Posted by: graemebird | January 20, 2008

Neo-Cons For Ron Paul

After all these years this strikes me as a fundamentally righteous position to take.

The Americans could have won so damn easily but the status quo has gone on too long and is now untenable.

Only Ron Paul can set things to rights. Actually it is only now that I have a post on another blog that I can slot into this topic.

From Tigerdroppings:

“Nonetheless, we still can’t retreat in defeat like the liberal moonbats all want to do, because that would be analogous to leaving the battlefield in the middle of a war of aggression. It may in the short term buy us peace temporarily, but eventually they will force us to fight sooner or later……”

Yes they will.

And this time you’ll win.

But for now you have to accept the strategic loss and consolidate the financial and civilisational values of your own Republic.

Southern Rebs ought not dissavow the great character of Abe Lincoln entirely even if you disagree with his actions.

He said that America was the almost chosen nation and he said that you were a city on a hill and the the eyes of the world were upon you.

All this is true but your origins have become too remote. You have strayed too far.

And now you are working at cross-purposes. We Australians now have soldiers in Afghanistan. Now its a pretty light load we are taking in comparison to you guys but there they are in Afghanistan.

And they are supposedly doing some Police-keeping operation. But in reality they are fighting people assisted and financed no doubt out of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

And you guys have given Pakistan ten billion dollars in aid these last few years. So my soldiers, fighting in my stead, are fighting people that could be said to have been financed by our most important ally whose people are always righteous but whose elites in Washington have lost the plot.

Don’t get me wrong here. We Australians will always be ready to fight for our mates.

But until you guys can acheive some sort of internal coherence its best just to get home and look after yourselves for awhile.

Toothpick you know you were right about 98% of all the arguments we’ve had on this forum.

You know that and I know that and you know that I know that. If the leftists are subconciously saving face by backing Ron Paul just let it happen man. Don’t taunt them about it because he is the man to produce a good clean slick machine that works instead of this 360 degrees bludgeocracry you got going there in Washington.

You were right on all the specifics.

Now come over to my Neo-Cons for Ron Paul plan and ten years hence vengeance will be yours.



  1. So you’re a neo-con now Graeme? Is that right?

  2. Well I’ve not put it that way before. But it was a convenient way of explaining things since I was somewhat more INTERVENTIONIST then Ron Paul after 9/11.

    Actually Adrien you’ve fucked up again haven’t you!

    If you were fair dinkum you would have said “So you were a neo-con THEN Graeme? Is that right?”

    But you are a demented bastard and not interested in the truth of anything.

  3. I’m a copywriter Birdie. We’re all compulsive liars. 🙂

    I actually think that political tags like a neocon or libertarian can only approximate the views of an individual. They’re like labels on a map of an ocean. You’re a libertaraian if you’re closer to the libertarian label than the neo-con label etc. No-one’s really in full conformity with any ideological program.

    My question’s just asking how you currently identify. I’ve regarded you as more neo-con than libertarian and said as much on Catallaxy. But you’re too idiosyncratic for that. You’re really a Birdist.

  4. Also. What are your thoughts on Blackwater USA Graeme? Private sector army. They’re offically part of the Armed forces so can’t be held accountable by civilian copurts but they’re also not liable for presecution by the military courts either!!! And a Blackwater operative costs $900 a day. Is this an improvement on freedom? Is it it competative?

  5. My thoughts for this sort of thing in this half-century are one of absolute horror.

    Its not that I’m ruling out evolving to that sort of thing and if I was Australian Prime Minister I would be summoning the leadership of the mercenary organisations to my office pretty early on.

    But for the moment its a totally horrifying idea. Not unlike Regulator-Reynolds’ idea of the freelance competitive regulator.

    I have my ideas of how we might move towards a more privatised security and justice system. But it doesn’t involve a bunch of goons running rampant without oversight.

    But nonetheless mercenaries would be necessary when you needed to move fast.

    The SAS and the merceneries would hit the ground fast an only afterwards would the slow hand of Canberra catch up to them in full.

  6. I guess it’s my dang fault. Shoot. Now I never said I was tall man. Oh sure, my chest may’ve slipped some. But I believe that the fundamental fitness of a youngster is standing by & waiting to be summoned. Frankly though, I’d rather quaff & think thoughts instead. Good, sensible ideas! There’s something gay about a cluster of guys standing around in skimpy duds sweating.Hell the only guy who I’d consider ‘hitting the wall’ in unison with, is a cat named Ron Paul. With my inspirational wealth of ideas & just his wealth, I know the world would be a better place.

    Don’t you think?

  7. I think the outcry over Blackwater is yet another Liberal conspiracy. Bt I think Bird’s quite right not to humor these clowns. Rather than react & conform to their expectationsi he chooses to simply shun the topsy-turvey arguments.

    Quite brilliant really, with reputably nil practical experience he still manages to convey an oddly unflappable knowledge. Hey, sorryv eggheads but I still trust him implicitly!

