Posted by: graemebird | November 22, 2007

BLINDSPOT: World Of Climate Science Wrong-Footed By Professional Terror.

Look. I ask you.

How can someone such as myself be the first person to clearly identify this basic flaw in the Watts Per Square Metre climate science model? Regular readers will know I picked up on this particular flaw some time ago. And its something I’ve tried to put about on climate science blogs all over the place.

Its so obvious a flaw that it must speak to the existence of ubiquitous professional terror and Gestapo-like hatred in the world of socialist science.

For fucksakes I don’t even think I’m particularly bright in having been the first to nail and articulate this one. But I did get there first as far as I know. So that means that there must be a real “Climate Of Fear” going on here. So much so that people cannot even so much as think straight.

Here is a post from Catallaxy to explain what it is I’m talking about. This post came hard on the heels of a leftist filibuster that tried to deny the generalisation that heat rises (I had been talking about gasses and liquids under gravity when this fucking unbelievable disputation arose!!!!):

“Now did everyone catch why the WATTS PER SQUARE METRE model is untenable.
I’ve been around a long time and seen many different makes and models of kettles.

But its been my experience that in each and every make or model the ELEMENT is towards the bottom of the kettle.

We see with the mistaken WATTS PER SQUARE METRE paradigm the climate scientists act as if it makes no difference where the extra joules are added.

I’m quite willing to believe, just for example, that the extra CO2 in the air is likely having a measurable effect 5 kilometres up. And that if we had had a host of censors at that level for the last 200 years our data-and-attribution (ie EVIDENCE) people might very likely be able to seperate out a CO2-effect WHICH THEY ARE UNABLE TO NOW.

But we can NOW AND WITH NO TROUBLE AT ALL seperate out the effects of anything that takes or adds heaps of joules SPECIFICALLY to the ocean.

So we can see the effect of a Forbush event. We can see the effects of a massive vulcanic eruption.

The former heats the atomsophere markedly, first the ocean and then in step-fashion the air.

The latter cools the atomosphere and by no small amount…. First the oceans, and then this affects the air.

And this is because the joules are being primarily added to or taken away from the strata that is below the one in which we live.

So like my example of the heater in the lower basement we are getting double and triple duty from the extra thermal energy punched in below us on account of the undeniable fact that HEAT RISES.

Now the fact that heat rises makes the PENETRATION of the extra JOULES for the influence in question IMPORTANT.

And the fact that water can store far more energy then just about any damn thing means that for cumulative warming we need only worry about the oceanic heat content.

It ought to be clear to anyone by now that for our purposes the WATTS PER SQUARE METRE paradigm must exaggerate the importance of extra CO2 by a very great factor and it must diminish the importance of solar variation and aerosols by massive multiples as well.


Let it not be said that I am JUST the greatest inductivist ever to show up on Catallaxy. For yea it is the truth of it that I look at the empirical evidence. And the empircal evidence looks back at me and tells me I’m right.”


  1. Today’s the day, citizens!

    Vote 1 GMB – he’s the hard medicine we need.

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