Posted by: graemebird | July 9, 2008

New Biblical Interpretations

Translaters can mess things up for hundreds of years.  And mistranslations of the bible from the old Hebrew and Aramaic are legion. But I found out tonight that this even extends to the ten commandments.

THOU SHALT NOT STEAL turns out to a mistranslation. This is not leading up to some punchline because its not a joke. And when you think about it this stands to reason. A tribal leader. A provisional dictator, under hard circumstances, would of course be involved in a lot of taxation, that is to say stealing, and so there could hardly be a prohibition on this. The ten commandments are rules to stop outbreaks of murder and chaos in a densely populated group of people subject to privations. They are not ten suggestions. They are total prohibitions by a dictator of sorts and do not lend themselves to exceptions. Or to rules that are impossible or impractical to adhere to.

What the translation is really about is kidnapping. Thou shalt not kidnap folks. This makes sense too. Because while most forms of the current terrorism (for example) are in no way self-financing, hostage-taking is. And in primitive societies hostage-taking can often be a big feature of life. As well hostage-taking can break out bigtime at a moments notice.

Genghis Khan was the greatest mass-murderer prior to the invention of secular socialism. But one wothy thing he did do was ruthlessly wipe out hostage-taking. Hostage-taking is something that is easy to totally prohibit if outsized resources are put into stopping a breakout. But if left to get going it will amount to a pandemic very quickly. Hence there was a real massive cost to this mistranslation. Since while I one day wish to live in a world without stealing that will require immense hard work even to get to where we have a territory without stealing. Its not readily doable. More something to strive for. A long term suggestion sure. But not something worthy of a total prohibition on pain of slow death. Sure we want to MINIMIZE stealing. But we need really strong defense for the forseeable future. And common decency means it will take about 40 years for us to wean entirely off welfare for the aged.

But we now know that these ten commandments were meant to be total prohibitions. And that they did not want for practicality.

The other thing about it is that the commandments were not supposed to be unattainable. We did not need to have this TOTAL CRIMINALIZATION deal. Yes perhaps the deal is meant to be that we are all sinners and hopelessly flawed. But this is not something to do with the ten commandments. Which are in no way ten suggestions.


THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTERY. You see our understanding of this is entirely wrong. Turns out that adultery in those days only meant a married man sleeping with someone elses married wife. It included other things as well but what it did not do is include married men sleeping with unattached women.

The prohibition on anyone sleeping with a married woman (her husband alone excepted stands to reason if you don’t want to kick off a never-ending chain of blood-feuds under conditions of having to wander around in large groups for decade after decade. But an attempt to stop married men screwing unattached women would be impractical under the circumstances. One commandment too many. It almost makes me weep the suffering that has been visited upon us all by this mistranslation. Men are meant to be married. The earlier the better. But they are also meant ,when they are young, to fool about a bit without taking too many resources away from the primary economic partnership. The wisdom of Moses has thus been presented to us as an impractical stipulation by a probably impotent goody-two-shoes.

The stipulation mis-translated meant that men chose to marry later than otherwise and hence were less successful then they ought to have been. The more successful with the chicks you were in your youth, the more unwilling you were to lock yourself into a marriage. Oh the pity of mis-translation. Worse than the plague surely.

The pain, deprivation and nastiness that has echoed down the centuries because of this mistranslation. It beggers belief.


The 11th Commandment.

The 11th commandment had to wait until a greater degree of commercial sophistication was acheived than what was available for Moses and his wandering tribes.


Now we come to the most Zen character in all the Bible. If not in all of literature. If there is a competitor perhaps he is Rands John Galt. Galt really only lost his cool when the presented with whore scientists who had solicited government funding. We see from that, taking the story overall, that stolen-money financing of science really pissed Galt off. That he saw it as a deeper than normal crime. When I first read the two scenes involved I must confess that this is where I and the author parted company. I now realise that she was right and I was wrong. And not just a little bit. What an extraordinary women she was. And now look at where socialist science has taken us?

Anyway we look at the whole Galt performance and we see what he considered to be the deeper and more cosmic betrayal.


Back to the most Zen of all. A young Rabbi. His name they say was probably something like Yeshua. The closest Anglicization would be Joshua. But from a series of mistranslations he has come down to us as Jesus-The-Christos. Jesus Christ.

Think of all the tight spots he got himself into. And always he was Zen-cool. But just one time there is an incident where we could be forgiven by thinking that he lost his cool and over-reacted.






  1. Wow good post Graeme. And yeah the adultery thing makes sense.

  2. let me guess what you’ll say next –
    Jesus overreacted to the moneychangers in the temple
    He hated fractional reserve!

  3. I’m just the same as you. Waiting to see what I write next. Its like my fingers are divinely inspired.

  4. Don’t get too excited, the prohibition against theft is found in Leviticus 19 v 11.

    The Christian god was not a rabbi – one story I had heard was that he was a failed rabbical student.


    Yeah this Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Thats all petty regulations. Localised in time and place. We are talking commandments here.

  6. LOL – the difference between a commandment and a petty regulation was often the difference between death by stoning and death by fire.

    I prefer death by pompom. 🙂

  7. If there is one thing we could borrow from the otherwise reprehensible Mahometan creed, Mr Bird, it is that the very best men should be entitled to a multiplicity of wives and a ceaseless siring of children to beget his superior genes.

  8. Yes there is the possibility of that if we get our immigration policies right. You see if we bring in a lot of unattached women we can integrate more outsiders. Since the issue of such girls will be made culturally Australian more quickly by virtue of the fact that they will be forced to breed outside their home population.

    The other scenario where that can happen is of course when the men go to war and the socialist quislings stay at home with the girls while all the time trying to bugger the country in the absence of those who would normally stop them. This is bad news for a population. The sissies survive and the best of the generation is lost. And then these sissies pass on their sissy genes and one wonders if thats not part of the problem at the moment.

  9. Well if they’re sissies they’ll be buggering something other than the country. But how can we bring in immigrants without further bastardisation of the Anglo Celtic master race? A better solution is to have the men at war father kids over there and bring the kids back home, that will overcome your fear of sissies.

    Have you got those sissie genes? I imagine you’re not typing this post from the frontline in Afganistan.

  10. Who said anything about an Anglo-Celtic master race? What are you. Some sort of Nazi? Bugger off you fascist freak. We don’t like white trash filth like you around here. Clearly you are some sort of Marxist Hitler-lover. Beat it.

  11. Well I was just getting into the spirit of the bigotted creep a couple of comments up.

  12. I don’t THINK!!so Nazi. I know a national socialist when I see one.

  13. The other scenario where that can happen is of course when the men go to war and the socialist quislings stay at home with the girls while all the time trying to bugger the country in the absence of those who would normally stop them. This is bad news for a population.

    You can see that it’s exactly this scenario that is ruining the mighty ol’ US of A at the moment. The wars are ruining the economy, but not in the way the gliberals think. It’s really because the cowardly oxygen-thieving commutards are staying home from the war to screw the economy, and treasonously carp from the sidelines.

  14. Yeah good point. They have been conducting psych-ops against their own country right from day one.

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