Posted by: graemebird | February 25, 2008

WORD!!!! Jimmy Jam Lays The WORD On Stupid White Kids At Mises

From Mises:

“One thing you and Professor Reisman neglect to take into account is that among the general populace Nazism and communism are considered
to be bad.”

Thats not really true is it. I mean the Nazis did tend to alienate foreigners. But communism had a lot of cache. And certainly facist Italy was popular around the world. I don’t see that there’s a real big difference here.

Perhaps its the indirect nature of environmentalist mass-murder which gives some truth to what you are saying.

So they bureaucratise DDT and kill tens of millions of people indirectly. Or they just inhibit economic development and property rights. And particularly they inihibit energy production, which will kill millions down the track… But since the killing is indirect they may not have soured their reputation like the German facists tended to, pretty early on in the piece.

So I’m just labouring some, to get your point of view and your strategy.

If you want the environmentalist lable you’ve got to wrench it off the others and give them another name. And if you don’t want to do that you better get another name for yourself, one that denigrates the current environmentalist movement just as much as it pushes your own alternate wannabe movement.

“If you bothered to learn anything about me then you would have known that I am skeptical of anthropogenic global warming and I don’t believe in the alarmists claims that catastrophe is looming over the horizon.”


Isn’t that a bit of a tepid word to be using at this late stage of the game? This is the problem here. Either you are going to muster some stridency against what these ritualised mass-liars are up to, or you will merely be adding legitimacy as to what they are about.

It wouldn’t be so bad if your first salvo as a voluntarist-biodiversity-fetishist ,was to immediately pick a fight with the mainstream criminals by being in favour of extra atmospheric CO2.  and if you are authentically into this biodiversity caper you cannot BUT be in favour of higher CO2 levels. Since it is higher CO2 levels that stimulate net primary production.

Taking this approach would immediately put you at odds with the mainstream, and you might stand the chance of acheiving some good work. In taking this position you could also be in favour of the homesteading of so-called government land, and of the oceans. But with nature corridors for the feral animals. Since it is surely nature corridors that in the long run which would assist in the stimulation in the variety and diversity of the feral plants and animals.

That would be the strategy surely. To steal their name and give the facists another name, or find a new name for yourselves, and to promote those things that are immediately going to start a fight with these energy deprivers and anti-capitalist goons.

Commenter name: Jimmy Jam

now you’ve just heard….. THE WORD.



  1. [[Way off topic – sorry – but couldn’t find an email address to contact you. At last there is a rough-&-ready alternative to the Rudd-Davis Australia 2020 Summit; ]].

  2. Ah. So Graeme Bird is Jimmy Jam is Raheem. Spreading lies about me here on your own blog now too are you? Well, I invite your readers to explore my blog and my website. If they show more intellectual honesty and initiative than you, they will see the truth about me: that I am a consistent hard-core libertarian who rejects the theory of intrinsic value and that I don’t believe in the global warming alarmism. Despite this, you kept harassing me at the Mises blog as if in total ignorance of it. All because I challenged Dr. Reisman’s definition of environmentalism as representative of the whole movement and pointed out that his preferred strategy is practically tailor-made to lose the battle against the truly evil core environmentalists.

  3. This is what is most disgraceful about your behaviour. You appear to know the relevant facts. Yet there you are grandstanding. Contradicting Reisman and saying he’s wrong. But you didn’t find anything that he was wrong about. Whats he wrong about? You are full of shit fella.

  4. LONDON (Reuters Life!) – About half the adult British public believe that children behave like animals and pose an increasing danger to themselves and others, according to a poll released on Monday. A report by charity Barnardo’s,

    • Yeah thats a really big problem this feral children deal. I know this because ever since interest in my blog took off I’ve had to push past Lady Gaga and other feral girls just to get to my place to after work. As obstructionist as leftists these people are, since they seem to use my predicament to practice frottage. So I can testify that they act like animals alright. Its income-support children is what it is. We are seeing the result of the Hawke-Keating budget that first brought this gear into being. Matters can only get worse and particularly after the baby bonus kids all get big enough to cause us trouble.

      Speaking of feral children, look at these journalists turning the entire world on its head, and desperately trying to deny everything they know about human life on earth, in this ludicrous pretense that Barry might not be dirty. Orphan children looking for uncle Barry to show them the way. But he’s a con-man. He’s up to his eyes in it.

      Actually contemplating Obama and his special friends makes one think of feral kids. Obviously life has been tough for his buddies and thats why they are all desperate for any dollars that might be going around.

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