Posted by: graemebird | January 7, 2008

“Who Will Pay The Blood Tax?”-CRISIS AND ANTI-LEVIATHAN.

BROUGHT TO THE FRONT. This written 14 months ago. Was brought to my attention since someone translated it into another language which in my ignorance I cannot even recognise. Here we make the argument that it is non-defense taxeaters who we have to get to pay for the costs of medium-term crisis. In this case I was talking about a burst of kick-ass to retaliate against terrorism. But this also goes for the current economic crisis. It is the non-defense taxeater that must be made to carry the burden. And to carry the burden simply by being made to get a job in the private sector (MARCH 2009):


Its very ideologically easy for libertarians to take this sort of diatribe at face value. This fellow is NOT a libertarian and he’s really doing the leftist reversal.

Having said that I want to invoke a magnificent Misean fellow called Robert Higgs.


But he’s got an whole lecture series there. His major work is “Crisis And Leviathan” and he shows how the government (taken collectively quite apart from any individual within) uses crises to expand its power.

In his latest lecture you get a whole lot of the way through and if you are not overly ideological you are going to be thinking “Yeah but Robert!!! What if there really is a legitimate problem here? What if these regimes really are acting to have us all dead or all our sheilas wearing Burkhas… a fate worse than death.”

Well someways into the lecture he stresses that the state will use these crises and wars to expand its powers TOTALLY INDEPENDENT OF THE LEGITIMACY OR OTHERWISE OF THE CRISIS.

Now my point is this. You don’t have to bullshit about people ‘lying us into war’ to recognise this unfortunate fact. Every crisis is likely to lead to this expansion of government and the curtailing of our rights and freedoms……….. IF WE DON’T REVERSE THIS CALCULUS.

Our job is not to push a square peg into a round whole and pretend that the reasons to get rid of the tyrant were not there. For starters we had to take this fight onto Jihadi territory.

Our task rather is to do two things.

1. Protect our soldiers even if we are engaging them in or near the field.

2. Win quickly or fall back to an unassailable position. Or to a position that can be made unassailable.

3. Reverse the metric of “Crisis and Leviathan” and change this to “CRISIS AND THE UNWINDING OF LEVIATHAN.”

We must make everyone understand that the people who have to make sacrifices when we have an authentic crisis ought not be primarily the soldiers as in the past back into the depths of time.

The people who have to make the sacrifices are the taxeaters. Public servants and able-bodied welfare recipients. Anyone below retirement age (which ought to be increasing slowly by the way) who is on the public tit NOT including the soldiers to the extent that our resources and strategy can save them from paying too high a price.

It is THE NON-DEFENSE TAXEATER that must be expected to make the sacrifice whenever a crisis rears its head. Its THE NON-DEFENSE TAXEATERS jobs and their stolen-money-incomes that must be sacrificed in order to deal with any problem that comes along.

We can kit our soldiers out with the best gear and cocoon them with an outer circle of mercenaries and another outer circle of proxies. But it is our domestic non-soldier taxeaters who have to quit their comfortable careers and be thrown onto the private sector in order to pay for us doing things right. And in order to pay for us doing the right thing by our soldiers away from home.



  1. I’d be interested in knowing what language this is piece has been translated into from the above threadstarter?

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