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Dobell, The Liberty And Democracy Party…. (and me): A Reply To Rog At Catallaxy.

“Nice speech, but its all about ME. Any policies? How does a vote for the Bird impact on life as we know it?”

Regular readers of my blog will have a VERY good understanding of what policies I would wish to fight for within the party. None of my policies conflict outright with the policies of the LDP and I endorse strongly, with few caveats, all the policies of the LDP.

In fact the LDP has the best policy formulation process of any party, or one concludes that they must have, when the comparison between “inputs” and “outputs” is made.

What I mean by the above, is that on the input side, I will find myself disagreeing with people in various debates…….

……For example I’ll wind up disagreeing with Humphreys strongly on some matters and clearly Humphreys has a large influence on the policy-formation process……..

……But its what comes out the other end as settled policy and policy statements that is just superior to anything that the other parties have to offer, and not by any small margin.

I don’t know quite how it works?? Whether there is divine intervention halfway through? Surely we can assume divine intervention. I think perhaps there is some divine intervention going on somwhere in there. Perhaps Mr Jefferson and the other Mr Jeffersons ghost intervenes at critical stages in the policy-formation process. Because as I’ve said I certainly take issue with fellow party members in debates about this and that.

But its what the party winds up with that I have no hesitation endorsing so far.

Now I had my own policies rog. I called them “DEMANDS”. And in the interests of transparency I will continue to put forward my take on matters publicly on my own blog.

But its simply not appropriate for me, what with the partys’ limited media presence, to be watering down the focus on the party’s policies during the final leadup to the election. In fact I probably left my own stuff there a bit too long.

Libertarian policies tend to be of a universal nature. Policies that are great for Dobell, so long as they are of a libertarian nature, will tend to be magnificent everywhere else as well.

Earlier this year I was living up in Dobell most of the time. Or at least most of any given week. A couple of months ago I decided this was too stressful with all the commuting. But rog I tell you. The Central Coast is just a great place. All those beaches? The diversity of the place. The development thats going on. The sense of freedom out there.

It suffers though, from a common problem that the taxeaters have foisted upon regional life. The welfare/minimum-wages combination, designed in the big cities and not even appropriate TO the big cities, does massive damage to the regional areas, who cannot expect to command the same wage rates that prevail in the Metropolis.

So Dobell tends to suffer from a lot of delinquency and unemployment. The Liberty and Democracy Partys’ policy of lifting the tax free threshold and getting rid of poverty traps will sort this problem out over time.

I WILL! mention something of my own agenda with regards to Dobell however if I may be so bold:


The major parties are falling over eachother to throw money at aquaculture in Dobell. I dissaprove of subsidies strongly. Subsidies make welfare recipients out of business just as surely as they do so for individuals.

World fisheries have flattened out, not unlike daily oil production, and this was always going to happen sooner or later.
The answer to this environmental and nutritional crisis is AQUACULTURE.

Aquaculture, unlike “feral” fisheries, is a growth industry. Growing almost at double digits. Australia is uniquely placed to dominate this industry. We afterall have more coastline then almost any nation on the planet. And we don’t want to screw this opportunity up with these filthy stolen-money subsidies.

We want something a great deal more serious then that. And I would be lobbying within my party and within the parliament when I win (as I will do)…… I will be lobbying within the parliament, to take Aquaculture right out of the tax system for the next 15 years at least.

Subsidies are a disaster. But tax exemptions for 15 years or more would put this country on the forefront of this most crucial of new industries.
And furthermore the combination of the Liberty and Democracy parties policy of ridding the commonwealth of those poxy poverty-traps…. in conjunction with my policy of taking aquaculture out of the tax system, would soak up the delinquency and unemployment in my seat of Dobell-I’m not goddamn lying to you its true.

If the world aquaculture market is growing at 9-10%…. And if the LDP policies and my policy combined, leads to Dobell Aquaculture growing at say 15% or 20% or 30% per year, then there is a bunch of beach-bum kids, living the good layabout life, that can have enourmous opportunities opened up to them when they decide that the time is right for them to make something of themselves.

