Posted by: graemebird | December 3, 2007

Phrases-For-Thwarting-Fraud/TIE ME UP IN STUPID.

As I see it small parties, when an election isn’t looming, ought to engage in short “wars” to influence policy, gain publicity, move the political norms and popular opinion in their direction, build alliances and hurt strategic competitors.

The left knows this and thats why they are always picking fights with innocent people. We as libertarians or near-libertarians need no innocents to pick on. There are plenty of nasty leftists and environmentalists to go over.

All the analogies with warfare have to be made and many of the rules apply. Consult allies, sort out the target and the strategic goal, figure out all the pressure points, max out on proxy warfare, and if you must send your own people make the war BIG and SHORT.

Making the fight big and short means planning in advance and launching the first barrage all at once and without a declaration of war.

We ought to start with this “global warming” racket. This is an easy fraud to take down but a small party won’t have the resources to take it down globally. We can however attack a local manifestation of that fraud and either hurt them or force terms.

The first shot in the battle however will involve an absolute insistence on controlling the terminology.

From catallaxy:

“JC look.What are you talking to fatty about R&D alternatives when industrial-CO2 is MANNA FROM HEAVEN?

This is an easy argument to win. This is an easy fraud to take down. It only works because of about one-half-dozen word-game strategies.

We conservatives continue to argue as if the charlatans we are arguing against are well-meaning people and far more stupid then us.

They are not well-meaining and yes they are a lot stupider in the reasoning department but they have this immense INTUITION. They have this immense intuition and you might call it “womens intuition”. I call it womens intuition so you might call it that also.

We are always so proud of ourselves at being smarter then them. We ought not be. They beat us almost every time when it comes to influencing the course of political events..

But this fraud is easy to unmask and all it takes is 2 phrases comprising only 5 words.

The two phrases are “ice age” and “industrial-CO2-release”.

Now the idea is to simply wear the bastards out until they accept this terminology. Its fair terminology. There is nothing wrong with the terminology. The terminology of thos 5 words cannot be improved upon for clarity.

But once the left is beaten down to using our terminology the entire case simply dissolves.

The case cannot stand after demands to use this terminolgy are defacto enforced.

They have no scientific evidence that industrial-CO2-releases is bad for the environment. Actually its the best dumb luck mankind every had.

So their case must dissolve as soon as the terminology has been defacto enforced.

If you play their game and talk about R&D(for what?) for mitigation (mitigating what?) they’ve already won the argument. Because to these mental Liliputians winning the argument means simply TYING YOU UP IN STEWWWWPID.

See how much more practical and intuitive the left are JC?

Here we are thinking that winning the argument means having a stronger case? What do we know about controlling our political environment? Not as much as their womens intuition even.

As soon as you accept the nutballs and bad guys using the phrase “GLOBAL WARMING” thats handing the jackal-pack the ability to TIE YOU UP IN STEWWWPID.

Its the presumptive argument. They’ve pushed the argument 3 or 4 stages ahead when they had NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER for the very first stage of the argument.

And you bought into them doing that!!!!!!!

So whose got the better part of the woman’s intuition JC?

You or fatty?

You or fatty I asks ye?



  1. Consult allies, sort out the target and the strategic goal, figure out all the pressure points, max out on proxy warfare, and if you must send your own people make the war BIG…

    You’re sounding like General Melchett there Birdy:

    There’s nothing like pig-headed stubbornness to see us through.

    Or MarkL Canberra

    Operation Reverse Thrust Combined Operations Blind Attack

    Anyway, Rudd will ratify Kyoto formally in Bali, a move approved by the majority of voters here. You’re completely stuffed on the issue as far as Oz is concerned.

  2. I like your phraseology brother Kemp. But we cannot let that decision hold. Its got to go and therefore we have got to reverse it. We cannot be satisfied with anything less then total rollback of the environmental movement, the shaming of all its collaborators, their punishment by social ostracism and removal from the public tit.

    I would want Quiggins/Lamberts/Bahnisches jobs over this and without severance pay.

  3. Merkel can never work for the public tit again either. He’s particularly offensive in this regard.

  4. GMB:

    As usual, disagree with some of what you say BUT you are right about minor parties having to go to war between elections. Waiting for an election to be called and then campaigning is as futile as charging barbed-wire and machine-guns armed with only a rifle and flesh-and-blood.

    Don’t forget, going head-to-head isn’t the only way to win. Sometimes co-operating is very useful …. and in some circumstances, nothing at all, not even responding or commenting, is a powerful weapon.

    Anyway, hope your own finances recover quickly after this latest mock federal election pretending to be Democracy in Australia [[no copyright on that oxymoron]].

    b.t.w., thought the LDP were in the brawl mainly to establish a presence and to build strength ready for the next election. So I was really surprised that LDP didn’t launch a full-on campaign on the Sunday morning after the election; an lightning assault on Laberals and Notionals membership lists to pick up all the disaffected – and active and rather well-off – members of those parties who had sobered up after realizing the folly of giving their unquestioning support to a single Great Leader Who Would Save Us All And Shower Cargo Upon Us. Join us; we’re better than Howard’s bunch of losers. What a wasted opportunity.

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