Posted by: graemebird | February 21, 2008

MY!!!!!Country: Live Free Or Eat Sand.

From Mises.Org:

If we get to a situation, as a JUST God would have it, of ubiquitous and saturation nuclear power, in my country and in the USA………………..If we get to that situation.There will be immense opportunities for people interested in preserving certain aspects of biodiversity, and evolutionary culture…….to do so…….. AT CUT PRICE RATES!!!!
My country…..MY COUNTRY!!!!! is virtually all desert. People are prevented from buying the sort of 5 acre blocks that would warm their hearts, and make them feel good about bringing young children into this world, because some busybodies think that subdividing farmland, in this way, would leave the driest continent bereft of agricultural land (!@#$%^&*).
My country MY COUNTRY!!!!!! has more energy resources close to hand, than the Middle East, and every other politically brokenassed, American-hating nation, in the world, put together I shit you not. 

Probably by many orders of magnitude.

We make Saudi Arabians look like really feeble, poor cousins, when it comes to energy.

Think about THAT!!! when people criticise Ron Paul. 


Think about THAT!!!!


when another American soldier dies in that repulsive Middle Eastern Mordor.


But the environmentalist movement has lied to us (and I fell for it TOO by the way) in so many ways. So as a result the upshot is that we are not exploiting these energy resources to the extent that we could be, for the benefit of ourselves,  and for the benefit of our good, good mates…. the American people.

Had we been allowed to exploit these resources……. and if you Americans had of been allowed to exploit your own energy resources……. than not one American soldier would have needed to die in the Middle East.


Not one American needed to die.  And the Arabs would have either had to live free or eat sand.



The Arabs would have had a stark choice. And that choice would have been to live free or eat sand.


The thing about nuclear reactors is this: THEY ALSO CAN SERVE AS WATER-DESALINATORS.

So if the environmentalist movement had not of stooged us about nuclear energy….. and if we had taken Murray Rothbards ideas to do with HOMESTEADING…. If we had taken these HOMESTEADING ideas seriously…. (and with my friendly amendment of having buffer-zones around newly homesteaded private property)……………

….. Then the inevitable result is that the inland deserts of my country would become a new frontier.


And if any of you guys had some sort of fondness for the diversity of nature, there would have been unlimited opportunities for you to exercise your righteous liberty, in this regard, in my country, and on the cheap.


Because all a fella needs to possess…… in order to follow such interests…. 

……is a few gold coins

…… some fuel and electricity……




  1. Shame on you sir, for having fallen for Green lies in the past. I hope you are self-flagellating everyday in penance. But keep up the good fight. I envisage ultimately that every house could have its own nuclear reactor. The traitorous Greens who protest should face a firing squad. Indeed they are more of a menace to our civilisation than the jihadists and should all be placed under house arrest and perhaps sent to detention camps.

  2. If elected do you promise to introduce a bill into Parliament banning the expression of that vile anti-human primitivist creed called environmentalism? If you do I would campaign for you until my hands bled, sir. And never NEVER forget your sin in falling for these vile animals.

  3. “The traitorous Greens who protest should face a firing squad.”

    No no Quartermain. You see if we go in for the mass-sackings of public sector bludgers early on…. we won’t need to go in for seeing their toes twitching at the end of a rope later.

    Be calm and be fair my man.

  4. Dear Mr Bird
    I am extremely disappointed by your softness on this issue. As you are the best the blogosphere has turned up at this stage I guess I have to accept it and assume you are a dupe rather than a Greenie double agent trying to defuse the inevitable anger at our anti-human overlords that will ultimately result in the swift demise of these untermenschen whether by firing squad or hanging them upside down from lamp poles and beating them to death. I for one prefer the latter option for such a venomous creed that has resulted in an unprecedented genocidal number of deaths from malaria, lack of capital investment, lack of jobs and finally the hastening the great white wall of death (do not think that they don’t know of the impending Ice Age, they WANT it man, the WANT it as soon as possible!)

    I hope you shall not deviate any further from the righteous.

  5. I understand your argument. And you make it very well. But I cannot be in support of that level of violence, which would imply GOVERNMENT violence, while a faint hope still remains of the problem being solved by recourse to mass-sackings in the public service.

    Though I cannot prove that violence is not necessary, for the time being, I will oppose violence beyond the bruising of taxeater shins by taxpayers, and leave it to others to take the sensible middle ground on the uses and valence of violence more generally.

    I share your concerns.

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