Posted by: graemebird | May 26, 2008

Microbial Life On Mars

According to Channel 10 there is some sort of breaking story coming up on the 11.00am news. Which is about half an hour away. NASA ought to come clean with it this time. There’s enough time for a generational change to reverse the dysfunction of it all the last time around. So I’m predicting that they will announce that they’ve found microbial life this time around. Although they may try and fudge it. Or they’ll have some contingent that may still be furiously in denial about it. They may wind up claiming some level of confidence or some such other bullshit. Rather than a straight yes or no answer.

But in the end there are other non-NASA trips to Mars on the horizon. Hence there will be forces afoot for them to claim the scoop this time around. Mars ought to be teeming with microbial life. Microbial life that spends most of its time in a dormant state. But Mars ought to be teeming with microbial life nonetheless.


I just heard on newsradio that the Phoenix has landed NEAR THE NORTH POLE!!!

Can anyone tell me the reasoning behind this? Mars is a freezing cold planet in most places. Actually in nearly all places. If I was taking bets as to which part of Mars they WOULDN’T find life it would be near the North Pole. Never underestimate the stupidity of government agencies. Lets hope they have a good explanation for this. But NASA has gone out of its way to try and show that there is no life on Mars in the past. One cannot help but be suspicious until they come up with some sort of explanation.

It would be good to be in on the internal debates as to where they were arguing that the Phoenix ought to land.


The answer could be here:

“Now it’s Phoenix’s turn to see if its scientists at the University of Arizona can find evidence that the planet was once a habitable abode for life -millions if not billions of years ago.”

It might be that this operation is insufficiently ambitious. And that instead of looking for current microbial life they are looking only for evidence of life many millions of years ago. Since Mars has supposed to have a couple of polar shifts in the past they might have gone to these far Northern plains to see if any remnants of life have been preserved in some way.



  1. Actually, Bird, fuck em. Don’t tell them about the moose. Let the lying. thieving pricks work it out the hard way.

    Screw the fuckers for not consulting you before they picked a landing spot.

  2. Look its just ridiculous. Its like archeologists going to the North Pole in search of ancient Aztec cities. They are going to the place where there is a chance that they won’t find a damn thing. They might not even find any microbes. Like me looking for microbes at our North Pole.

    They might find something despite their best efforts not to, but then they’ll throw smoke all over it. Right now there will be arguments going on where dudes will be hosing down any positive results from the experiments. Thats why we haven’t heard anything. These buggers are getting their story straight and coming up with the institutional line.

  3. Bird. I noticed that they landed at the pole but there was NO EVIDENCE FOR GIANT PLANTS. WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE.

  4. Plants Bird, they landed at the pole as you told them there was giant plants hundreds of metres across and theirs SFA there. You owe the American taxpayer with you misleanding lies.

  5. Steve you know damn well that those structures that at least LOOK LIKE giant plants from the satellite are near the SOUTH POLE. They have chosen to go as far away from anything interesting as they possibly can. Its just astonishing. But that institutional dysfunction for you. It seems to totally negate the worthiness of the individuals that make up the institution.

    Only a scintilla of doubt lets me keep your posts and not erase them for lying.

    Now they may likely find life even in that most unlikeliest of places on Mars. But if they were so nutty as to send the thing to the North Pole thats such a bad sign that we might expect for them to find some way to negate their findings.

  6. Bird while we did look at the pictures of the plants at the south pole, why wouldn’t we expect them at the north as well? Seems fair.

    anyway given we expect to see giant plants at the south there is no reason to believe the north pole is the unlikeliest place.

  7. How many polar bears are in the Antarctic? No it doesn’t seem fair. Conditions are totally different down South. The Southern Summers are shorter and warmer than the Northern Summers. And just north of the South Pole ought to be where that interim warming caused by the CO2 going from solid to gas takes place. When that happens and there is a major planetary dust storm the planet warms up 30 degrees. So its at least possible, that the specific area we are talking about could heat up by a much greater margin than that. It might even heat up by 100 degrees or more right where those plant-like shapes are.

    The main story is that the fact is the plant-like shapes ARE NOT IN THE NORTH. They happen to be in the South. Is there anything interesting at all in the North?

    They are going out of their way not to find anything worthwhile. But thats government institutions for you. Government science is a curse.

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