Posted by: graemebird | June 9, 2008

Solar That Makes Sense

More Later.



  1. Please don’t tell me you’ve been taken in by this solar cargo cultism Mr Bird. Now is not the time to weaken your spine when traitors and curs are amongst us ready to pounce like sodomites in a seminary. The only patriotic and efficient fuel is the fossil fuel and we must burn more for reasons that you have enunciated with the best clarity and elegance I have seen this side of blogdom. Give in not to these utopian dreamers who wish to garb their anismism in respectable scentific dress.

  2. My basic idea is that solar only makes sense if its part of the built environment. And I was going to say some things about complementarity of energy sources being more important than competition between energy sources. I think solar has a niche role. Of course in these trying times its nuclear, liquified-coal and deep-sea-oil that we must scramble for. But solar has a place in the smorgasboard.

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