Posted by: graemebird | November 24, 2007

Starting From Tommorrow.

Right away the thinking ought to begin for the next election. If we have to move towards the centre in the leadup to an election its even more important for the rest of the time to be advocating a very fast unravelling of non-defense government.

The next election we face very high energy prices and a world oil price that is likely to be over 120USD per barell. It is around these high energy prices that we could be getting our brand out there pre-emptively.

No lame facsimile of a Liberal Right faction is going to break through the wall of sound of the media talking about everyone else but us. No moderate pitch that lets taxeaters feel secure in their jobs will convince anyone to take their vote away from their preferred choice of one of the two main parties.

No compromise with the global warming fraud will convince people that we are serious about killing that evil racket in its entirety and spitting on its grave so that we can let businessmen and investors deliver for us cheaper energy every month.

No tepid support for socialist money in preference to 100% backed commodity-money can excite people into trusting that we are libertarian IN PRINCIPLE.

We need an extremely RADICAL agenda, even if we have to pull back on it just before the next election.



  1. Anyone can predict future economic woes, but beyond that you’ve that only proved what an unreliable windbag you really are! You operate the blog like a constipated Nazi with a continual supply of amphetamines mercilessly clouting every foe & THEN, you suddenly talk about beng a candidate!

    What gives man?

    Apart from the irony angle, your reliability is horrendous.

  2. Did you even read this? Give him a break. Are you a defender of the past ding bats who’ve tangled with Birdy? Look, don’t sweat it. He correctly suggests we should start organizing for round 2, regardless of past mistakes. The cry baby blame game, has no place here Cuthbert.

    We’re right behind you Birdy!

    (That’s not in the gay sense either)

  3. Hey Dennis, what the hell are you up to? Anyone would think you are a Homo…Look, are you or what? That’s not important, because apparently, there’s a poofter conspiracy that sneaks in the back door (so to speak) & through an implosion amongst the net’s black listed Homophobes & instigates a ruthless campaign of intrigue to terrorize us.

    So maybe we should truthfully identify our preferred sexual proclivity. As I see it, Birdy is so overtly straight & I don’t think mutual mastabation neccesarily marks you as being gay either, so that rules me out too. But Dennis, let’s just say I wouldn’t drop the soap in his shower cubicle.

    Plus a tendency to become obsessed with the intracies of maths or economics say, is primarily an admission of gayness. Historically that’s the preserve of drunken Ancient Greek sodomists & paedophiles, Unfortunately that KY tradition hasn’t died away, if you know what I mean.

    Just remember, keep your powder dry & your pecker hard!

  4. I too am feeling devastated. I don’t know about you, but it’s like the Aussie voter’s stabbed us in the back . Meanwhile Society’s trajectory is turning wildly to the left. That gifted visionary Graeme Bird tried to consistently warn ditherers about the disasterous future ahead now. So even though we don’t agree 100% of the time, never before has the importance of cyber-space been so relevant.

    God speed Birdy!

  5. This supposidly, belongs to dedicated Libertarian. Well I’m sorry, this is just a pathetic attempt to mock democracy. So instead of a serious appraisal of a disaterous election loss, we get a half-assed attempt at irony. Bird lazily juggles abuse, & seems content to hide in jucier blogs, until his ridiculous pomposity/assurances/promises/predictions have faded. Once Labour policy backfires, then we expect to see Bird loudly resuming that blow-ass behavior he excells in. Correction, he ENJOYS. I’m guessing that after a disasterous frst term in Rudd control, the public mandate will be so immense that the nation will demand/beg Bird’s exclusive leadership. Well either that or he’ll peddling his butt in Canberra.

  6. Right. Good work Gil. Finally someone who understands me.

  7. A bit off-topic and very late [my computer and its big-brand software shit itself at election time] but anyway CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU FOR DOING YOUR BIT TO KEEP THE BASTARDS HONEST.

    Given the way the Liberal-Labor-Notionals coalition and our glorious “free”[wtf?] press carried on in the Australian federal erection, it’s easy to see where Putin’s fellows went to get their pre-operation training before the Russian election.

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