Posted by: graemebird | June 3, 2008

Hasenkam And Head Injuries/Conclusion Divorced From The Reasoning

John Hasenkam Says: 

June 4th, 2008 at 3:44 am

Dyson solution’s may be wrong but he is on the right track. We are not going to turn the world upside down to prevent AGW. Even if we did and if the models are correct, it is way too late.

Irrespective of the truth of AGW we simply cannot keep pouring co2 into the air, at some point in time that will come back to bite us.”

When you read the above you are witnessing someone who has buckled. Someone who didn’t have the mental strength to follow his reasoning. When you have people like Hasenkam around you know that the Soviets would have been able to control the thinking of even the high-IQ types simply by playing propaganda through a cheap transistor out in the work-fields.

This is a situation where the left have won by sheer Soviet-style repetition. You see Hasenkam does understand science. He knows the alarmists reasoning is full of shit. But in a triumph of leftist bludgeoning, the poor dumb bastard has been broken and he humbly accepts their stupid conclusion anyway.


Of course we can. Hasenkam knows we can. He knows its good for the biosphere but Hasnekam has buckled.


No it won’t. It will come back to help us. Hasenkam knows this but Hasenkam has buckled. I’ve circled back on this with Hasenkam many times trying to get some sort of reasoning out of him and the last time I reminded him of this buckling he said it never happened and besides he said that I was obsessing.


He’s never come up with the reasoning for it. And he doesn’t accept the alarmists reasoning for it. 

JC buckled too. No reasoning. He just accepted their conclusion and their carbon tax because in the end he couldn’t hold out mentally against the shitrain of propaganda.

This is a very big problem. Not so much poor reasoning as just some sort of mental brain-snap. Some sort of caving-in.   JC now spends a great deal of time criticizing Lamberts work and thats all good stuff. But the fact is that Lamberts crowd owns these guys. If the mad leftists can bludgeon otherwise reasonable people into accepting their conclusion while rejecting all of the reasoning behind that conclusion there is nothing about us that they will not ultimately be able to control. Given this JC’s criticism of Lambert comes over as false bravado. There he is kneeling in the chains of his dwarf-master. There he goes accepting the carbon-tax. Pretending that the scientists have the evidence even though no-one can find it and no-ones come up with it.

Once they get like this its like those zombies. You can feed them salty food to try and bring them around. You can try and talk to them but they seldom seem to hear you. And when they do they can barely understand.


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