Posted by: graemebird | July 3, 2008

Registering Some Home Truths And Righteous Complaints.

Last year to everybody’s surprise I won by a mile a contest to do with the most popular libertarian blog. Or I would have had Humphreys not rigged it up that everyone could vote each day and heralded this information to all my leftist opponents that this was the case.

After that normal explosion and the standard drop-off in votes, I was far in the lead. I tried to tell all true libertarians that if they had not yet voted to vote for Prodos, his being objectively the best blog. And also I advised they vote for Jennifer. And not just because she’s mega-hot spunk and awesome sex symbol either.

In any case Humphreys revealed, after it was clear that I’d gained an insurmountable first-vote lead, that we could vote DAILY, and this was communicated to leftists, family, workstaff, this sort of thing.

Overnight one night just about everyone got 70 votes except for me. Lambert pointed this out and I took it that he was gloating about contributing to the fix, given his computer skills. This number of votes would seem to have dwarfed by a factor of 5 or so the number of votes cast on the night when it was all big news and everyone was on their first vote.

I called foul even when I had what appeared to be an insurmountable lead.

This is just fucking sick. And every fucker knows it.

If only I could go back in time and I swear he’d be wearing BOTH those beers.  Lord knows I was too kind and concilliatory with this Martian and you all saw my weakness in this regard such is my shame.


Here are my new complaints for the permanent record. And I’m pissed that it fell to me to point out that I was dudded.

Alright you fucking prancing communist idiot.

  1. Its exactly the same as last time Humphreys. You dud me from the start. I start winning by a mile. And then you have it rigged so the leftists can take me down.

    You should have had the rules clear from the start you jerk.

    Comment by graemebird | July 4, 2008 <!– @ 4:16 am –>

  2. Surely you ought to be setting a date when the votes stop. Rather than deciding arbitrarily to close it down when someone acceptible is in the lead.

    You cannot fake it to us John. This is why we can never trust you in the Senate. And all party members will instinctively dud your chances when next you run for office.

    Comment by graemebird | July 4, 2008 <!– @ 4:23 am –>

  3. I want to remind everyone that I was winning by a mile when I first spoke up about Humphreys blantantly rigging the deal and I just basically threw the towell in.

    So I go to work after complaining and knowing the fix was in. And then by the time I came back there was this sudden montrous surge of votes, in such a way and in total defiance of the initial surge and tailing off of votes.

    Listen you prick. You might be from Zimbabwe. If you want to carry this sort of pseudo-voting racket wherever you go THEN GO HOME.


    Go home you jerk.

    And never defile the cause of libertarianism ever again.



  1. Monsieur
    You are tou hed with ze green eyed monster because Monsieur Humphreys gets all ze oriental madames and all zee oom pah pah, oui?

  2. He’s a queer. He couldn’t get any oriental broads and would not have the inclination to. If you doubt that he is a queer hanging out in Asia to hide his shame just check out his blog diary.

  3. Monsieur Bird
    you talk like someone out of ze Sin City movie.

  4. Monsieur! Is this true???!! if it is I shall not return. I thought you were a libertarian?

    JC says
    I actually think bird has fascist tendencies in terms of economics. I don’t mean that in a bad way (like nazis), but he’s extremely authoritarian in his views and can’t stand people disagreeing with him. He hates lefties and libertarians and wants to politicize science.

  5. Yeah I saw that one. Wrong. Totally unfair. And a copout on his part.

    But its the first time he said anything for a few months that wasn’t a flat out verifiable lie.

  6. “But its the first time he said anything for a few months that wasn’t a flat out verifiable lie”

    So you are admitting you are ze fascist????

  7. Oh Cripes. It looks like I have some comments to delete. Lift your game Bertrand. And your spelling.

  8. Bugger off and stop wasting Mr Bird’s time, you French cur.

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