Posted by: graemebird | July 8, 2008

The Exponential Function And The Failure Of The “Libertarian” Faction.

Unfinished thread. Brought to the front December 2009 because of a prompting from the most luscious babe Philomena. This was a thread I began on account of not being able to get through to various Catallaxian dummies. It seems that some people read Julian Simon, or read him second hand, and are thereafter unable to take a rational view of things. I think Julian Simon was magnificent. I’d recommend his work to anyone. But it appears that many successful people don’t think in terms of improving their analytical ability. But rather they have a more tribal way of making up their minds on something. My inability to explain the peak oil concept to so many people at Catallaxy really highlighted this. Anyway I don’t think I need to finish this thread. The generalisations that flow from the mathematics of exponential growth are so important, and these concepts are so powerful as analytical tools, I think for now that bringing this playlist to more peoples attention will be sufficient justification for highlighting this unfinished thread.

Philomena, a hot babe and good at everything, just made me realise the cause of the idiosynchratic nature of my public policy thinking. My thinking is akin to the result of two opposing forces. The powerful strength of the principles associated with the best economic science (the state of the art being derived from George Reisman’s magnum opus, and the best representative of that sort of VISION in this country being Gerry Jackson)….. So if you understand this sort of economic vision and ethical sense, and you put it up slap plam against the powerful implications of the exponential series……

…. Well really this is where my idiosyncrasy in public policy comes from. For example this is why I try to highlight what Jose Korvello is trying to do with his promotion of his more rugged building designs. Particularly the conical and pyramidal shape of buildings. This is why I have been placing so much emphasis on nature corridors, vertical development, the intensity of effort needed to homestead unused land and underwater properties, the need to max out on new wharf development and this sort of thing. This is why I’m dallying with a patient but persistent idea to set in process a public works program of desalination canals, that at no time went ahead at an onerous cost, but yet that would eventually, and it may be a century or even a millenium hence, would provide a superabundant amount of fresh water and heavy cargo transport ability to the centre of this continent.

“Ladies and gentleman. I feel it my duty that the man holding this revival is an imposter. He holds no papers of divinity from any institution recognized or improvised. He is altogether devoid of the least qualification to the office he has ursurped and has only committed to memory a few passages from the good book for the purpose of lending to his fraudulent sermons some faint flavour of the piety he despises.”


 “At this stage I am forced to believe that their stupidity must be wilful”

Zoe from Crazybrave.



  1. What are you talking about bird?
    Do you agree or disagree with the videos?

  2. Its important to understand the maths. People like spiv, Jason, Mark and JC were giving me immense static about peak oil. Which they did not appear to understand at all.

  3. Actually to have sympathy for the devil just for one minute. Part of the impetous for the environmentalist movement could be a sort of “referred pain” as it were. They understand this maths and realise that we ought to max out on renewables out of first principles. But perhaps they realise it on an almost subconcious level as a sort of anxiety. And that drives them to accept a lot of other baggage and snake oil as well.

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