market with one hand and then hand over bags of cash to some bad bastards with the other.

They can smuggle scientists and substances from out of a fellow terrorist-sponsors country.

And we know that some regimes actively sponsor terrorism.

Now the idea when the 9/11 deal went down was to find what regimes were involved. The people who would know or might know comprise many thousands of people at the top of those regimes and of the intelligence services of those regimes.

And we would want all of them under interogation.

And if they threw an army between us and that interrogation that army would die.

That army would be cut to pieces in the desert and the interrogation of the regime and intelligence people would be somewhat harsher then it would otherwise have been.

Now this is simple.

Why did everything have to get so complicated?

Sometimes I get confused.



  1. I can quite believe that Senor Bird gets confused. I’m still unsure whether this piece was supposed to be fictional or introspective. Please help my mucho perplexion!

  2. Thats an insider joke.

    Apparently Marv always says “Sometimes I get confused.”

  3. “Now the idea when the 9/11 deal went down was to find what regimes were involved.”

    None, Mr Bird, unless you draw conclusion nationality of bombers was Saudi?

    You never heard of “non state actors” or is every criminal in the world backed up by an “evil regime”?

    Criminality not necessarily terrorism, thats where you are confused.

  4. And nationalism fighting back not necessarily terrorism, unless your dfinition terrorism is anyone disagree with George Bush and you.

  5. You idiot. Do you seriously think no regimes were involved? Time to stop believing in the tooth fairy and other childish make-believe.

  6. “Do you seriously think no regimes were involved?”


    Onus on you to prove its not so, not me to prove you wrong.

  7. “Onus on you to prove its not so, not me to prove you wrong.”

    No you are completely wrong about that. And thats a mindblowingly stupid thing to say. Its not even the least bit plausible that they weren’t involved. And none of them have been cleared of involvement.

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