Posted by: graemebird | June 30, 2008

Where Is This Thugocracy Taking Us?


Andrew Leigh has just been drafted to screw things up for normal people in the bureaucracy. And rumours abound that the arm-twisting of Dorian Grays portrait (Nick Gruen) had something to do with this travesty.

I just flipped over to Club Sissy to see what the portrait of Dorian Gray was up to:


 Brown out with Hegel Marx and Singer

Posted by Nicholas Gruen on Wednesday, June 25, 2008

As a long time fan of Hegel, I remember thinking as I skimmed a book on him in a bookshop that Peter Singer would make an awful mess of him – as people like Bertrand Russell did from a similar tradition a couple of generations back.

But though there were various bits of Singer’s book on Hegel that I didn’t quite like, I had to admit it was an admirable survey of the thinking of someone whose prose escapes many innocent readers (myself included – I couldn’t understand much of it at all until I went to a marvellous seminar that Richard Campbell gave on it at ANU.”


Yeah well you read one thing and you take from it another. This is what I took from the picture of Dorian Gray:

“As a long time fan of Hegel…..”

 Don’t beleive this crap. Like he’s got Hegel so pinned behind in a full Nelson that he’s speculating about the worthiness of potential Hegel CRITICS!!!!!

Like he is a man of such Hegel-discernment he’s absent-mindedly sizing up possible CRITICS like a an old labour union bovver-boy might size up a bloke for a boxing take-down even in his 50’s.  Like he swills around the idea of matching potential Hegel-CRITIC to Hegel, like someone else employed full-time as a wine-tester might swirl the wine through his mouth?

These barely reformed communists are networking furiously to grab all the levers of influence. And look at that. They cannot speak openly about their endless masturbation over Marx. So now I take it, its the trendy thing to express some liking for Hegel. So in the same way that homos in the states turned to moustaches and leather in the 80’s, Now these commies hiding behind neoclassical economics, are turning up this sort of idiocy.

Like Gruens always been a CONNOISEUR of Hegel. Except that he hasn’t. As he inadvertently admits further off down the quote.

Well whats going on here?

You see the fact of the matter is that the same part of the brain cells are excited in the teenager who reads Marx and becomes an atheist eschatological-utopian… is the self-same part of the brain that excites another 14 year old, when he reads the book of revelations and gets hooked into that.

Because after all the book of revelations is the ancestor of eschatological-utopianism and thefefore communism.

So whats going down with the Gruen set is that Hegel must become trendy. Hegel is the only heralded modern philosopher who was Christian and had that eschatlogical-utopian outlook.  These guys cannot daily reveal their love for Marx and the mass-murder that Marxs’ ideas imply. So that therefore now Hegel is trendy. A sort of brainyer, yet less viscious Marx.   But the fact of the matter is that anyone smitten by the utopian-eschatological bug is working to get you and me and your neices killed.

But notice the mixed message with the picture of Dorian Gray. He at once projects Hegel as just wonderful ….. Gruen does this to be in with the utopian crowd.   But then Gruen remembers himself and realises that he doesn’t want to boast too much. 

For while naieve conservatives might take Gruen at his word that he’s a fucking scholar of Hegel, all the other nutball communists will know thats not true. So Gruen will have to pitch it that he understands Hegel just a tiny bit more than all the other commie devotess.

So Gruen will try to impress vanilla-idiots like Jaques Chester that Gruen, while being a lefty, is a lefty far more brainy that Jaques (which aint asking much).  Because you see all of these assholes love Hegel. But none of them have read him cover-to-cover and none of them can understand a thing he’s talking about..Its just that what they get from him, is that he justifies their faux-revelations fantasies.

Where is this thuggocracy taking us?

My guess is that they want some foreign overlord to do the requisite extermination (that is a part of ALL of their fantasies) FOR THEM. That is they won’t do the mass-murder themselves the fucking wimps. So what they want to do is engineer some other crowd to do the murdering for them.

What do you make of these alleged welfare-state devotees leaving the old pensioners in the lurch last budget?  The answer to that mystery is where the leftists real fangs are hidden.

Sure Leigh and Gruen are a couple of wimpy types. DON’T DOUBT THEIR PERSONAL SPINELESSNESS EVER.

But the dream remains the same.

And the dream involves cutting down the herd to its more perfectable inner core.

Don’t take Gruens love for Hegel seriously. Its a fantasy. And its a calling card. Like some 80’s homo with a moustache its just a calling card. Gruen would never read Hegel more than 5 pages at a time.




  1. Graeme
    You do realise this is potentially defamatory? And BTW Gruen and Leigh are married with children and are certainly not ‘fags’.

  2. Which part of it is defamatory?

  3. just talking generally, the stuff about them being ‘homos’ and out to ruin Australia perhaps?

  4. Well I took any implication that they may be homosexual out of it. So that ought to do it right?

    All leftists are out to ruin Australia. So that won’t hold up.

  5. Perhaps in your circles its defamatory to be accused of not being a Hegel scholar? And of only ever reading Hegel no more than five pages at a time? Alarm bells would really have been going off in your head with that sort of attack right?

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