Posted by: graemebird | March 3, 2008

Reismans Book: The Curse Of The Delayed Scorn Effect.

Fully understanding Reismans book leads to something which starts as a mild annoyance. And grows more and more aggravating. And that is the scorn which it can engender at the financial commentators and economists of a non-Austrian background.

Be warned. 

More on the weekend.



  1. It was great to arrive back in Australia (after a year away) and run into Humphreys at the airport putting his girlfriend into a red sportscar before taking her back to his St Lucia commune to drink goon..
    He exercised his freedom of speech by responding to direct insults with “thanks mate”..

    This should be ALS policy.. Libertarian freedom of speech is best used for receiving insults with gratitude and as a method of self improvement.

    GMB, once this is implemented your insults can be transformed into a self improvement consultancy business that will kick out the jams and exceed expectations..

    So I used the old jedi powers to smooth out the feathers you have ruffled with your online threats and your life is no longer in danger from members of your own party plotting your demise. In future, don’t go picking on the gun club boys..

    Anyway, onto the matter at hand.. Your logic map (if it could be located) cannot withstand the following quotes from a couple of my comments over at Norton’s rainbow cafe.

    “BTW The “Austrian Economists” as Rafe refers to them were all basically disowned by Austria and are a source of embarrassment to young educated elites here in Öber Österriech.
    So call them late for dinner but don’t call them Austrian..”

    RE Austria
    “*** 80% renewable fuel sources for electricity, have had for a long time. Mostly Hydro.
    – Built a nuclear plant but dismantled it before activation, currently no nuclear plans.
    – Very limited mining industry.
    – Just to top it of Vienna is generally rated as more livable than the fossil fuels behemoths of Melbourne and Vancouver…
    If renewables dont improve living standards and economy then why is Austria functioning at a higher economic level than Australia??”

    There you have a full proof capitalist reason for renewables..

    You will probably find that if their is a positive shift in your opinion towards green renewables that the left in the form of the ALP and the unionised working class of Australia will continue to increase fossil fuel use in Australia and you will indeed be on the right and green. The military industrial complex does indeed have workers aswell as bosses when they are not surplus to the needs of the workers.

  2. Well what do you think people?

    I think we really just have to have a round of applause for what is surely the best post on my blog in 2008 so far.

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