Posted by: graemebird | October 25, 2007

Line Ball Call So Vote Ron Paul.

From tigerdroppings (Blog for the State University of Louisiana)

A Harding/Van Buren Presidency Before Clobbering-Time. (Posted on 10/20 at 9:23 a.m.)
I want you guys to pull out. And I don’t want you guys to pull out. But my head says if you are not willing to kill regime-leadership or slash non-defense spending then you should bring the lads home.

The historians. They vote from time to time. And they rank American Presidents in terms of “Greatness”.

When the historians do this they always get it wrong.

An argument can be made either way for Abe Lincoln and I understand I am offending many of you Southerners saying that. I like Lincoln very much but to me his legacy is both tragic and ambiguous. He is almost more-than-human to me and akin to an humungous Shakespearian character.

But for Petes sakes. Wilson?? and worse still FDR???

FDR was a failure on all levels save only vote-catching. Plus under sober reflection and (perhaps as an excuse) under the influence of his communist-traitor insiders HE WAS A WAR CRIMINAL. Thats one cousin-marrying cripple that ought to have stayed home.

My head doesn’t agree with what Polk did and yet my heart cheers him on what a bad bastard am I. But he said what he’d do and he did what he said and you have to respect that. And he worked himself into the grave doing it and his Presidency was one term only as stated in advance.

I cannot give Polk my unambiguous vote but right here I must confess my love for Andrew Jackson. Now I am NOT an homosexual. Nor am I a killer. Nor a killer wannabe (Middle Eastern regime-and-intelligence leadership aside.)

Nor generally speaking am I an admirer of killers.

But my goodness I love Andrew Jackson and Lord how we need his ghost now. He would make such short work of those grubby poxy low-lifes that appear to frighten so many others.


So far all Presidents mentioned have my condemnation or my sort of uneasy-support….. qualified-admiration…..

So which Presidents can I unambiguously say were great Presidents?

Jefferson was a great-man-in-history. But a great President? Hmmmm tough call. He may be the greatest American? But a Great President? Not sure.

Washington. Yeah I suppose I have to reluctantly give him his due.

Reagan was a great President no question. The greatest of the twentieth century. But I have talked about the amazing things he did at length before on this part of the ether.

So Reagan aside. The two other magnificent Presidents I have no mixed feelings about are Van Buren and Harding.


Look you guys can risk a one-term Van Buren/Harding President with Ron Paul. Yes its true that Jihadia will use such a peace-lover to gear up for unspeakable evil. But by my reckoning you guys either have to piss or get off the pot.

In that you cannot leave your men in the field without getting serious about decimating non-defense spending State/Local and Federal. And developing a harder heart about those who would WILL the death of coalition soldiers and Iraqi civilians.

That sort of change in attitude and tactics isn’t coming anytime soon and your country is awash in debt and runaway prolifigacy.

The world down the track is one where cutouts take nuclear backpacks into many of your cities simultaneously and they will take you down and destroy Western Civilisation if you don’t stop them no question about it at all.

But thats fifteen years away rather then five.

You could use one term of Ron Paul to consolidate and introduce parallel gold and silver 100% backed money.

You could use 4 years of a Van Buren/Harding-type Presidency just to get your own acts together at home.

On the plus-side security-wise: Ron is a man who means what he says. If you guys get static from these sand-crackers and Ron puts his foot down, they will back the fuck off don’t doubt it.

A mans good word will carry that far.

Yes its true he doesn’t quite have the right idea about the extent of the evil we face. But I don’t think your people are the least bit ready to defeat this enemy quite yet and I think Ron can help put your house in order during his four-year-stint.

So-much-the better for a decisive ass-kicking down the line.


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