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Onya Costa/The Last Roman.

Thinking of how Costa, in a sea of primitive familism, is about the only fellow we can trust to not act in a blatantly tribal fashion, reminds me of this story I heard about a missionary who was taken hostage. At the time of first hearing that story I had no understanding of where the satelite technology was at. But it transpired that, at that time, each pixel was only 7 inches across. I think its quite a lot better now.

Anyway here was this civilized man held prisoner amongst a bunch of high-tech savages. Tribal animals and goons with guns. He was on his own. In the sense of being a civilized man he was all alone. The last civilized man thrust back in time into a new dark ages. Pushed around by black-skinned Ostro-Goths (as it were).

A survivor after the fall.

 And not a fellow Roman citizen in sight.

So how did the Americans find the missionary?


It was his bald white head that singled him out as the last Athenian in goontown.

The satelite photos spoke. And this was their verdict.


We know the last non-tribal man in the NSW State labour government in exactly the same way. There he is like an extra in “Dark City” between crowd scenes, putting on those spectacles to re-read “Free To Choose”

CAN YOU SEE HIM? ( I can). CAN YOU SEE HIM? (It is as if it were unfolding right before me)

There be Costa.

Behind the scenes and in the back corridors.

He is like a bespectacled Doctor Evil- but oh so alone.

So alone that he wants for even his own mini-me. 

But see how fast he moves. Normal humans do not move that fast. See him  premptively kick a tribal labour-party big-shot, in the throat, …………………………………………………just to maintain decorum.


Familism. Familism.  How did it break out in NSW labour? And why did we not see it coming?

There are two men who used to be in public life. When I think of these two guys I cannot but help paraphrase the title to one of the last Elizabethan plays.  The play is called “Tis A Pity She’s A Whore”.

I won’t go into the other one, but one of these fellows I’m thinking of is Bob Carr.

I cannot help liking Bob Carr as a person.  And when I think of him the first thing that comes into my mind is “ITS A PITY HE’S A THEIF.”

Now isn’t that just indicative of how much we are abused and maltreated in this country? Here is a fellow that has robbed me and everyone around me flat blind. And yet on a visceral level I still like Bob Carr because he’s a guy who seems to tap into the older Western values at least in comparison to other labour types.

And now I’m confessing to giving him TWO handicaps for no good reason at all. Bob Carr robbed us. I should hate the thief. But still I cannot help but like the erudite-one. The man who keeps the entire Western Cannon between his ears.

The man of such fine taste and feeling (apart from being a highwayman and brigand) that Harold Bloom basically begged a visitation from the walking library.

How a shared affinity for books can allow one such as me to forgive one such as Bob Carr, who has stolen off all of us and not returned the booty. More is the pity. My feelings of vengeance have grown weak and flabby.

Bob Carr, on a good day, could seem to be a walking version of the lost library of Alexandria. But it was all deceptive for the residents of New South Wales who were blinded by the bookish mans presence to the problems brewing behind his holograph.



I mean how fucked up is this state now? How much has the ethos of NEW-AUSTRALIAN-FAMILISM taken over NSW-STATE Labour now that Bob Carrs Wizard-Of-OZ visage has departed from the scene?

You don’t think so?

Well I’ll give you one symptom for your fucking information.

How many husband and wife couples both hold MP status of any kind?

You might think that such an outrage is all normal and according to Hoyles but its just a fucking disgrace.

There is a bunch of them. Its a fucking scandal. The labour front-bencher gets in. And being a tribal savage, with a conduit to the “tribal surplus”, he immediately gets his sheila a safe seat. This is fucking primitive.

Ridiculously these people are known as “POWER COUPLES”.

They are not power couples. They are savages. We have been taken over by a bunch of dark ages tribal goons.


Its not going to stop with these NEW AUSTRALIAN anti-Athenians merely getting their wives snouts in the trough alongside their own. Its not stopping there!!!!

You are fooling yourself if you think the familism ends with this one symptom of awesome fiscal abuse.

Next it will be everyone in cabinet, pluss a cabal of non-elected tribal elders. Cabinet and tribal elders pulling all the jobs. They are now outrageously cranking up bureaucratic job salaries in advance of this racket.

