Posted by: graemebird | October 6, 2007

Phillip Adams Slumming-It As “Simon Smith”

“55. simon smith | September 16th, 2007 at 12:40 pm

You suffer from a personality disorder. You have since your adolescence. You always will. Its symptoms include an inability to tell fantasy from reality, outside from inside.

After the Hand that singed the paper debacle, you went quiet for a few years. The blog revolution allowed you to connect with fellow neurotics less single-minded than you – people with the remnants of a life, but no more, and access to a ‘mass’ medis.

You’re a proven serial plagiarist and fabulist, and you will never achieve any sort of credibility as long as you refer back to these matters. Keep your head down, do your BCL, and concentrate on being Helen Dale – and never forget that all the enthusiasms that stirke you simply come from a place of derangement within your soul – and that all the people that encourage you on this site are even more psychologically fractured than you – which let’s face it, is saying something.
Good luck.

More Later



  1. Mr Bird,

    Could you please specify who this tirade is aimed at?

    These accusations seem tailor made for you, personally. Are we to believe you’ve generously published some opinion counter to yours OR are you purposely being ironic?

    Feel free to enlighten us!

  2. This wasn’t my tirade. This was a frightening act of leftist projection. I might finish the thread next week.

  3. Well that makes sense:

    Like a kitten tormenting a cornered, crippled mouse you’re appear like an affable samititan by for stalling the inevitable, before pouncing & effeciently dispatching them with a’coup de grace’.

    I am simply amazed that you’re prepared to allow these misguided deviants so much leeway. These rightious scum should dealt with post haste, baby. Do them & your bretheren a favour. The world has trouble coping with these freaks & their righteous/monotonous/tedious/repetitive incanations & gobbledekook.

    Why humour them? Just stop being so nice & rationale!

    I thought this blog was supposed to be Libertarian anyway?

  4. Yes. I suspect this is the beginning of an avalaunche of condemnation for my niceness and moderation.

  5. Funny instead of ‘niceness and moderation’, I see a confused fella desperate to court contreversey & seems to change his political demena more than his skants. Oh well, perhaps you’ll manage to create some genuine tawdriness soon then

  6. I aint changing no political demena fella. I’m the same the whole way through.

  7. Listen the only consistency that I’m aware of is how you repeatedly boast about your ‘demena’. And inspite of that George W. Bush rhyming, I still ain’t convinced by your whinning!

  8. Look mate I can have you done. I’ll do you I’m not Philip Adams just take your right-wing filth and do something with it.

  9. ‘You talking to me?’

    ‘Well, who then?”

  10. Fuck off Adams.

    You wanna say something?

    Go get your own right-wing blog fat-boy.

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