Posted by: graemebird | October 29, 2007

A Red Twilight In a Socialist Action-Packed-Dreamtime

From Catallaxy:

The internet has killed socialist science. Made it entirely unreliable ahead of time.
Its killed also the idea of politicians having their constituency as the low-paid yet independent working-class man.

In both cases this has happened because the vast majority of intellectuals, or at least latte-drinking-wankers and busy-body’s…… are government paid or otherwise priviledged by the government and therefore parasitical on those lower down in the foodchain.

One cannot fool nature in this regard and it is the case that the worldview of the parasite is affected by this state of affairs and he becomes partial to ideas which diminish the victims and exalt the parasites.

Hence the whole world must be turned upside-down.

Now this was always the case. But it was often more a SLANT then anything so decisive as to make black into white, night into day and extra CO2 in the air a bad thing.

But LISTEN!!!!

What happened was this:

A cold wind spiralled out of Seattle one year and it never did stop gaining strength.
This was in 1999. When the WTO protests first happened there was nothing that anyone not logged into the net could have understood about it. Why were they protesting? Why were they angry? These were not things that could have been dealt with by anyone off-line.

Wiki sez there were only 40 000 at that protest. Without the formal AFL-CIO street march (which wasn’t so confusing at all) then thats somewhat less then 40 000 and you can best believe that all of that net figure were seriously fucked-up assholes who would never have gotten together but for the internet. Borderline loony-tunes every one of them but the laughs on you slow-pokes because they’ve taken their JIVE all the way to the mainstream.

That was the first visible manifestation of a resurgent left. A new “NEW LEFT”. The LEFT Part III.

I didn’t pay no mind to it myself. I never thought it would amount to much. I didn’t have a computer at the time but I knew it had to be internet craziness since it made no sense on any level.

But is THESE GUYS who have taken over. You think you know something about global warming? You know nothing. Its this Seattle whirlwind Punditti that has pushed all you think you know into that weak brain of yours.

You think that no WMD was found in Iraq? You think that Saddam wasn’t involved in terrorism, wasn’t bundled up with Al Quaeda, wouldn’t involve himself with religious fruitcakes? All these things you think you know. None of them are even halfway true.

1999 was like 1936. All avenues for Utopian Marxism cut to pieces. But religions seldom die outright unless they are murdered off with great ruthlessness by other religions.

In 1936 they found Keynes. Every word of his treatise bollocks. The fact is he didn’t have a grasp on economics.

1999 we have all these nutballs and all their ideas proved wrong. What do you do? Do you just admit you were wrong?

Well they could protest something and hope for the salvation of their religion come the millenium. Not knowing what to do they could stir things up and hope something rises to the surface.

But the millenium came and no event to carry them on. What could they all rally around?The millenium came and all they could hope for…. was the computers to go down…………. and all they could think about was that J-Lo had a pretty flat chest for a sex-symbol.

But during 2000 the tension and expectation kept building. But then it might have finally been dying just that little bit. The dream may have been dying. Hatred of Bush they all rallied around in 2001 rather then any coherent ideas. And it must have felt that the dream was dying. It must have felt to your average nutball (like Adams, or Bahnisch, or that Dwarf Lambert, with his mate Quiggin…. THE BEARD-MACH-TWO). It must have felt to your average nutball that it would always be a capitalist broad daylight and never a red twilight in a socialist action-packed-dreamtime ever again.

And thats when 9-11 happened.



  1. Keynes’ work on fiscal spending is a must-read for anyone who wants to have an understanding of how governments affect nations on a macro-economic level.

    It is true that a short reading of Keynes can leave one with policy prescriptions that will create serious imbalances in a nation’s balance sheet. Government spending does chase out private investment . But in the short-term–and remember Keynes’ injunction that in the long-run we’re all dead–government spending can have politically sought-after benefits to market sectors or individual industries.

    Bollocks? Perhaps I don’t understand the word. Keynes was insightful for his day. In the eighty years that have passed since the Great Depression the role of central banks in determining national economic health has been studied, and much has been learned. Much of our current economic vitality relies on our continued decrease in annual deficit spending. Lower tax rates and adequate growth of the money supply have created the conditions that favour private investment. Prompting growth in both capital and labor markets. These are the current policy tools that are being used by our federal government to further encourage GDP growth.

    Devotees of Keynes–allied with devotees of Marx and Lenin–see the role of fiscal policy as a political tool to achieve desired normative outcomes. Too often policy makers, having arrived at the theoretical end point of Keynes, are only aware of the tools described by Keynes and are enchanted by the power that is wielded by the state. And if one chooses to follow Marx, one is comfortable with that end point.

    Fortunately, modern objective economic studies have moved beyond the prescriptives of Keynesianism. Unfortunately, many of our political leaders are dunces. They can’t see the circularity of their arguments. Blaiming Keynes for the short-comings of the Lefty political class is like blaming “Dick and Jane” for not introducing Gabriel Conroy.

    Just a thought.

  2. “Keynes’ work on fiscal spending is a must-read for anyone who wants to have an understanding of how governments affect nations on a macro-economic level.”

    No its all crap. Fiscal policy cannot be used for demand management. He’s a quotable writer but his General Theory is idiot-talk from start to finish. Totally wrong and where not outright wrong completely unoriginal.

    Find me one thing in it that is both true and original to Keynes. Its embarrassing bullshit.

  3. A thing: the multiplier effect.

    Again, I see the weakness of reliance upon a Keynsian approach to government action. Unfortunately, the Left relies on Keynes to advance their cause…from Hillary to Mugabe. And I stand by my statement, you can’t skip Keynes and understand modern economic thought. I suppose Liebnitz was able to make leaps in understanding theoretical principles…but we aren’t all Leibnitz.

    And, frankly, fiscal policy is only useful for demand management. Supply-side economics rely upon private sector effects. On the tightrope between inflation and growth lies the mystery of our money supply. Keynes simply doesn’t address the issue. It is therefore no wonder that Lefties can’t differentiate between sound economic theory and whatever it is they believe.

  4. “A thing: the multiplier effect.”

    If you are talking about the bank-multiplier effect well thats fine economics but not of Keynes’ making. If you are talking the Keynesian spending multiplier effect thats total bullshit. Pure idiocy.

    “Again, I see the weakness of reliance upon a Keynsian approach to government action. Unfortunately, the Left relies on Keynes to advance their cause…from Hillary to Mugabe. And I stand by my statement, you can’t skip Keynes and understand modern economic thought.”

    Every last word of the above is true Very good.

    “And, frankly, fiscal policy is only useful for demand management.”

    Frankly you are wrong. Fiscal policy is totally useless insofar as demand-management is concerned.

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