Posted by: graemebird | July 7, 2008

The Lefts New Science Dogma: Only Sentiment And Wasting Stolen Money Counts In Science

Reason and logic apparently don’t count for anything under leftitst dogma. This is what people are telling you when they want you to reference a Peer Reviewed paper. It makes no sense. You can go to google scholar and search literally thousands of pdf’s, representing hundreds of thousands of science-worker manhours, and hundreds of millions of dollars of wasted taxpayers dollars but thats not going to resolve any controversial issue if at first you decide that reason and logic don’t matter.

Always its reason that helps us decide whats wrong and whats right. But the leftists have decided that the outcome of reason is not to their liking and they have therefore decided that only sentiment and wasted stolen money counts in science.




  1. No lying on this forum Jason.

    No what matters is reason and logic. And that tells you where you need to do the empirical research. Clearly you are falling down on your epistemology.

  2. yes graeme. lies make baby jesus cry.

  3. I usually make allowances for religious beliefs. Hence that post can stay.

  4. Its a pretty tempting ideology from a consultants point of view isn’t it. I mean if reason doesn’t count, but stolen money turned into a study of some sort or other does count… We can see how thats a windfall for the consultants.

  5. what about if my religious belief is CO2 bedwetting?

  6. No good. No allowances made. I’m only making allowances for Jewish tribal God ripoff belief systems. And even then I’m bigoted against some of those too.l

    And whats this “what if” business bedwetter?

  7. Graeme I wonder what Saint Augustine would say when he saw you deleting comments because they ask you to back up what you say with an explanation and you respond by deleting them and then lying about what they said and then saying that they are the liars.

    I think he’d say: “Not too cool, Graeme!”

  8. Adrien you fuckwit. Now what is the only known, scientifically proven effect of CO2 on the environment. And why did you ask such a dumb question of why Michael Manns graph was a fraud?

    Whats the answer Adrien. Or are you in fact brain damaged?

    How is it that you are too stupid to figure out why tree ring growth iis an inappropriate proxy for the industrial age?

  9. Mr Bird
    my c0mment got swallowed because I put a link to that despicable red Harry Clarke’s blog. Go and visit to see what the rascal has been up to lately.

  10. Mr Bird why have you removed your excellent post on Costa?

  11. I’ll try and enable your comment. I put a disclaimer on the warming about the invasion of Familism and whacked it back up there.

  12. Yeah I had a look at Harry’s disgraceful idiocy and left a comment.

    Hey Winchester. If you get a bit of time you ought to think about shaking those degenerates up at Prodeo a little bit.

  13. I wish I could help you Mr Bird but I only choose to comment on the sites of trustworthy people such as yourself.

    I know this will sound paranoid but I have my reasons. Many years ago my house was raided by the police Mr Bird – they literally kicked the doors down. it was raided in the middle of the night. And for what reason? Merely because I was in possession of some ‘unlicensed’ firearms. My ageing father who was visiting and staying overnight at my place suffered a cardiac arrest upon being woken in such nefarious circumstances. Fortunately an ambulance was called and he survived that episode.

    But the stormtrooper policeman no doubt under the direction of ASIO wreaked such havoc upon my household Mr Bird, me an elderly country gentleman who has many times served his country in its hour of need.

    I tell you this country has gone to the dogs. While savages run loose through our streets an old patriot nearly loses his aged father over the communist tactics of its government.

    I believe I am under surveillance by the likes of ASIO, our secret police, Mr Bird. All because all they could get me on was a charge of unlicensed firearms. But beware, any of these leftists with their own sites, whether Harry Clarke or this degenerate Prodeo bunch could be under the pay of our secret police. i do not want them to have access to my server and contact details. But you I trust. Though you are weak kneed and liberal in some respects I believe this more due to ignorance than intent.

  14. Graeme
    Be careful with this Winchester fellow. If he’s being raided by police my guess is he’s probably a domestic terrorist. He probably goes around town bashing up Aborigines and is planning to blow up some abortion clinics.

    My advice is to ban him from your blog pronto.

  15. Come on Jason. Were he a domestic terrorist he would be lauded at Prodeo. Stott-Despoiler would have invited him to a party and attempted to seduce him. Mark Bahnisch would be doing a whip-around to buy him the house in Malibu. Plans would be afoot to give him the nobel peace prize and make him the Australian of the year.

    All of us ought to have unregistered and registered weaponry if we at first possess the personal property in order to keep it safe.

  16. What’s your beef with the Ron Paul site. I went there and there is nothing wrong with it.

  17. Are you kidding? It’s made out of militia types who probably live on Waco like compounds. and believe there’s a New World Order. Like your wacko friend Winchester.

  18. No I’m not kidding. What was wrong with the site. What specific thing on the site was wrong. All I saw was a pledge bank for people to go on the liberty March.

  19. Whats this “believe in the New World Order” business. Yes there are folks that take a rather spooky approach to it. But plans and momentum towards global governance is already with us. This was like you not believing in peak oil when it is both a provable mathematical necessity and something that has already occurred.

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