Posted by: graemebird | February 25, 2008

Radio-Raheem Throws Down The Gauntlet To The Mises Institute.

Hey Radio-Raheem. You is alright! 

From Mises: 

Its pretty easy to see where Tokyo Tom is coming from. He’s a spammer whose been trying to neutralise the message of Reisman by recourse to relentless cyber-stalking. Which makes me think that the mises institute has gone soft on environmentalism and in fact has, since the death of Murray, developed a fear of the C-word. That is they do not wish to be called “cranks” with regards to global warming.

Its pretty easy to see where the fanatic, crank, and cyber-stalking spammer Tokyo-Tom is coming from.

But this Goeffrey fellow and this Allex Peak fellow. Where on earth are they coming from?

I guess the kids are spineless. They don’t wish to call out evil for what it is.

The Mises-institute has to tackle this science-fraud head on. I’ve seen people make jokes about the warmers. But I’ve only seen Reisman and Higgs talk about this science-fraud as if it were simply another governmental racket of some sort.

Take me off moderation, ban the multi-year spammer Tokyo Tom. And let me fight it out with these kids.

What you older Miseans might not realise is that some of the youngsters amongst you have been brought up with this nonsense along with Mothers milk. Its quite likely that Geofrey is a CO2-bedwetter with a superstitious fear of Mother Natures revenge.

Lets take the gloves off and sort it all out now. But leave the spammer outside.



  1. I give you credit for trying, Graeme – and actually, I knew about your other post before you put it up at Mises, because I’ve got you up on my Google Reader.

    I know how hard you’re trying to restrain yourself in these posts, but you can’t quite do it, can you? “CO2 bedwetter”?! That’s great, and it’s just the kind of stuff that makes flaming radicals like me look moderate. George Reisman could use ALOT more support like that, at least as far as I’m concerned! Keep up the good work, as I’ve said before.

    But honestly, Graeme, if you’re concered and want to be effective, besides ranting on about the science (you know, the ranking that has had you kicked off LvMI multiple times and now has you “in moderation” as you claim) – and believe me, a good chunk of folks at Mises love to swallow what you’ve got to offer there – why don’t you engage people who disagree with you on the science in good faith with respect to economics and philosophic principles? It’s my willingness to do that that has given me grudging acceptance and traction at Mises, and it’s Reisman’s failure to do so (like yours) that is really starting to turn people off. Not only does he not persuade the Austrians, he offers nothing that can persuade others – and that’s what YOu should be thinking about.

    Here’s a place to start, if you are remotely interested in influencing others, instead of ranting:



  2. Forget it cyber-stalker. I’m not starting another blog at Mises you idiot.

    Why don’t you just stop spamming our greatest living economist and let him get his message out?

    I don’t think thats too much to ask.

  3. I aint interested in your mindless internet cul de sac.

    What I wanted from you was evidence. And all you could do for the last three years is change the subject.

  4. I’m at least as much scientist as I am libertarian. My libertarian side is more an extension of my scientific nature than anything else.

  5. Ah. So Graeme Bird is Jimmy Jam is Raheem. Spreading lies about me here on your own blog now too are you? Well, I invite your readers to explore my blog and my website. If they show more intellectual honesty and initiative than you, they will see the truth about me: that I am a consistent hard-core libertarian who rejects the theory of intrinsic value and that I don’t believe in the global warming alarmism. Despite this, you kept harassing me at the Mises blog as if in total ignorance of it. All because I challenged Dr. Reisman’s definition of environmentalism as representative of the whole movement and pointed out that his preferred strategy is practically tailor-made to lose the battle against the truly evil core environmentalists. How old are you, anyway, to get off with calling me a kid?

  6. You have never explained why you got on Reismans case. Evidentally you agree with everything he says but were triangulating and grandstanding.

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