But next it will not just be these theives getting their wives into the trough. Next it will be the case that backstage tribal elders and cabinet ministers WILL BE GETTING ALL SORTS OF OTHER MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY UP THERE.

It doesn’t bottom out.

Soon everyone AND HIS MOMMA will have a safe seat. Everyone AND his momma.

This is such a fucking disgrace.

Anyway. In this sea of FAMILISM that we have been swimming in since the last of the union bully-boys were edged out by the latte-drinkers and the ethnic latte-drinking wannabes…. Since the tough-guy union faction collapsed. Since the whole thing fell apart. Since the whole deal collapsed…. Since the civilised mini-Empire fell apart…..

One lone Athenian has walked out of the mist and fire, like a Kaiser Solce with the destruction of the old order behind him.

How can he survive when he is so much NOT LIKE THE OTHERS?

Because Costa is better then these assclowns.

He’s not totally up to speed I’m afraid to say. He’s where the best man would have been circa 1980. Like he’s a good man but a little bit behind on a number of matters.

They fear him. As all savages fear a lone civilized man of principles.

The last well-armed Roman in a sea of low-life Ostrogoths and the savages fear him don’t doubt it.


I wish I had of known Costa a long time ago so I could have taught him a few things. But the reason he gets all this extravagant praise all of a sudden is that he is the only guy in NSW to stand up against the deprivations of this Environmentalist pandemic of lies.


In reality I’m not in a position to be heaping extravagant praise on Costa. His standing up against the science primitives in Canberra (not to be confused with the political primitives in his own party in NSW) may be motivated only by the privatisation plunder-and-splurge-operation that they are trying to get going down here.

I’m mostly picking on Costa primarily to highlight the breakout in FAMILISM that has occurred in NSW and that will soon roll out to the rest of the country if we don’t stop it in advance. The problem in federal labour is quite different. These latte-leftists in Canberra are like the feeble insulated kleptocratic elites whose presence in Rome was an encoragement to the barbarian hordes. The presence of these insulated elites also put the normal citizen in the position that he no longer cared for the survival of the Empire. It is said that many Romans actually welcomed the barbarians as they headed towards the citidal.

Like the simple low-life Goths our familist labour party types do not wish to destroy the civilisation that they are in the process of taking over. This does not appear to be well-known. The Goths, then and now, just want to gain control of the civilisation and gorge themselves on whatever it is they can steal. They are incredibly crude low-lifes who will splurge on massive pay rise for their key advisors to buy their “loyalty”. What is notable about these high-paid bureaucrats is that all their non-political advise is just so useless.

These incredible low-lifes also pay zillions to charlatan consultants all the time. The consultants produce reports of immense expense whose purpose is to drum up more money to produce more reports and to also spruik for the creation of plumb jobs that consultant types have matched for themselves. They have matched their resume’ against the job descriptions suggested in their bogus reports.

The other purpose of the consultant produced reports is to perpetuate the delusion that these consultants are necessary. This is the state of economics in Australia today. They have become house-niggers to Goths.

No decent principles of economics implied in these reports cannot be found by purchasing an appropriate book for less than $50. Still more cost savings can be had by availing oneself of a library. So the consultants, like the high-paid advisors, are just a gloss to put over these husband and wife thieving teams.

Because I cannot really vouch for Costa to the extent that this screed implies I took it off air for awhile. But I’ll let it back on just because it highlights the problem in New South Wales that is about to roll out to the rest of the country in line with historical patterns of immigration.



  1. My best bet now is that the person pretending to be Percy Dandy is the crybaby, big sook, sissy. C02-bedwetter, and all around wimp…….


    What a wuss he turned out to be.

    But in between his bursts of tears he also (having been such a girlyman and big sook) had these fantasies of meeting me and beating me up.

    These fucking sissy-boys almost make you laugh don’t they.

  2. hey Bird
    am i a roman too?

  3. I aint had an opinion of that some months now one ways or the other.

    No estimate of mine can change things or make a verdict thereof in any case since the estimate comes down not to ones origins but only (in practice) to ones more recent behaviour.

  4. Go away and hang yourself, Percy, you miserable unhappy creature. This isn’t a sewer but a place of learning and wisdom.

    Mr Bird, here is another academic spreading the hysteria and asking us to surrender to the UN

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