Posted by: graemebird | February 12, 2008

Ten Million Man March: Have You Any Holidays?

Barely ten hours ago the statesman of the epoch fielded the idea of a march on Washington.

Can you do the right thing and make it?

From Tigerdroppings:

The statesman of the epoch has just fielded the idea of a march on Washington!!!!


Can you do it? He didn’t say ten million that was me. Because to make it worthy you have to absolutely swamp all previous marches.

My goodness it would be the most magnificent pro-liberty event I’ve missed out on again since the fall of the iron curtain.


Will you show up?

Vow to show up now!

There has to be some aspect of his program for liberty that you approve of.

And you wouldn’t want to miss out on the feel-good event of the new millenium would you?



  1. Bravo old chap.

    Someone must bring an end to this thieving and mutual looting of the State. Once Ron Paul storms Washington successfully, other Leviathans may fall and the taxeaters have their backs to the wall. I trust Mr Bird that you have made preparations for this eventuality, including sufficient arms?

  2. Man, he was one truely captivating cat. And these ideas are splendid too.


    Graeme you’ve obviously spent your time wisely in just doing the vital research to transmit the crux of his message to us. You know many doubters would poo-poo your efforts when you consider I live several time zones away from America. But in your wisdom, you’ve still chosen to take advantage of the w,w.w. anyway. Boy, talk about thorough.

    But despite that though, given your shambolic predictions about the Iraq invasion & world geopolitics does he, let alone you have one iota of credibility?

  3. I detect a rather mocking tone in your words, Mr Smithers. Please reassure us this is not so. Mr Bird’s efforts are much appreciated around the quarters of my gentleman’s club where we watch with bated breath for the death knell of leviathan in our former colony, muskets by the door in preparation for when we can send the parasites to the gallows.

  4. Actually, call me presumptuos but I feel you mock the man far more than I. That ‘gentleman’s’ club you refer to sounds like you haven’t referred to the nude saunas or the Chinese wrestling component yet. Perhaps another more euphamestic description might eventually mention the tequilla slammers & anal penertration. However I doubt whether you’re even gay or belong to any club though!

    And then there’s the M-U-S-K-E-T-S. Considering such weaponary hasn’t been seriously used for more than a century, well this proves you’re awash with bullshit.

  5. There’s a new blog in town! Head on over to for your daily tech news.

  6. I believe that we are on the brink of a socalist coup in the United States. It is undoubtedly underway all the signs are there. My sons and I are Minutemen have been all our lives and we will be fighting this with our guns and even our bare hands. I woukd call on Australians to join us but it seems you are not stayers in the fight. Are you stayers in the fight? Will you join us as we attempt tointroduce liberty in the land of the free by force!!!

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