Posted by: graemebird | June 6, 2008

What Pressing Problem Does The Traitor Think He’s Solving/THE LIE OF HARMONISATION.

Think about your own lack of business opportunities. Think about the great cost it would take for any of you to drop what you are doing now and go into business. What is getting in your way? The council who won’ let you cut out your trees, build a basement, put a granny flat out the back so you have office space and a workshop? Or is it because the Burmese have some tariffs still standing?

Is it that our parasitical class in government have co-opted just about every business there is, from education, to medicine, to law? Is it the highly regulated and controlled nature of just about all business undertakings in this country? Or is it that we just don’t have enough international bloodsucking bureaucracies and we need one more to make us free?

Is it the lack of an abundance of part-time jobs that would let you work and prepare for your startup at the same time? Or is it that the socialist regulations of the former Kingdom of Nepals are not HARMONISED with our own socialist regulations?

Is it the high cost of living and the low tax-free-threshold, that prevents you working part-time and working on your hobby that may one day be a business? Or is it instead the fact that the Japanese don’t allow a great deal of immigration?

Is it the height restrictions on buildings everywhere jacking up rentals? Or is it some erring Javan regulation that prevents you starting a land speculation racket over there?

Is it the fact that you would have to pay income tax on your retained earnings even before you startup found its feet? Or is it because the Japanese subsidize their farmers?

Is it local zoning laws and the debasement of the currency leading to unbelievably high real estate prices that makes it hard for you to go into business? Or is it because the Thailanders have to get a Visa to come here?

WHAT PRESSING PROBLEM IS THE TRAITOR KEVIN RUDD TRYING TO SOLVE WITH HIS SELLOUT TO OUR SOVEREIGNTY? Which is no free trade deal no matter what any foreign-born economists might say about it.

Its got nothing to do with business opportunities. Its local changes that will open up business opportunities to the average Joe. There is no need for “harmonisation” at all. Thats a lying concept right there. The property rights and regulations don’t need to be harmonised or identical. They just need to be clear, strong, simple and knowable in advance WHERE YOU ARE. They have to be simple and clear so that you can creatively have about ten contingency plans for your business on the go at any one time. And none of them need to take into consideration the feelings and arbitrary wishes of the parasitical government class.

We have already established that this is no free trade deal that the hard leftist Rudd is looking at. So what is the traitor Kevin up to if not free trade?

We all know that he’s up to treason. And thats exactly what giving away national sovereignty is. Thats virtually what it means. To give away national sovereignty is to commit treason. What else can it be? If this not be treason than the word “treason” has no meaning.

To set up a baby brother UN or a second Brussels in Asia is treason. All his diplomatic energy ought to have been directed at us getting hold of the Raptor and nuclear subs. But that would be defending the sovereignty of our Continent. Instead he wants to sell us down river.

All traitors who support this communist undertaking must be stopped and shamed. The organization cannot be set up. Those that are set up must be closed down. And we’ve got to pull out of a whole string of treaties.

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