  8. It’s reassuring that Mr PM also seems to not only share my phtsiical dimensions, but importantly my ideology too!Although he may folically challenged, I can honestly say that once over the age of 40, there are numerous concerns more vital than simple vanity. So rather than preen & primp, the conveniance of sensible political situation is essential. I therefore urge America to rally around Ron Paul. The fact that he didn’t fully favor the Iraqi invasion are more a reflection of hindsight than a total dismissal of previous neo-Con policy. Liberal scum will interpret this as back tracking & blatent hypocracy. But to these righteous do-gooders, I insist such flexibility is more a product of the current political mobility required now.

    Anyway, I hereby commend any pudgy, balding, middle-aged blokes who refuse to submit & just fade away. The fact their increasing weirdness becomes more pronounced only seems to heighten their gusto. Strange really.

    Yeah, shine on Ron Paul.

  9. Graeme Bird for Higher Office!

  10. Yeah baby, with Graeme at the helm, not only would there be a guaranteed smeer of chocky for all, but Ron Paul disciples could probably even expect a special sauce bonus helping too!

  11. Look it matters not to me that you are a flip-flopping, misinformed, meglamaniac, you are one inspiring cat Birdy. Ra-ra-ra!

  12. Wiki, go fuck yourself in the ass. You havent’ seen a flip flop till you seen Bird’s ….

  13. How dare you dear sir, not only is your tone & language abrasive but you’ve seemed to have touched on my favourite topics: anal penertration & masturrbation. You seem to have omitted Ron Paul. Look flip-flop all you want, I honestly don’t care. All I know is Ron Paul gives me the fucking horn. As soon as see that veritable Stallion, well think of my stiff cock in your donut.

    Try again, fatso

  14. …Hey, cut the queer theatrics!

    A serious issue has been hijacked & instead of a sensible, mature issue there’a discusion on wanking or worse. What’s going on? Meanwhile this Bird is whoring his ass elsewhere. What gives?

  15. Ha Ha Ha. Good work fellas.

    Its not backtracking. Except to the extent…. wait a minute. It is backtracking.

    It was a just war. Going to war was the humanitarian thing. It was the practical and moral thing to do and the leadership certainly didn’t lie us into it.

    Here I disagree with Ron Paul.

    But where I go it wrong was in the total institutional dysfunction of Washington. That place is just horrible in its utter dysfunction.

    Only mass-sackings can set things right and only Ron Paul can be expected to get the mass-sackings happening.

  16. Here I disagree with Ron Paul.

    If I didn’t know better, I sense a potential Flipping manurve happening right about here:

    Typically the great humanitarian/diplomat/economist/businessman/bloke/mercenary/svengali/cassanova/man of the world/inspiratania/universal -ominipotetent expert/assasin etc. has indicated displeasure with Ron Paul.

    See I’m confused; I could swear he was adament that George W. was the man. And though he’s even regarded by most Republicans to be a ‘lame duck’. Bird’s realism has now latched onto Ron Paul instead & clearlly he’s not going to get elected.

    Which will provide Bird a chance to rave on unceaseingly on his perfect vision of life.

    Oh goodie, let the laughter begin!

  17. Bird you should grow some spine.

    Do you fancy yourself as mature & resiliant by not responding to this torrid, yet barely disguised criticismm?

    As I see it, you seem to have adopted a basic; blinkered ignorance. in the belief that any response would only encourage them. Call me unimaginative, but on your behalf I would go for the good old reliable bit of Biffo & to coin a phrase, a verbal kick in the knackers would suffice. May I remind you, that you aren’t the sole libertarian on the web. And while you confidentally extoll that ethos, you don’t realise the colleteral damage that affects ALL libertarians. Need I remind of the shamefull effect that you inadvertantly create. Either you buck up your ideas & learn to respond like you’ve got a pair, or you’ll be disowned & blacklisted by the Cyber Union of Negoiated Tangential Socities.

    Please consider this a warning.

  18. Yeah Birdy, you constantly obsess about some tinsy issue & forever pontificate like an expert. When in actual fact you know absolutely nothing. You seem to alter your mind with the reliability as an impulsive hypocrite. From what I can deduce, you not only are an erratic guardian of your blog, but instead of the sharp, incisive insights your constantly project, you are nothing more than a charlaton! You exhibit the same woeful behavior as an autistic. I guess we should be releaved that your lust for recognition i.e. meglamania, is on a par with most sociopaths , yet you haven’t ventured beyond cyber-space to quantify your importance.

  19. Graeme is my hero and you have no right to talk to him like that. He has pecs to die for.

  20. Did someone say bosums…oh no, I thought was just hard…where’s the bloody tissues when you need them! Diabolical…anyway I quite agree, I mean I worship the wisdom he reguarly transmits. So sometimes he slightly offf. Look I firmly believe that to make an omlette, you are required to break eggs. Hence his soothsaying isn’t quite foolproof, yet. Hey, the idea of Graeme in a nude Chef’s outfit, with my vast selection of skillet handles…oh baby…sorry I digress… in short Danny, don’t be so judgemental, besides I find his blog entertaining. And Mr Crank a daily cup of lard sounds a wee bit excessive. I know that such an rigid practice might interfere with fondling regimin.