Another thing we can say about Dobell is this:

Our firearms regulations have been foisted on us with concern about these lunatics going wild in the big city. Like what happened in Melbourne with those mass murderers back in the 80’s.

Well of course we want to be sensitive to the situation whenever people get killed or yet to the likelihood of people being killed in the future. But these restrictions are made on the fly with the big city in mind. And then the issue goes off the radar and its just not credible to think that what we are left with is the best compromise between liberty and public safety. Its not credible to think that the restrictions, hurriedly arrived upon, give us the least public danger with the most liberty.

And its CERTAINLY not the least bit credible that these restrictions, made as they were on-the-fly, are the best combination for my constituency out at Dobell.

We have a lot of keen sporting shooters out there. And its not the sort of pressure-cooker environment where you expect some lunatic to go wild. People of decades standing as sane and law-abiding individuals are suffering from restrictions made on the fly…. these restriction made with the big city in mind.

Now this might not be of concern to some of you post-moderns. But its of concern to me, to my constituents, and to my party.

“Nice speech, but its all about ME. Any policies? How does a vote for the Bird impact on life as we know it?”

Well I hope the above helps you see where my attitude is at insofar as Dobell is concerned.



  1. From the LDP site:

    It believes speed limits should be determined by what most motorists regard as safe, not what public servants deem to be acceptable.

    Yeah I guess 160km/hr up the coast road to Coffs Harbour is ok for the drunken 18y/o petrol heads.

    Birdy’s freedom agenda at the LDP site:

    the ethical thing is to cast your vote for the only party in Australia that supports human freedom in all facets of Australian life.

    Including for all the “wogs’/”left wing facists”? (and Haneef?)

    Birdy said:

    Does anyone seriously doubt that fascism is left-wing after this thread.

    Doubt no more.

    Lotta shit out there that you wrote.

    Shorter Birdy: Freedom is only for those I approve of (excepting perhaps when I’m a candidate at a Federal election.)

    C’mon Birdy, shoot a line for the lefty vote 🙂

  2. No we are a niche party and we don’t need the facist vote and we do not want it. No Prodeo facists need apply.

    But listen.

    You have to be a little bit careful about these socialist roads.

  3. Another question Birdy, why are you the only candidate without a photo on that site?

    Is there an ornithological reason? 🙂

    What’s your predicted % of the vote?

    BTW you have to be careful of the deep ruts (chasms actually) in a Libertarian road, no-one to pay for them, right?

  4. Roads are a complex matter. And the problem goes back to colonial times when we sectioned off private property without buffer zones around them.

    Now its my contention that given this historical fact if we made roads freehold we would effectively be cutting off our freedom of movement. And then again if we have roads supplied under socialism thats no good either.

    So for the next few decades my idea is to create caveated property titles for roads and not have them freehold. But the first thing prior to that is to get city-wide seamless charging for peak-time traffic congestion because the entire cost of new roads and road maintenance has to come out of congestion taxes.

    This means all these diesel taxes, registration and anything else we can think of that weighs on the driver has to go and we get all the money for roads from congestion taxes alone.

    Thereafter we might find we can sell a lot of sections of roads off under caveated property titles on a Georgist bases for the cost and the congestion charges for the proprietor revenues.

  5. Hey GMB, there’s a video on TD I bet you’d like

  6. Yeah I’m watching it now. The thing is that people who can be very good at criticising the status quo aren’t necessarily going to be anywhere near as good when it comes to judging their own ideas. I’ll try to keep openminded but when you see this sort of thing 99 out of 100 times its that familiar pattern where the critique of the mainstream ideas is very good yet their own replacement ideas don’t seem to have much to them if they aren’t outright whacky.

    These guys would sound better if they called their act “plasma universe” rather then “electric universe”. I know it ought not matter what they call themselves. But they have just got to the Plasma-talk and thats the first time they’ve started making any sense.

  7. The LDP has a real chance of getting a Senator up in NSW due to our preference deals (see blog for details) and we’d appreciate if anyone reading this could chip in $10 by signing this pledge:

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