Posted by: graemebird | November 28, 2007

Fatty, buy-a-diesel (for the poor).

Fatty asked me the following question:

1275. fatfingers | November 29th, 2007 at 12:33 am

(trying desperately to get back onto the original subject)
What about my question at #1256, GMB?
I’ll add to it, too – is there any form at all of carbon tax you’d accept? One that pays for tax exemptions for nuclear or aquaculture? One that goes entirely into defence spending? Anything?

Well we know the short answer to that right?

But here was the answer I gave him from catallaxy:

Not in 2007.

No carbon tax could possibly be acceptable in 2007.

I’d accept a review in 2057.

You know what they talk about when they say the word HYDROCARBONS don’t you fatty?

Well we face an in-between period.

We hit peak oil (from traditional sources) in 2005.

Between now and when we are bristling with more nuclear power plants then any consensus of experts could imagine was possible…………..

Between now and THEN our HYDROCARBON resources will be high on carbon and low on hydrogen.

It is your duty and mine, because of this fatty, to make our next vehicle a DIESEL vehicle.

Now you might buy an award-winning SMALL Korean motor to feel good about yourself.

But if you want to insinuate yourself in with the good guys in the LDP buy a Korean utilility and put a gunrack in the back. Beef up your image a bit.

You see diesel is more carbon intensive. And when we are getting down to the heavy oils that Chevron is good at extracting then the refiners will be more economically able to crack more diesel and less petrol out of these heavy oils.

So forget the Prius or any of that JIVE.

The Prius is only for rich white maggot scum trying to feel good about themselves.

If you are driving diesel you are PRODUCING some petrol for the poor people with the older motors in Africa.

Always remember that. Your demand for diesel cracks open a little petrol for the poor.

You pay for ten litres of diesel and have a real good time. You’ve got to tell yourself that you are contributing at least one litre of petrol for the poor.


Nowhere in this mix can we allow any lying bullshitocracy talking about “global warming” to interfere with our good and humanitarian works.

Get that Korean diesel turbo-charge ute. Or better still a high-powered van.


Stick that gunrack in. Get together with your buds in the LDP party. Stick all the campaign materials and cartons of light-beer in the back. And lets all go campaigning.


And every few litres of diesel you burn………. thats cracking open a litre of petrol FOR THE POOR.


Coal can be synthesised to liquified coal. But even then thats requiring the addition of Hydrogen. And prior to saturation nuclear we are in a situation of hydrogen-dearth.

But still we can make unlimited amounts of this diesel-substitute. And instead the crying shame is that we are burning up our coal for electricity on account of insufficient nuclear power.

It churns my guts to think of the waste of this.

This is the vandalism our environmentalists have foisted upon us. THIS is the unsustainability of their lying ways.

Tar sands…. heaps of them but we need HYDROGEN….. Saturation nuclear makes them suddenly cost effective.

Oil shales….. Same story but moreso.

Coal to liquified coal? Same story but with our hydrogen dearth we are using up too much coal in conversion……

So you see that all a community minded man can do is TO RESOLVE WITH TEARS IN HIS EYES, to make his next motor a turbo-charged diesel to help his fellow man in this world.

Every few litres of diesel he uses and pays for will likely crack open a litre of petrol FOR THE POOR.

And this is because he has, wiping his nose, decided to take on the burden of only using the HIGH-CARBON end of the hydrocarbon resources. He takes the burden of using only the high-carbon end of these hydrogen-poor resources that are available to humanity…………….. until nuclear saturation is reached.

Substitution towards carbon-tax might be okay in 2057.

Its going to make the bodies pile up in 2007.



  1. The shorter GMB:

    More money for the Saudis

  2. Dear Mr Bird

    Here we have an apparent plea by you to boost the pockets of the Wahhabis. And in another post you profess love for Prince Abdullah.

    Are you a Saudi fifth columnist agent of influence?

    I am considering reporting you to ASIO and the Federal Police.

  3. You know the plan. Get saturation nuclear electricity, then liquify coal and export it by the gigalitre.

    Make the world awash in the new black gold that feeds direct into diesel engines and flush the family Saud out of the financial air.

    If it was up to me by 2004 half the adult male members of the family Saud would have been dead and the other half in the short pants jobs.

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