  21. Wiki you made me make such a mess all over my computer you bastard!

    No more images of my hero Graeme in skimpy lingerie please. my heart can only take so much

  22. Oh Damn it Mr C,, surely such an image should be worshipped! Remember our friend Neitche reckoned that what doen’t kill us, makes you stronger! No time for puritanical sensivity here mate. I advise you to go with the flow & THEN, maybe consider the consequences. But I say fuck it, ‘damn the torpedos’. I tell you once I lose control & gush from my anus, a claggy pair of undies or even a damp keyboard is pretty inconsequetional.



  24. Bird is a total slut

    he is a whore for attention

    he puts it out for who ever wants a piece

  25. Far be it from me to ruin the good, decent attempt by Graeme to discuss politics. I couldn’t agree more. Well except when … OK, I’ll be honest, I can’t help but visualize him (Well I’m certain he resembles a balder, yet more distinguished, muscular & meaner looking than Rambo. Besides I remeber he was only topless) Meanwhile his firm, hairy buttocks would be more exposed as he’d diligently retrieved the bundle of ‘Christopher Hitchins’ articles I’d tactly placed above us in a rather precarious shelf…Oh god, oh god talk about charasmatic baby…

    Hey, a little less swearing fella. No I disagree, he isn’t a slut as much slothful & an indolent bore. Have you noticed, how inspite of the abuse he sulks instead.?

  26. Look Armstrong. I’m fine with it so far. If someone doesn’t get down to some serious content though I might wipe one or two posts.

  27. Yeah, you talk the talk bro. So what if you seem weak, make that you ‘transending’ the abuse that’s aimed at you. Anyway, it’s good to see you simply deflecting that threat. However your indifference to clearly homosexual banter is intriguing. Don’t tell me a) You’re not gay & to respond with a furious denial would signal victory to them. b) You’re not gay, however the erection indicates otherwise & cum to think of it, the described scenario, is identical to these …um, latent ideas that are constantly featuring in your imagination.

  28. Fair enough bro. whats your take on Paul’s resignation. we in the US are after a successor. Can we draft you to carry Paul’s torch?

  29. oh and bro can you post a few pictures of yourself in tights or fishnet stockings? anything, just anything would do.

    ‘I did but see him passing by
    And yet I love him till I die’

  30. Thank Fuck, phew those queers have skidaddled! Now it’s OK to discuss men’s issues again. Wait on, that corpulent critter has dosey doed, under the freaking radar. What the hell…

  31. This isn’t a joke, but the common denominater between Ron Paul affecianado’s & neo-Cons seems to involve implied homosexuality. I’m not a mathemation, so can someone even explain this freakish occurance?

  32. Steve
    stick your comment up your ass. if you’re not here as testimony to the hunk of burning love that is Graeme Bird you don’t deserve the oxygen in your lungs.

  33. Mr endormorphic enema who quaffs five gallons of cream a night ,

    Don’t you have a life, beyond pretending to idolise Birdy by acting queer? You seem to think that you’re quite clever, Why though? Maybe if you had the balls to create your own web site & used your real identity, you might not emasculate yourself. GET A LIFE YOU PATHETIC, POSIONOUS, WORM!

  34. My idolisation of Birdy is genuine, straight boy.

    Only a real warrior like Bird can understand the burning love embedded in the loins of men who have shared battle.

  35. By rights, I guess I should apologize but then again you’ve even transcended being an absolute wanker! Especially when he seems to have avoided photos & given your bogus name anyway. You scruffy little man, because you are unable to argue successfully with the cunt, you resort to accusations to arouse his hated homophobia. SERIOUSLY GET A LIFE YOU WORM!

  36. what sort of degenerate bordello has this once august institution degenerated into?

    Mr Bird I suggest that if you wish to preserve your standing amongst right-thinking gentlemen such as the ones who inhabit the cloisters of my evening club sipping sherry before tea time and discoursing upon the niceties of geopolitics and conservative activism that you purge your forum of these degenerate inverts with their diseased and foul receptacles of promiscuous abuse. These inverts and girly-men as it were do not belong on a robust right of centre forum whatever pangs of admiration they may profess for you

    God Save the Queen

  37. I share your concern Quatermain.

    But though there is a lot of contention in what I read above, I’m not seeing the facist, almost Gestapo-like loathing that I’m used to. That loathing you get from the Prodeo-left and the global warming crowd.

    So I’m letting these folks fight it all out because a little bit of argy-bargy is not always a bad thing.

  38. Let me use this opportunity to commend Winchester’s attitude: To my horror I saw that bunch of ill-mannered oiks seem to have commendeered this potentially admirable forum. I would urge Graeme Bird to maintain more restraint on the tone, otherwise I fear it’ll become a vagrant backwater. I contend this so called ‘argy-bargy’ will inevitably will attract a plague of reprehensible scum.

  39. Now is time to trainwith weapons for fighting the force of darkness and global warming apocalpyse people who must all be defeated if we are to have liberty. Bird is our leader, he is scientist and philopher and brave man who should be general.

    We will fight for Bird.

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