Posted by: graemebird | June 1, 2008

Pure Slavery And Dirty Sneaky Slavery/Its All Good.

From Thoughts On Freedom.

“Of course you’d get to enjoy it. Thats part of the reason it was such a hateful thing and so hard to get rid of. Imagine the sexual addiction of the average rich Southern white boy who need only go down the back to push himself on stables of hot black chicks.Now we have a situation where so many of the exploiting class all have these well-paid and pretty cushy public sector jobs. Of course you could get to like that sort of thing. If you are a well-paid leftist economist in the ACCC thats probably a very comfortable place to be. Screwing everything up for the rest of us recommending Fuelwatch but having put together a great life for oneself.


Flipping houses is probably a great lifestyle. Flipping houses and recommending crap paper money and fractional reserve might be just the bees knees as a lifestyle. Or being a leftist journalist getting the payoff by making the parasites feel good about themselves. You see its always going to be better from an existential point of view being a parasite on the highest end of the food chain or sucking up to all these thieves.

Thats why it was hard to end the more pure type of slavery and thats why its going to be hard to end all the dirty sneaky forms of slavery as well.

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